AWD means reduced federal tax credit?

AWD means reduced federal tax credit?

My interpretation is that AWD vehicles most likely will carry a federal tax credit reduced by at least one half due to production timing. Does that seem right?

carlk | 29 juli 2017

It depends. If you have an early reservation, live in the west and/or are a current owner there is still a chance that you could make it. It all depends on when AWD model will be released. Remember you will have the quarter that sales reached 200K and the quarter after that to take delivery for the full credit. The best guess is the cut off will be end of the second quarter or even the third quarter next year.

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

Still hard to tell but I very much hope that Tesla will start being more transparent as they approach 200,000 US cars sold so help people be better informed about waiting for options.

Sweetride | 29 juli 2017

As a California S owner who stood in line, my AWD estimate is July-Sep 2018. I thought the projection was the federal tax credit would be cut in half after Q2 2018.

Not a deal killer...trying to figure out the net cost of AWD.

I would bet the tow option may require AWD.

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

@Sweet - interesting point about tow. One I haven't heard a thing about. You may very well be correct that AWD is required. The torque would certainly be a big factor in tow capacity.

sosmerc | 29 juli 2017

I don't recall AWD even being mentioned in the reveal. Is it possible that feature will not even be offered on the 3? Tesla may be saving that feature for the Model Y. I hope I am wrong.

Bighorn | 29 juli 2017

My delivery extimate shows about a year delay for the AWD, so i suspect the tax credit might be at 50% by then.

Abrahavt | 29 juli 2017

From Ohio. Stood in line. My estimate is Sep to Nov 2018. May forgo AWD to get it sooner and still get the tax credit.

carlk | 29 juli 2017


I'm sure Tesla will try to take the most advantage of that but it also needs to do it discretely. Otherwise it will be attacked by detractors that it relies on tax payer's money.

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

@carlk - agreed. And I think they'll do it myself. I just don't think they could if the mark is a month premature, for example, vs. a week premature. (A slow week or two in December doesn't raise red flags with holidays and vacations.)

Haggy | 29 juli 2017

My estimate for AWD is July to September 2018. That's for an owner who was in line early in Fremont. It's also not clear what's happening in December. That's when it says I could get the smaller battery at the earliest. But it doesn't make it clear whether they plan to switch to a second standard configuration, or whether I could pick and choose. If they switch from the initial offering to keeping that one and adding a base one, that won't help if I want a smaller battery and the premium package. Then again, $39,000 after taxes is cheap considering what the car has. Even if I add on autopilot and FSD, it will be cheap compared to cars in its class.

JK_PA | 29 juli 2017

@BigH I'm sad.. I don't see @Shannon on this thread.. (to you BigH... cause you're all over) Because I thought the big part of the "soul crushing" was about having to wait... i guess 2 compnents.. Time, and Money