Dear Elon - Please be fair

Dear Elon - Please be fair

Was reading somewhere about strategies for getting your model 3 earlier.... one suggestion was to buy a Model S first. Then I read that Model S and X sales are up after the 3 release,

So I write this as an open letter to Elon (don't have Twitter).

Hopefully, I haven't misunderstood the policy.

Dear Elon,

I have been a long time supporter of electric vehicles (20 years) and have been patiently waiting for a Model 3 (which I promised to my wife as her reward for putting up with me for 30 years) for OVER A YEAR NOW since I put down my reservation on 4/1. So while I understand that you want to give order preference to those that are already Tesla owners, I hope that you will do the RIGHT and FAIR thing, and not allow people to essentially cut in line on those us who have been waiting in the reservation queue for quite awhile, simply because they have the money to buy a Model S long after fact.

Give preference to current owners who actually got in line last year, but don't let johnny-come-latelies game the system.


RonaldA | 4 augusti 2017

I'm a tesla owner, and reserved my Model 3 on 3/31. My estimated build is oct-Dec 2017 if I want the first build config. I believe you can judge by that the affect on your place in line since our reservation dates are within 1 day of each other.

Elon Reeve Musk | 4 augusti 2017

I think that the general consenus is that people who own a Model S/X will jump you in the line if they ordered the car within 2-3 months after you did. If they ordered 4months plus after that, then they are behind you. You ordered 4/1/16? what are your estimated delivery dated on the Model 3? Do you know that you can see them? Go to "Model 3" on the tesla site and click on "Check Your Estimated Delivery" Let us know what you're dates are and hoepfully a few owners will post when they reserved and when their estimated dates are...

Non-Owner - Ordered 3/31/17 in Annapolis, MD store at 11am, store opened at 10am

Estimated Delivery by Model:
First Production Nov 2017 - Jan 2018
Standard Battery Jan - Mar 2018
Dual Motor AWD Jul - Sep 2017

Fritter, please also tell us where you reserved? East/West Coast?
RonaldA, where did you reserve East/West Coast?

I have only seen dates of Oct-Dec 2018 for Tesla Owners so they got a one month head start on me, I am okay with that. Tesla wouldn't be ABLE to make the Model 3 without purchasers of Model S/X. THANKS S & X OWNERS!!!

Shock | 4 augusti 2017

I've never touched a Tesla in my life. I put $1k down a month ago and delivery estimate is May-July 2018.

There can't be many people now buying a tesla S just so they can then get a much cheaper 3 a few months quicker. The real benefit is to people who already bought a tesla a while ago, and they essentially overpaid to help fund development of the 3.

When you reserved your money you knew the condition of that reservation.

DTsea | 4 augusti 2017

A year

I waited longer than that for my first model s

Good things come to those who wait

Customers who spend more get better service...

cascadiadesign | 4 augusti 2017

How many people do you really think are purchasing both an S and a M3 in a short time span?

At the production rates planned in 2018, my guess is if they cut in line, your M3 delay is measured in hours.

hoffmannjames | 4 augusti 2017

As a non-Tesla owner, I certainly don't want people cutting in line. However, if to "cut in line" they have to pay $70-100K, maybe they should have that right. Plus, I am pretty sure that they are spending that kind of money because ... they actually want a Model S first, the bonus of getting a Model 3 months from now a bit sooner is a secondary perk. And for that money, they are getting a Model S car, not just the benefit of getting a 3 sooner. I doubt anyone is buying a Model S because they don't want a S but just want a 3 sooner. That's be crazy.

Tropopause | 4 augusti 2017

I can think of no other automobile manufacturer CEO more fair than Elon.

I can think of no other CEO more fair than Elon.

Elon Reeve Musk | 4 augusti 2017

I am more than fair

hoffmannjames | 4 augusti 2017

Honestly, I feel bad for Elon Musk. He not just has all the standard stress of running a billion dollar company which is huge, he also has millions of people expecting him to save the planet and people wanting everything free yesterday.

Elon Reeve Musk | 4 augusti 2017

Yeah I agree, people aren't that well informed as those who follow Tesla daily and Elon daily. They assume things and he is being stretched between 4 companies at the moment. Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, OpenAI. Although he says his time is about 80% Telsa at the moment (because of the Model 3). OpenAI he said is about 1% of his time. He is doing the best job he can. This man has no free time lol, he's basically giving up his life for the benefit of others. He doesn't really like/take vacations either...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 augusti 2017


2... 3... 4...


Chargedmr2 | 4 augusti 2017

What Red said.

lilbean | 4 augusti 2017

Dear Elon, Deny the entitled, crap-talking people their cars. Remember when you denied the X to that guy talking sh**? You could do that again. xo

andy.connor.e | 4 augusti 2017

Wealth should not drive priority.

lilbean | 4 augusti 2017

You must be from California. Owning a Tesla is a privilege, not a right.

rennerfra | 4 augusti 2017

Is 'Elon Reeve Musk' a synonyme for back office of Elon Musk ?

andy.connor.e | 4 augusti 2017

Its a product, just like anything else. Just so happens Tesla builds the best on the planet. If someone owns 2 of them already, why should they get delivery priority over me who has none?

Ehninger1212 | 4 augusti 2017

People who own those cars deserve it, ESPECIALLLY early adopters of the roadster, model S and model X. I in fact would allow them to cut me. If it was not for those individuals being able to purchase a model 3 wouldn't exist.

So OP... stop complaining.

Elon musk is fair. He doesn't have to bust his ass, sleep on the assembly line floor and buy a ticket to manufactureing hell just to enjoy the suffering. He and the awesome Tesla employees could have taken there sweet time. And still, people complain about having to wait a year, boo hoo! Btw iv already got my boat ready to set sail on the river of your tears.

DTsea | 4 augusti 2017

Wealth shouldnt drive priority? WTH not? If I am willing to pay more.... why not? If I am willing to pay $49k, i get a model 3 first (my wife actually DOESNT want the bigger battery). I have bought two model S, back when everybody said it was crazy, the company will fail (my first one was sub-4000 VIN).

Why SHOULDNT the early adopters, who are willing to spend more, get priority??? That's the DEFINITION of fair!!!


carlk | 4 augusti 2017

Without those people who took great risk to buy S and X there will not be Tesla today and you will not be having your model 3. Pretty clear to me what is the fair thing to do.

Ehninger1212 | 4 augusti 2017


Exactly!!! Btw thanks for being an early adopter and having faith in the company. I wish I would have had the money then!!

andy.connor.e | 4 augusti 2017

Just because you can afford more than me, does not mean that you should get your car before me. This is not like buying 1000 boxes of paper VS buying a single stack. Everyone is limited to 2 cars, the only difference is the size of the battery, and number of motors. (and interior stuff).

If we both buy 1 car, and i get the base $35k, and you get fully loaded everything, why should you get delivery of your car first?

PhillyGal | 4 augusti 2017

I'll throw in a contrary view. I'm an owner and do think owner priority is fair. I especially think those early owners who placed a large Model S deposit sight unseen deserve the world.

But now that we're this far along, I also think it's a bit annoying to let someone who decides to buy a Model S or X today jump in line. That being said, the numbers are probably minimal anyway so probably only affect any given queue (region vs. build) by a week or two.

Captain_Zap | 4 augusti 2017

I gambled a $40k deposit and a several year wait on my Model S and the Model 3's future. I am in line in front of you but I will be stepping aside and waiting for the AWD. I'm used to the waiting.

DTsea | 4 augusti 2017

Andy connor, when you were a kid mowing lawns, when Neighbor 1 offered you $20, and neighbor 2 offered $10, WHICH NEIGHBOR GOT THEIR LAWN MOWED FIRST???

coolnewworld | 4 augusti 2017

I appreciate your point, but unless you waited in line overnight, you shouldn't jump in front of those who did. If I had enough money, I would've bought the roadster on day 1. I didn't have the money. So what? If you were that anxious and in love with the car, you should've made your move on 3/31. (I was in a lot of pain that day, but totally toughed it it to get my $1000 in ASAP)

andy.connor.e | 4 augusti 2017

If i got 2 offers with zero competition, at the end of the last lawn mowed, i get $30 no matter which one i do first.

DTsea | 4 augusti 2017

Numerically.... capacity for model S+X is 100k cars/year..... Model 3 will be 500k cars per year.... so at most 1/5 of Model 3 sales could be queue jumped this way. It's a non issue anyway. But I dont understand the 'my brother got more presents than me' attitude.

hoffmannjames | 4 augusti 2017

carlk | August 4, 2017
Without those people who took great risk to buy S and X there will not be Tesla today and you will not be having your model 3. Pretty clear to me what is the fair thing to do.

+1 I know some think they are taking a big risk with a $1000 reservation on a car they won't see for a year or paying $3000 extra for FSD that does not exist yet but we forget that there were early adopters who paid up to $100,000 basically sight unseen for a new car from a brand new company that was not even clear at the time if they could even make the car or if the car would even be good. They took a huge risk that paved the way for Tesla being the success that it is today and making it possible for the Model 3 to exist.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 augusti 2017

In terms of 'cutting line'...? I figure everyone at Mazda, Jaguar, Volvo, and a bunch of other 'also-rans' feel as if Tesla is 'cutting line' by moving ahead of them in popularity in such a short period. I'm sure they all feel Tesla 'cheated' by using the 'gimmick' of electric drive and the 'falsehood' of clean energy. Don't we all feel sorry for them?

Rutrow | 4 augusti 2017

I have the benefit (?) of living in fly-over country where Tesla sales are miniscule. So for me, if there are any owners who jumped ahead of me in line, it probably just means that their car will loaded near the back of the truck, mine closer to the front. I can handle the 20 minute extra wait.

Ehninger1212 | 4 augusti 2017

Yes, a $1000 refundable deposit is Sooooo risky lolz...

coolnewworld | 4 augusti 2017

I agree with fritter, but he was also a day late. :)

andy.connor.e | 4 augusti 2017

Last time i checked, those who owned a PS3, and pre-ordered (2) PS4s did not get priority over the guy who waited in line all night to be the first one to pre-order it.

Im not trying to agree/disagree that what Tesla is doing is right or wrong, i am just asking questions and making a point. Tesla can do whatever they want, because ultimately if i seriously want their car, im going to do whats necessary. Because Tesla will do whatever they are doing within reason. They're not here to screw you.

dyefrog | 4 augusti 2017

Read the OP again, his gripe is for Model S & X buyers that bought after the reveal. He didn't come out and say it but I think the implication is that those that bought before are deserving of bumping to the head of the line as most here would agree. I tend to agree with him but I can see the "having money has it's rewards argument". At the end of the day though, it's really not going to make a noticeable difference on your delivery date.

Tesla3inSTC | 4 augusti 2017

Geez andy, I would gladly bow my spot to anyone that has supported Tesla by buying a Model S/X/Roadster. I already thank them every time I actually see the driver, because without them I would never have a chance at a Model 3.

Besides that point, this is a non-issue. I would bet that the number of people doing this purposefully isn't even in the 100's. We're talking about at most a few hours of delays by the time production is ramped up.

DTesa, Captain Zap (And Others if I missed you in this thread), I thank you deeply for your contribution, and if you are ever in the St Charles, MO area I'll buy you a beer.

deezeela | 4 augusti 2017

agree with you.

for years, Model S and X didn't bring profit to investors. But M3 will.

Tesla need successful sells of M3 to be able to survive. It is the average income people, and not the wealthy people make Tesla survive in a long run, otherwise there will not have a Model 3.

andy.connor.e | 4 augusti 2017


Agreed. Most likely it will not significantly change your delivery date. Just making a point. Im getting it no matter what, so im not going to charge the Fremont factory with a pitchfork because a couple thousand people get theirs before mine, all while you're making 5,000 per week. lol

Frank99 | 4 augusti 2017

There's no question in my mind that people who were owners prior to the first reveal deserve priority - even people who had sold their Tesla by then. Hats off to you.
People who bought Tesla's after the reveal are more of a grey area with me - but Tesla has said they will also have priority, and (as Tesla3inSCT said) their numbers are so small that they really won't have an impact on my delivery, so I'm OK with that. There simply aren't that many people who bought a $50K-$100K car in order to have first dibs on a $35K car, and those who did provided revenue to Tesla to help keep them solvent while they tooled up for production.

carlk | 4 augusti 2017

"for years, Model S and X didn't bring profit to investors. But M3 will."

You are wrong. Tesla has been making 25%~30% margin for each S/X it produced. Those money all went to developing and producing the model 3. Where do you think Model 3 came from. Just from Elon waving his magic wand?

carlk | 4 augusti 2017

It looks some here want to start a class war. Sigh!

viper17d | 4 augusti 2017

Owners should absolutely have priority (spoken as a non-owner). As someone who stood in line on March 31st and ordered in store, any owner that put in an order for a Model 3 during 2016 should have priority over me.

The only thing that does bother me (not saying it is right or wrong), is when an owner decides in August 2017 that they want a Model 3, they get the October-December 2017 delivery window. It did take something to stand in line and reserve the Model 3 sight unseen - literally knowing nothing about the car.

Just because it bothers me, however, doesn't mean that I can't see past the rationale behind rewarding the people who helped build Tesla. At the end of the day, with the scale that the model 3 is being built at, we're talking weeks, and I can definitely suck it up.

As to DTsea's lawn mowing question above - and this stands alone from my point - if I was booked back-to-back to mow lawns for let's say a month, I wouldn't tell some one who booked today's lawn mowing appointment 3 months ago that I had to mow someone's lawn first who didn't have the foresight to book an appointment just because that person paid me more money. Maybe that makes me a crappy capitalist, but that's just me. And if it was enough money extra that I'd be stupid not to take it... well I wouldn't pocket the whole thing, I'd find a way to reward those I was disenfranchising.

cascadiadesign | 4 augusti 2017

Every S & X sold decreases the time until Tesla reports positive earnings. Every S & X sold reduces Tesla's cash burn. Every S & X sold means more cash to spend toward accelerating the S curve toward full Model 3 production rates.

Personally, I don't think giving S & X owners priority is going to make very much difference in delivery time, given the 2018 M3 production rate, the ratio of S & X sales to M3 sales, and given the number S & X owners that will also buy an M3. Much worry over nothing.

andy.connor.e | 4 augusti 2017

I sense a Duel motor convention

fritter63 | 4 augusti 2017


"Read the OP again, his gripe is for Model S & X buyers that bought after the reveal. "

Nope, I was specifically adressing purchases after the release last week. Sport if that wasn't clear enough.

fritter63 | 4 augusti 2017

Elon Reeve musk

"I think that the general consenus is that people who own a Model S/X will jump you in the line if they ordered the car within 2-3 months after you did. If they ordered 4months plus after that, then they are behind you. You ordered 4/1/16? what are your estimated delivery dated on the Model 3?"

Thanks, that seems fair.

My estimate is Jan-mar for the 75, mar-jun for the 60.

carlk | 4 augusti 2017

Op, then you certain did make that point clear to us, and probably to Elon too. It's all ado about nothing anyway. Who would buy a S or X now just because he wants to get a 3 sooner.

JuJo0 | 4 augusti 2017


This may be a bit excessive, but it would be more correct to say the "extended range" for Jan-Mar and "standard rage" for Mar-Jun. Since it wasn't officially announced the exact battery size.

fritter63 | 4 augusti 2017


Yes, but typing on the phone while they closed the plane doors, that was faster!!!

RonaldA | 4 augusti 2017

I reserved on the east coast. I currently own roadster sport number 925, models p85 number 6047 and models p90dl. I will b buying my model 3 on the first build. Between October and dec 2017 will be fine.