White interior only on Standard Battery model?

White interior only on Standard Battery model?

The following quote from the Model 3 FAQ made me question whether the white interior will ONLY be available on the non-premium upgrade versions of the vehicle.

Which future options will be made available to order, and when?
We are planning to introduce the following options in the coming months:

Fall 2017: White interior option, standard configuration (non-Premium Upgrades)

The wording is ambiguous. Do they mean that two different options will be made available in the Fall (White, and Standard configuration)? Or do they mean that one option will be available (White--only on standard config.)?

Logic would dictate that the white interior option would be available on all configurations, but the way Tesla is limiting choices, I'm left to wonder.

JAD | 17 augusti 2017

In the fall, there will be two new options, one is white interior and one is standard config. Not related and I think you need premium for the white interior.

gavinmcc | 17 augusti 2017

we have seen the white interior already...and all early cars are First production, so have LR battery and premium we know there won't be white ONLY on the standard range or the standard package...the question is will the white be only on the premium package...and the answer is... well nothing is official till Tesla tells us (and Tesla always goes "radio silence" before full production...but I assume the white will be premium package only (at least at first)...


CraigW | 17 augusti 2017

JAD +1 | 17 augusti 2017

"The wording is ambiguous." It's not. The comma is a separator.

chris.pribe | 17 augusti 2017

I take the "standard configuration (non-Premium Upgrades)" as meaning you can get the white interior option OR the premium upgrade package.

The white seats indeed look like the premium upgrade seats in the pictures. So, I'm guessing/hoping the white option will include the "12-way, power adjustable front seats, steering column and side mirrors, with custom driver profiles" of the premium upgrades, but not much from the other upgrades. It may include some specific, related things like the heated seating throughout, and maybe some upgraded materials, e.g. in the headliner or trim.

I'd think the non-interior related options, such as range, would be unrelated choices.

chris.pribe | 17 augusti 2017

Er, I mean, I'm *hoping* it'll include the 12-way seats, as well as the power steering column and side mirrors. I'm *guessing* it won't include much else from the premium upgrades package. It'd be nice if it included more of the line items.

If it includes more, I would think it would be stuff like the "Auto dimming, power folding, heated side mirrors" (which would be nice) or the "Center console with covered storage and docking for two smartphones" (also nice) rather than a big item like the "Premium audio system with more power, tweeters, surround speakers and subwoofer" or the "Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection"

dsvick | 17 augusti 2017

@gavinmcc - "we have seen the white interior already...and all early cars are First production"

I'm not sure that the car that we've seen the white interior in is a production car and not one of the previously made RCs.

gavinmcc | 17 augusti 2017

dsvick...good to the interwebs.


jefjes | 17 augusti 2017

I'm hoping that the white will be given as a choice if ordering the premium package at no additional cost over the black but I'm probably dreaming. I don't see it being a choice at all without getting the premium package since the standard seat material is listed as textile.

KP in NPT | 17 augusti 2017

If you go by how they price the Model S interior, the white will be part of the premium interior but not at an additional charge over the black.

jefjes | 17 augusti 2017

KP in NPT- Sounds good to me. I already have my wife agreeing on the premium package so now I'll start working on the white choice. Second thought, I better not mention it until I find out if it will be a no cost choice on the Model 3 also.

Mapowing | 17 augusti 2017

@KP in NPT: so you confirm that the white interior option is NOT an additional charge when ordering the PUP??

KP in NPT | 18 augusti 2017

I'm not confirming anything lol - but that is how tesla does it with the S/X. So it would not be unreasonable to assume the same will apply to the 3. But until it's officially announced or we see it in the design studio, all we can do is guess. :)

KP in NPT | 18 augusti 2017

*but my GUESS is that it will not be an additional charge over the 5K for PUP. If the white cost more to tesla then I'd expect it would cost more for all models. It's always possible it's baked in to the higher price for the S/X.

I hope I'm right since I'm getting white. :)

Famman49 | 18 augusti 2017

Took a test drive with my wife in a Model S this week. It had the white interior, and she fell in love with it. Very soft and luxurious. Salesman said it was stain resistant and easy to clean. Hope so! I'm settling on a blue exterior with white interior, premium upgrade, I think.

T. Antony | 18 augusti 2017


chris.pribe | 18 augusti 2017

So the consensus seems to be that the, in the Fall of 2017, the white option for the premium package will become available. And, the standard configuration option will also become available at that time.

That works for me especially if the price is the same as the premium upgrade package.

chris.pribe | 18 augusti 2017

Also, my apologies for any confusion I may have caused if I was mistaken.

Xerogas | 18 augusti 2017

It would be cool if the premium upgrade package includes white at no extra charge, but somehow I think there will be an upcharge for white, compared to the black premium package.

gavinmcc | 18 augusti 2017

Mine plan ( of my everchanging plans):

220 mile standard with premium package: Silver with white interior, probably 19" rims
( I would prefer 18", but really want silver rims...hoping there are 18" silver rims by the time I configure).

35k + 5K + 1k + 1.5k = 42.5k doable....


socaldave | 18 augusti 2017

@gavin - same here, mate. 220 w/premium, not black, and the aero's (assuming there's no other option(s)), and if I have to kick in an extra $500-1000 for white (maybe even a different non-black/non-white, if possible) interior? Yeah, I can get with that.

Frank99 | 18 augusti 2017

Yup - base with Premium, color, 18" wheels, EAP. 35+5+5+1=46, 38500 after incentives. I can do that.

Still deciding on Red v. Blue. Will have to see them in person to make a decision.

jwsholtis | 20 augusti 2017

I'm all for another seat/interior color option but seems a pity that white is the next color versus "cream". It would be interesting to see the stats on interior color choice selection for the S & X. Only issue may be that "cream" as I recall, is a relatively new option even for S & X and may not be a reliable indicator of level of interest across the current color choices??? I don't think white is a very popular or frequently offered option from other manufacturers. White seems to be a real dirt magnet and cream a more reasonable direction for offering a lighter color interior and to a certain extent more in keeping with luxury brand options.

Can any Tesla folks respond to why "white" became the next available option?