My Model 3 NEEDS white wall wheels

My Model 3 NEEDS white wall wheels

After checking around on the internet it appears that the factory tire on the Tesla Model 3, the Michelin Primacy MXM4 (X Green) 235/45r18 is not manufactured with a white-wall option.

However, this is an option I NEED as it'll contrast beautifully with the Aero rims and tie in with the white/cream interior. It's the only way a blue body color will work with Aero rims.
But It'll be sharp w/ most body colors.

And just think of all of those hipster millennials riding around on their useless "fixie" bicycles w/ whitewall tires... they'll be interested, too.

Bluesday Afternoon | 19 augusti 2017

Check and see if you can get tires with the thin red line. That was a popular style not TOO long ago. I had those on my '64 Ford Falcon Sprint. I wish I still had it. The car, not the tires. :)

Captain_Zap | 19 augusti 2017

They still make white walls?

PFP | 19 augusti 2017

Yup! I just did a quick search of Discount Tire and Hancook makes them still and a company named VOGUE makes a tire with a gold and white sidewall. LOL

Tesla2018 | 19 augusti 2017
bryandbaker | 19 augusti 2017

Tesla2018, great link! I think that's going to work great. Thanks x 10^6!