Anyone not getting EAP?

Anyone not getting EAP?

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to get an idea on how many people do not plan on getting Enhanced Auto Pilot when they get their Model 3. I have been going back and forth on this. Sometimes I think I want to get it now and other times I think that I should just save my money. My wife and I do not do a lot of long drives and I know this is where many people who have autopilot is best served. Also, I was really wanting the pre-collision mitigation and from what I understand, this will come standard on the car.

Wanted to get your thoughts.


Carl Thompson | 2 september 2017

Yep, the cost of the the options is so high that something has to give. So for me I'll skip EAP until FSD is fully baked and working. I'm sure the car will still be a joy to drive even without EAP. And I feel like having something like EAP which does almost everything for you will make it harder to stay alert on the road.


carlk | 2 september 2017

EAP is great when you have a hard time to stay alert like after a hard day's work or a night out even when you are not drunk. Great in stop and go freeway traffic too.

Vikman | 2 september 2017

I will be getting it because I drive 110 miles(round trip) to work daily. Literally all of those miles are on the highway so will hopefully make my drive a little less tiring.

rgrant | 2 september 2017

I'm not. Don't have a commute so driving mostly for pleasure/errands. No need for anything more than basic cruise control.

SCCRENDO | 2 september 2017

I have a Model S with 123500 miles in 4 1/2 years and will probably last me at least another 5 years. I am keeping my Model S. The only reason I am buying the Model 3 is for the EAP.

cornellio | 2 september 2017

EAP is the only option I'm getting. It's a must have for me as it takes the edge of driving in the ever congested California sprawl. It's great in stop and go city driving and freeway traffic.

deemo | 2 september 2017

I love the EAP on my Model S. Mine is first gen version, looking for AP 2.

mntlvr23 | 2 september 2017

I will be deferring that cost, but will get it at some point

Frank99 | 2 september 2017

EAP/TACC would be nice on long road trips, but honestly I just don't do enough of those a year to make it worth the $5K. However, I do a 30 mile commute each way every day, in stop-and-go traffic, and EAP will be worth every bit of the $5K for me just in the stress reduction.

sbeggs | 2 september 2017

Getting EAP. Our 2014 Classic Model S has no autopilot, and we intend to drive the 3 on long trips, and would like the automated cruise control providing spacing to the car ahead, as well as other features our car lacks.
Willing to give up premium upgrade features $5,000 in exchange for the Tech Package of tomorrow.

joachim | 2 september 2017

As with rgrant above, no commuting just errands and pleasure driving in an around a small city - so just basic cruise control will be fine. Emergency collision assistance/avoidance would be great but no need for much more than that.

Full self driving I think is more than a few years away. I would bet even longer than I plan to own this car (5+ years). So I'll pay for that when/if it is a reality.

Wildcardtaylortesla | 2 september 2017

My $5k will go to the "premium package", outfitting the car with what much less expensive ICE cars have (like power seats and fog lights).

When fully automated driving comes, I can always upgrade.

KP in NPT | 2 september 2017

I wouldn't have a Tesla without autopilot. Maybe because I already have it- maybe if you've never had it you don't know what you're missing.

Carl Thompson | 2 september 2017

My current car has the equivalent of TACC. For me at least I've found that the less I have to do to drive the car when driving the harder it is for me to maintain concentration on the road. This is especially true for me when I'm tired. I've found myself almost nodding off when tired and I don't have to actually do the driving myself simply because my mind gets bored and distracted when I'm just sitting there with nothing to do. If I have to steer, accelerate, brake maintain speed, and maintain speed myself it's a lot easier for me to stay focused... especially when tired.

Sure, technologies like EAP can make it seem like you can relax your focus and take the edge off a grueling commute. But it's not FSD and they don't claim that it is. If your commute is mentally grueling when your not using EAP it should probably still be mentally grueling when you are using EAP or you may not be paying enough attention to the road. Because you need to be ready to take control at any moment EAP should only make driving less _physically_ demanding, not less _mentally_ demanding.

This is only my opinion and of course everyone is different.


prsist | 2 september 2017

I really, really, really like the idea of the TACC. I use cruise control whenever I get into my car, even in town. The cruise control keeps me from speeding. I know the M3 will come with basic cruise control and that would be sufficient. So I have to try and talk myself out of spending $5 grand for something I really do not need since I have no plans to use the other functions of autopilot. I'm buying this car to DRIVE it, not be driven.

If I were willing to pay $5 grand for EAP now, then I should be wiling to pay $6 grand for it in a year or two if I think I really need it.

michaellemus10 | 2 september 2017

I plan on skipping it. I just don't see the value in it at the moment.

renutaz23 | 2 september 2017

Skipping. I am a DRIVER. I like to Drive. I know not everyone feels this way, but I do. I actually miss my manual MR2. On the next model I get with AWD and Ludicrous Mode, I will get all bells and whistles just for the sake of having it on longgggggggg road trips.

stevenroglen | 2 september 2017

I have no interest or need for EAP. I'm sure it's awesome but it's less important than range and PUP.

eeb9 | 2 september 2017

I'm not getting it. For me (your mileage may vary), it promises to do two things that both make me unhappy:

1. Encourages me to get relaxed and unfocused precisely when I need to be most attentive and focused. I know that it's supposed to be as safe or safer than I am - but in a test drive in a Model S, AP missed a curve and we drifted - very quickly - partially into the next lane before I got control back. Perfect moment of anti-sell for me. If I have to be that attentive, I should be driving. If I can't be that attentive, I should be parked.

2. I *like* driving. Even my daily commute. Even in traffic that makes me grind my teeth to bloody, splintered stubs.

I know other people have had thousands of miles of happy, trouble-free AP driving. I wish you well. I'm holding off for a while.

eeb9 | 2 september 2017

Sorry - I mis-typed #2 - I managed to somehow edit out the part of the line that read "EAP makes driving less engaging"

eeb9 | 2 september 2017

Though I admit that self-parking and summon are really, really, *REALLY* cool.

bernard.holbrook | 2 september 2017

Nope. Not worth the cost as I don't drive in congestion.

locnguyencalalum | 3 september 2017

My wife and I like to visit national parks all around US. EAP is one of the main reasons why I'm getting this car. FSD, however, is a pipe dream with this heavily partisan and lobbist US government.

Keelandb | 3 september 2017

Not interested in EAP and 220 range is fine with me. The majority of my drives are less than 200 miles so I just recharge when I get home. For occasional longer drives there is supercharging or Plugshare. Both EAP and longer range would be fine to have, but not for the extra cost. Perhaps I will have both in the future but not at first.

KP in NPT | 4 september 2017

Regarding "liking to drive" and not wanting EAP - I get that. But one thing EAP allows is you to give more attention to your surroundings - be it the beauty of natural parks or the idiocy of those around you.

Part of the reason EAP is a must have for me is because a significant portion of my commute is through NY/CT during rush hour - where backups can be more than an hour. Lots of crawling, stop and go, and acceleration followed by sudden stops. While EAP makes a HUGE difference as to how mentally taxed I am by the time I get home, one of the things I value most is having the ability to really watch what is happening around me. Plenty of idiots driving like idiots.

bmz | 4 september 2017

KP: You had me with the beauty of national parks; the idiots--not so much.

KP in NPT | 4 september 2017

@bmz I recently avoided a ladder falling off a work truck on I95 - maybe I would have seen it without AP but I know I was paying "more" attention to that car because of it.

I can't tell you how many times I've avoided people drifted into my lane.

JMobs | 4 september 2017

EAP is one of the main reasons I switching over to Tesla versus waiting for the I-Pace or the Audi offering. It's a must have for me. Plus it'll be neat to summon my car.

metzger.bob | 4 september 2017

I'm planning on getting EAP & it is one of the reasons I'm getting the car.

Shock | 4 september 2017

For me I don't think the model 3 is compelling enough a car without EAP. But, I think the model 3 isn't a serious vehicle without the premium package, and I'm starting to have some doubts about the 220 range model for me, which means premium + extended range + EAP is a $54k vehicle, $44k if I can get in under the federal credit wire. If I miss some federal credit the numbers are starting to look uglier. I promise I am not paying close to $50k for a model 3, not when I currently have a late model avalon hybrid (bigger) that only cost $35k new.

I'll probably still be looking at just premium + EAP. But the 220 mile range and the low rate of charge in that model makes it much less capable as a road trip car.

Shock | 4 september 2017

@eeb9 "in a test drive in a Model S, AP missed a curve and we drifted - very quickly - partially into the next lane before I got control back. Perfect moment of anti-sell for me. If I have to be that attentive, I should be driving. If I can't be that attentive, I should be parked."

I had a somewhat similar experience test driving an S last month with EAP. Long story short I almost cut somebody off on the highway and they had to hit their brakes and honk the horn.

bmalloy0 | 4 september 2017

I will not be getting it at delivery, but I do plan on OTA'ing it eventually.

Ehninger1212 | 4 september 2017

EAP is number one on my list of upgrades.

Innkeep | 4 september 2017

Even though AP2 is not yet mature I have benefited from having a second pair of eyes. My recent trip involving I40 through the Smokies in the rain fog and dark surrounded by semis was much less stressful. We were both driving.

coolnewworld | 4 september 2017

No EAP? That's just crazy talk! I wouldn't hear of it!

sbeggs | 4 september 2017

Nicely put!

jsanford | 4 september 2017

Mixed feelings. I'm in the I-like-to-drive camp, and try to use two-wheeled vehicles for long pleasure trips, but with only 10" clearance on either side of my driveway, and 4:30pm sunsets part of the year, might have to add it just for summoning. $5k is tough to justify for that reason alone, though. I'm hoping to get a test drive which includes summoning down my driveway prior to configuring.

LA-Fohlen | 4 september 2017

With my daily commute through highway traffic EAP is a given for me. FSD in comparison is something that can still wait and I might get it at some point as OTA.

Carl Thompson | 4 september 2017

"But one thing EAP allows is you to give more attention to your surroundings - be it the beauty of natural parks or the idiocy of those around you."

That's the problem I have with EAP. It lulls you into a false sense of security that it's OK to pay attention to things and not stay focused on the road.

Sure Tesla _says_ "you must keep your attention on the road [wink, wink]" but I think looking at other things would be our natural inclination when the car does all the driving for you.

FSD will be great. EAP not so much.


KP in NPT | 4 september 2017

I guess it's one of those things you have to use to "get it." I feel like I'm more aware of my surroundings while driving and that is a good thing.

jcdawg | 4 september 2017

I will get it because I have a RT of 100 miles daily to my office, most of it in the NJ turnpike. There are some days when it rains heavy, night time, windows fogged up, tired after long day at work, or in winter, with snow on the ground; I remember, just hoping, why there can't be a system that drives the car safely and takes some of the stress from my firm grip on the wheel as other cars zoom by me? $5,000 for several years of relative stress-free driving don't seem too much.

jefjes | 4 september 2017

I won't be ordering EAP at the time of purchase but will be getting it. When I get it will depend on a couple factors. If I get my car in time to take the full tax credit, I'll get it right away upon getting my tax refund the following year. I the half tax credit, will mean that I will have to add to the amount of my refund possibly so it may delay when I get it. If no tax credit means no refund, it will mean delaying it until I can save enough to get it, which may take a couple years. No matter what, I won't be adding it to the purchase so I will be avoiding having it added to the purchase price that is taxed and future added registration fees down the road. I do want to have it and look at buying it as also supporting the growth of the tech.

Bluesday Afternoon | 4 september 2017

I'm looking forward to comparing my AutoPilot (AP) version to the Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) system in the Model 3. I enjoy and appreciate driving in AP mode. I drove close to 50 miles today and used it on two freeways and divided streets in town. It takes time and experience to learn many of its quirks; and there are a number of them. I never engage AP in a construction zone (seems obvious but people still use it). If you are traveling into a slight rise in the roadway and you start to lose sight of the lines ahead we know, through experience, that we're approaching a high point and the road will drop down. My Model S will also lose sight of the lines and I notice the issue with a shaking steering wheel.

I used AP today to change lanes (so cool) and engaged AutoPark into a shopping center space (tail in first). By the way, the car parks itself at a scary ass speed. Far faster than I would! And, quite unsettling the first couple of times. My S Auto parallel parks even in the dead of night.

Lastly, using AutoPerk and AutoVac were unexpected surprises. I'm hoping EAP will make the bed in the back and learn I like my bacon extra crispy. ;-)

dave.m.mcdonough | 4 september 2017

Anything that can be added via software later I will probably put on the back burner. Hardware options upfront are where my budget is going.. First and foremost for me is the AWD w/ air suspension. I SHOULD be able to swing that and the premium interior.. it'll be tight but I don't really want to compromise more than I have to. $5k for the autopilot is a hard sell. :|

dave.m.mcdonough | 4 september 2017

Honestly, this is one area where I mostly feel like it's a distraction, more trouble than it's worth for Tesla. The ability for the car to drive itself is not even on my radar, I just don't care.
Simply having a nice AWD electric in itself is revolutionary.. I don't want the smarts if it's slowing things down.

prsist | 4 september 2017

What I said on anther blog in case you didn't read it there:

From all of the responses it is clear that everybody has a definitive idea of what their needs are.

My pros for getting EAP: TACC (90%), summon mode for garage (5%), ability to relax on a long straight trip (5%).
Now, those are nice to have but are they need to have at $5,000?

Cons: $5,000 more on the initial cost of the car and having to explain to my wife why I'm paying $59,000 instead of $35,000.

The struggles I am having every single day is do I NEED EAP when I buy the car or can I wait and see if it is really needed and then pay, what, $6,000 for the software activation at a later time?

I could use the $5,000 to get the Aero wheels replaced ($1,200<), windows tinted ($750), wall charger ($500), floor mats ($245), flat tire kit ($50) or maybe a Donut tire?, wheel lock set ($60), and XM radio ($70). Hmmmmm. | 4 september 2017

EAP is worth getting, especially if Tesla actually has it working by the time you get your Model 3.

JayInJapan | 4 september 2017

I love EAP--getting ready to use it for around 3,000 km.

eeb9 | 4 september 2017

If it were $1k it would be a slam-dunk, just for auto-park and summon. I just can't justify $5k for something I really don't plan to use - other than for parking - more than a couple times a year.

arns60 | 4 september 2017

As a 70+ buyer I am excited to get this electronic feature when I get my car. Many reasons to get it but safety and getting the best car while they still let me have a license are good reasons. If I don't spend the $5k my kids will.