European Model 3 AC charging options

European Model 3 AC charging options

Hi all,

Everyone seems to speculate about additional DC charging options for the Model 3 version for the European market, like CCS, or a new version of the CHAdeMO adapter.

For my part, I'm also concerned about AC charging options that Model 3 will ship with in Europe. Of course, it is likely that they will be about the same as Model S and X, i.e. three-phase 11kW (or 16.5 kW with the high power charging option). On the other hand, I have yet to find any official statement or announcement about Model 3 AC charging in Europe.

In Europe, most homes have three phase connections, and 3-phase outlets with 16A or 32A fuses are common, so it would be crucial for EV owners to take advantage of those when charging at home...

MKM3 | 14 september 2017

I'm seriously hoping for integrated CCS DC as well as a 22kW onboard AC charger in the European models. AC charging is far more attractive in a Model 3 than in the S or X. It consumes quite a bit less and supercharging isn't included anymore, so it'd be a nice move to step up the AC charging game to get the same speed as any run of the mill Renault Zoe or Smart ED.

Rocky_H | 14 september 2017

@MKM3, Supercharging IS included still on the Model 3. It's just not free. That seems to be why they are continuing this downward trend in the power of the onboard AC chargers. I'm pretty sure they won't have 22kW onboard AC charging.

krissu | 14 september 2017

I very much doubt it to have 22kW onboard charger. S and X come with 16 kW max, dual charger had 22 kW when it used to be available. Indeed it would be really attractive and would take quite some load off from supercharging. Most type 2 stations have 22kW in Europe and you get like 150 km/h charging speed. I read somewhere it to have 3x16A ie 11 kW onboard charger. Still very good for charging at home.

MKM3 | 14 september 2017

@Rocky_H, that's exactly what I meant. Of course the Model 3 has the capability to use superchargers, the usage isn't free and in some states / regions - like in Germany where I live - it's a (relatively unattractive) per minute price.

That's why I'd love to see more capable onboard AC chargers. In Europe you can easily get at least 22kW in any given house, even up to 42kW if you'll upgrade your installation, it'd be sad to see Tesla lacking behind in that regard, especially when you consider the that the vast lot of complimentary / free public chargers in the EU currently are Type 2 AC (many 22kW).
Just charging for 20-30 minutes while shopping would bring me through the next couple of days easily.

MKM3 | 14 september 2017

Yeah I also doubt it will happen, but it'd be a really logical move to make, just to make the car more usable / acceptable for people who can't charge at home.
The Model 3 aims at a different audience than the S and X after all.