Charging with a generator?

Charging with a generator?

I just got power back after 3 days without it, post-Irma. During that time I kept my sanity with a 6250W generator. It got me thinking, would this be able to charge a Tesla? It does have a 240V outlet. Not sure how many amps it could handle. Any guesses on how many miles to gallon I would expect to get? I was lasting 16 hours of continuous power on 5 gallons of gas with about 1/2 the rated load plugged in.

Tarla's Driver | 14 september 2017

Yes. The Tesla will dial down the amps if the voltage starts to drop. You probably won't get very good mileage out of it, though. I've heard that most home generators are really inefficient because they're designed for emergencies. I heard a story that a guy used his Chevy Volt as a home generator and found it was vastly more efficient because efficiency was one of the most important design criteria. I don't know if that was true.

KP in NPT | 14 september 2017

You'd probably be better off finding a working public charger. Even with all the FL outages, owners were able to find them.

Grigate | 14 september 2017

From this formula P(kW) = √3 × I(A) × V / 1000 - the amps will roughly be 15 Amps

andy.connor.e | 14 september 2017

After discrepancies and losses, you could suggest you'll get about 6kW of effective power. Your Tesla will get 6kWh every hour, and would fill your 60kWh battery in 10 hours. kW x hours.

If its all you got, then its a good backup i suppose. But then you still need gas.

Earl and Nagin ... | 14 september 2017

I don't recommend you plan to charge at 6 kW (~24 amps) since that 6250 w rating for you generator may be surge power, not continuous power. I'd recommend planning to only charge at 16 amps (3.8 kW) although you can test it out at higher currents and see what happens. Testing is a much better idea in general than just asking strangers on the internet who may or may not know anything.

Model_D | 14 september 2017

What Earl said. I would add that my generator would only charge my Tesla after I properly grounded the generator.

rxlawdude | 14 september 2017

Generators create rather poor waveform AC, and many owners have reported MS/MX charging simply stops as the car hates dirty power.

The ones who have reported success have been owners of Generac generators ($$$) that create clean sine waves.

prsist | 14 september 2017

I had the same question a few months ago. My concern was not a hurricane (Hope all is well with you guys down there), but it was traveling somewhere where there is NO charging available. I was hoping to fit a generator in the frunk, but won't know the capability until I get my car.

Most generators that I've seen that produce 240v is usually 30amp....Not the preferred 50 amp. Still gets the job done, just takes longer.