Removing Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers – How-To Video

Removing Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers – How-To Video

markr7 | 14 september 2017

Can the center cap (Tesla Logo) be moved to the wheel?

KP in NPT | 14 september 2017

Supposedly (according to posts on Reddit and other forums) the car comes with the lug covers and a center cap.

Iwantmy3 | 14 september 2017

I wonder about the durability of these clips. If it is that easy to take off and put on, I could see putting them on for long trips and keeping them off the rest of the time. Problem is, if the clips wear out, I could find myself without a cover after one goes flying away.

TexasBob | 14 september 2017

IMO this is awesome. I love the simplicity of removing and reinstalling. Makes me totally sold on the 18" wheels. Very cool.

95dawg | 14 september 2017

Those clips will get bent backwards and break easily. Thought they would have anchors more secure than simple pressure clips.

stockbandit91 | 14 september 2017

There is a photo with the center cover put back on and black lug nut covers on. I think that confirms the claim that they are included with the Aero wheels, over at

TexasBob | 14 september 2017

According to the guy who posted the video:
"Are the Covers for the screws and the middle included?"


mdjmd | 15 september 2017

Model 3 aero wheels, with hubcaps off and lug covers and center cap on...
Looks great. I'm going with 18. No question.

Frank99 | 15 september 2017

I want the center cap from the Red car at Reveal 1. Looks great, and covers the lugs for a very clean appearance. I don't really want the full-size aero hub caps because I figure I'll lose them to potholes driving down the road...
Perhaps it's a business opportunity...

Shock | 15 september 2017

The more I see these caps the less I hate them. On the gray and the black tesla they do not really look so terrible after all. They look okay with the covers off, but the 19" still look really darn nice. | 15 september 2017

I imagine the Service Center will remove them for you when delivering the car.

Ccarmac1 | 15 september 2017

Pretty... cheap

eandmjep | 16 september 2017

I wonder if removing them will damage the finish on the spokes?

PaceyWhitter | 16 september 2017

I assume that the scratch hardness of the metal wheel is much higher than the plastic cover.