Self presenting doors stopped working

Self presenting doors stopped working

My self presenting doors seem to have stopped working this week. I confirmed that they are still enabled in the Setting menu and I restarted the 18" touch screen but I didn't restart the screen or computer behind the driving wheel. No luck any suggestions.

dmm1240 | 21 september 2017

Does the open door still open automatically when you pull the latch? Does it still close when you pull the latch or put your foot down on the brake? If so, then it's not a mechanical problem. That leaves software or the car not recognizing the fob when you walk up meaning a Bluetooth communication problem. If one of the latter you need to take it into service.

jds_solo | 21 september 2017

Thanks dmm1240k, yes the door still self close when I push on the break.... Hmm i have not tried to open with the key fob i will go try that now.

ScooterJim | 22 september 2017

Mine also has stopped presenting. The service center diagnosed there is a problem. They will look further into the problem when they replace the front windshield next week. Also, sometimes my daylight LED running lights come on when I approach the car when I don't even have the key fob in my pocket and will eventually turn off.

akmangus | 22 september 2017

Self presenting door problem is a known issue. Mine started happening at about 2 months / 2500 miles. They replaced the Body Control Module and have had no issues since.

evlnte | 11 oktober 2017

Same issue. Taking it In for service.

Lars.svartdal | 5 maj 2018

Happened to me about 3 weeks ago. Have contacted Tesla 3 times, still waiting for them to follow up. I just got the carr 4 weeks ago(1 year old x p90d) , and after one week in my possesion it stopped working. Tesla has still not tranfered the car to my account neither. I had heard so much about Teslas faboulus service, is that just a hype?
Best rgards Lars

Redmiata98 | 6 maj 2018

I noticed that having the fob in the protective leather case that Tesla sells effects the operation. Mine would not open when I approached. I took the fob out of the case and it worked. It always works out of the case but is erratic inside the case. Try taking your fob out of the case and see if it works.

Starlifter | 6 maj 2018

I also had to have the body control module replaced for this issue.

kurtethais | 10 november 2018

I have a Model X and the self presenting door feature stopped working last week. I did the reset and changed key fobs, but the problem still persists. I’m wondering if it is due to the latest software update that happened recently.
Any thoughts?

Vawlkus | 14 november 2018

Did you check to see if the option is still enabled? Sometimes a software update can deactivate options.

mathwhiz | 14 november 2018

Yep, failed body control module can cause this.

d.cherin | 19 november 2018

Took mine in today for module and screen replacement. Second time for module in two years. 2016 X, 90D, 11/16 build.

jjgunn | 19 januari 2019

mathwhiz | November 14, 2018
Yep, failed body control module can cause this.
Interesting - this just started happening to me.

Did a reboot. Same issue. Door won't open.

Disabled auto-door then rebooted. Then re-enabled. Nope still nothing.

Double click FOB, Drivers door opens.

Wonder if I need a replacement? Hope not. June 2018 100D

lightonwater | 29 januari 2019

Had the same experience a few years ago with X, and it took awhile for Tesla to figure out, and as others have said: "replaced the Body Control Module". My car is coming up on its three year anniversary...we are movingly, blissfully married.

jjgunn | 29 januari 2019

Worst thing is passenger door won't open until I open the drivers door.

Feb 11

jjgunn | 18 februari 2019

Got car back from SC today. Body control module replaced & self-presenting doors now working properly.

Also had some front end issues on the passenger side. Basically control arm in an ICE car same thing on my MX but I forget what he called it. I'll try & find out.

Front end fixed. Self-presenting doors fixed. Took 6 days.

Redmiata98 | 21 februari 2019

Fixed = good
6 days = bad

jjgunn | 21 februari 2019

I'm just happy they had the parts I'll take the extra time as long as the job is completed correctly.

carycomm | 14 november 2019

My driver's side door will only open from the inside. Won't open when pushing the handle from the outside (though I hear the apparatus trying), and won't open automatically or with the fob. I have to enter on the passenger side, lean across and open the driver's door from the inside and then get out, go around the car, and get back in.

ratchet | 14 november 2019

@carycomm - Had similar experience with my 2017 X. Started with a couple of times on the passenger side then became consistent on the driver side. Took it in and both front door latches were replaced with a newer version.