Window Tint - Spectra Photosync - pricing in San Diego

Window Tint - Spectra Photosync - pricing in San Diego

Hopefully this will help other Tesla owners, on which tint to use.

Spectra Photosync
35% on all doors and rear window
75% on windshield

Done 10-07-17 in San Diego, by Monumental Workx, Inc.

It was a tough decision between the 3m Crystalline and the Photosync, one has a slightly higher, heat gain coefficient.

I based my decision on the fact Tesla is not a normal car. In a normal car; you park get out and move on, however in a Tesla there are times we're waiting, in our car, to charge.

Just knowing I would be in the car, for (sometimes) over an hour, the sun can really take its toll on the driver and the car (Air-conditioning = power usage). So the small difference, in tint film, was hopefully worth the extra cost? The total was around $ 1,100.00 ask for a $ 50.00 discount. Maybe tell them Peter Scott sent you, if its close to the date of my installation.

I wish the Spectra Photosync manufactured their tint in a 20% tint (35% is the darkest (the lower the number the darker the tint)), I think this would look better on the back & rear windows along with a wee bit more privacy. Monumental said they can go over the Photosync with a less expensive film to give me the darker color.

rdr1rx | 8 oktober 2017

Yikes, $1100? Wow, I have the same brand tint and setup. Paid $680 near Santa Cruz, 45 miles from home. Shopped prices left and right.

paulholzapfel | 6 maj 2018

where in Santa Cruz? Can't find a quote for 3M crystalline or Spectra Photosync for much less than $2K in the SF Bay area! (for my Tesla Model 3).

carlk | 6 maj 2018

Got PhotoSync from Preimier in Fremont for my S four years ago and X two years ago, both for $1,200. S was for all windows and windshield while X was for front windows and the pano-windshield. Not many companies could do the pano-windshield in one piece.

StatsApp | 7 maj 2018

Don't you get color artifacts (rainbow) when you look through the windshield with polarized sunglasses?
I had the film removed from my windshield for that reason shortly after installation.

carlk | 7 maj 2018

Yes a little bit when lights come in from certain directions but that never bothers me.

brianp6621 | 7 maj 2018

Seems premier has gone up. I just had my S tinted, 4 side windows, windshield, rear window and full glass roof with Photosync for $2k.

I do get slight rainbows when looking through the tint with polarized sunglasses but nowhere near enough to think about removing the tint.

However I will say that in the right glare situation the windshield tint makes it appear like there is a slight haze/film (which there is) on the windshield. That bothers me a little.

brianp6621 | 7 maj 2018

@carlk, did you have the roof done on on the S? Maybe that accounts for the discrepancy as that piece alone was $700

StatsApp | 7 maj 2018

@brian yes, it was the combination of haze and rainbow that made me remove it.
Ceramic tinting makes a significant difference in the amount of heat that gets in.

C02Free | 7 maj 2018

Wowwww. What makes these two types of tint so much better than a regular tint job? I’m in San Diego County and I’ve always taken my cars and parents’ cars to this shop in Chula Vista called Hot Spot. Lifetime guarantee on their tint from any bubbling or discoloration. I have a 2002 Accord that the tint still looks awesome. Brought my S here when I first purchased it and paid $180 for all windows, minus the front windshield (illegal to tint that in CA and don’t feel like dealing with a fix-it ticket). I just can’t fathom spending 10x more just for tint.

redacted | 8 maj 2018

Photosync does an excellent job of blocking heat. I've not dealt with other tints but the difference in interior comfort between none and photosync in sunny weather is pretty significant.