Screen auto-brightness

Screen auto-brightness

Why can’t Tesla get this simple feature to work?

I have mine set to 50%.

2 minutes later it’s 87%. A minute after that it’s 39% and so on.

I know I have to option to turn auto-brightness off but that’s not the point. It should work.

I have the same setting on my iPhone and iPad and I’m never constantly fiddling with the brightness settings.

AP2 2017.34

Silver2K | 16 oktober 2017

sounds like it works as it is intended. as light changes in the car the screen adjusts to it.

test it by parking in your garage, close the garage door and turn off the garage light and see if it moves then.

jordanrichard | 16 oktober 2017

It is not an instantaneous change. For example, when I pull out of my garage at night, the brightness of the dash is rather bright for a couple of minutes because it's still thinks it's in my lighted garage. However it then starts adjusting to where I want it. Now there have been many times when I was driving at dusk and as I turned towards the setting sun, by dash got brighter, reaching 100%. So it works very well.

BTW, 50% IMHO is way too bright for night time driving. Mine goes down to 18% when it's fully dark out.

PagemakersS75 | 16 oktober 2017

I know how it works. I set it to be a suitable brightness and then dive for 5 minutes and it’s no longer suitable.

I think it’s too sensitive to very subtle changes within the car.

Silver2K | 16 oktober 2017

Are we being punkes?

Are you thinking the light in the car (with transparent windows) does not change causing the screen to adjust? Or are you thinking it should not adjust when the light does change?

With all due respect, this is a weird post.

Silver2K | 16 oktober 2017


hsuru4u | 16 oktober 2017

dont look at me..i didnt start the thread! :p

PagemakersS75 | 16 oktober 2017

I started the thread. I can drive down a road with no trees and with no shadows and if I press settings/display I can watch the brightness go 50%, 49, 48, 47, 46 all the way to say 24% in about 20 seconds.

I’m on the same road with the same lighting conditions and now my display is too dim (or too bright depending on which way it goes).

That is not auto-brightness. That’s a system not working very intelligently (and frustrating for the driver).

jordanrichard | 16 oktober 2017

Call your service center, because either it is operator error or there is something amiss. This is the first time I have ever heard about this issue since this feature came out.

PagemakersS75 | 16 oktober 2017

I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it. An update a couple back had a note to ‘fix’ auto-brightness.

dknisely | 17 oktober 2017

I find the auto-brightness feature to be brilliant, and I was very bothered before (just left it in night mode all the time, previously). It is one of the few things that "just works," like HW1 auto-wipers. ;)

jordanrichard | 17 oktober 2017

PagemakersS75, perhaps this is a bespoke issue with the AP2 cars. I have a Mar '14 S85, pre-AP and as I said it works as advertised.

PagemakersS75 | 17 oktober 2017

Could be.

I have a mate with AP1 and he’s been given an AP 2 loaner for a few months and although it’s a totally different subject he says the AP1 wipers are fantastic and the AP2 wipers are clattery pieces of monstrosity.

I only have AP2 and I’m inclined to agree about the wipers so maybe other basic bits are significantly different too.

gridley1950 | 17 oktober 2017

Mine works perfectly! :)

PagemakersS75 | 17 oktober 2017

Mine are/were clattery. Replaced with Bosch blades and they are better but still not brilliant.

hsuru4u | 17 oktober 2017

do you mean the actual motors or the blades? The motors are pretty noisey when working for a "premuim " car.

what blades would people recommend?

baldeagle1035 | 16 oktober 2019

Awaiting my new X before any comments. Although I enjoy the blogs.

Made in CA | 16 oktober 2019

Works great for me. Always just right day or night.