2017 Model X 75D: 0-60 4.9 sec or 6.0 sec??

2017 Model X 75D: 0-60 4.9 sec or 6.0 sec??

Custom order shows 4.9 sec. Tesla inventory shows 6.0 sec. Which one is it???

tommyalexandersb | 21 oktober 2017

Anyone know if 90D and/or 100D will eventually get a speed boost too? As in, is that even possible?

mbirnie51 | 22 oktober 2017

You'll have to wait until you check with your Service Center if your particular MX is capable of the speed enhancement. Seems that it depends on the particulars of your build and what went into your vehicle. I hope mine gets the speed enhancement, but if I have to sacrifice range, I think I'll pass...MHB

packpike | 23 oktober 2017

Both. They made the change back around July and all new custom orders have the faster speed (mine was delivered last month). If you buy from inventory and it's an older model then it will be listed at the slower speed, but you might be able to get them to 'uncork' it (do some searches). If you're custom ordering new you don't have to worry about it.