Tesla app not seeing my Powerwall

Tesla app not seeing my Powerwall

Finally after 3.5 months, Tesla managed to get my Powerwall comissioned last Friday.
I can't see the unit on my Tesla app, says internet issue.
I called support Friday, and today they told me that this affects many customers.
Seeing if others are having the same issue.

sashton | 24 oktober 2017

Yes, since the 1.9.0 firmware the app no longer sees my PW II.

rasuttles | 28 april 2018

I recently had installed a complete Tesla solar system including (2) Powerwall 2 batteries. The system works great. The monitoring application for my android phone was working great until a couple days ago. It just stopped updating all of a sudden and now all I get is a dead app that states there is a Powerwall connection error.
I rebooted my router, no luck.
I disconnected the Tesla network WiFi unit that plugs into the router for 1 minute then reconnected it, no change.
I uninstalled the Android app on my phone and reinstalled it. No luck.
I checked the app on my iPad, same problem. Powerwall connection error.
I checked the app when the Tesla network WiFi unit was unplugged and it showed my internet connection was missing so I know the app is connecting with the network unit. The problem is the network unit from Tesla is not connecting with the (2) Powerwall units. At this point I would have to assume the problem is with the Tesla network WiFi unit since I have (2) Powerwalls and it is not communicating with whether of them.
I contacted Tesla and they said they were experiencing a firmware glitch recently and they are working on it, but after reading some other online forums, I see that this problem has been happening for over a year.
Does anyone have a cure without having to deal directly with the pathetic Tesla customer support?