Winter washing

Winter washing

In Norway, winter is here and along with it comes minus degrees. I have usually washed cars with a warm water in the wintertime, but now I am not so sure I am allowed to do this as the Tesla is made from aluminium. I have heard many Land Rover owners through time that dented their cars by doing that.

How do you go about washing your car in the wintertime ?

Babaron | 30 oktober 2017

If you have a heated garage, there should be no issues, except don't spray cold water on hot brakes. If you are planning to wash in temps below freezing, all kinds of issues and I wouldn't recommend it. A better method in that case would be a rinseless wash method (eg., Optimum No Rinse) but make sure you use that only for lightly soiled cars.

For heavily soiled cars and freezing temps, wait for spring.

traustitj | 30 oktober 2017

Thanks Babaron. I need to find a way to be inside, as they spew so much salt on the streets that your car gets disgusting very quickly.

bishoppeak | 30 oktober 2017

My solution was to move to CA!

KP in NPT | 30 oktober 2017

Have you tried a rinseless car wash?

kerryglittle | 7 november 2017

I store mine and drive my wife's SUV for the winter. Solved that problem . LOL. You should be ok using touch less car washes. I would never take a car through one of those car washes that flogged your car with those beater bars filled with other people's sand and debris.

kerryglittle | 7 november 2017

PS, I have owned several aluminum cars and never had a problem with dents or buckles from different temperatures.

Silver2K | 7 november 2017

Not sure what is used in Norway to melt ice and snow on the roads,
But in Syracuse N.Y. we use salt and I leave the car dirty until temps go over 38 Fahrenheit.

kerryglittle | 7 november 2017

In Ontario Canada @Silver2K they put down tons of salt. Way more than needed and they also use this liquid brine. That stuff is nasty. It gets into everything and sticks like glue. Another reason I don't drive my S in the Winter. More afraid of it working its way into the electrical system and have heard to not oil spray Teslas either.