Anyone with a flawless MX?

Anyone with a flawless MX?

Is there anyone out there able to report a flawless MX in the first 12 mo. of ownership? As in no issues outside of routine maintenance?

Please only post if you have not had ANY QC/functionality issues within the first year.

Forums are a great place to vent issues but I want to hear, hopefully from the majority, that their cars have impressed them beyond the MX forum expectations.

avesraggiana | 29 november 2017

@lilbean. Yes, I believe we did. My DS told me that she’d only seen what happened with our car once before, in her four years at Tesla.

lilbean | 29 november 2017

I’m glad it worked out for you, @avesraggiana. :)

Uncle Paul | 29 november 2017

After more careful inspection, I have determined that my X is not flawless after all.
The dust cap on the right rear wheel inflator stem was slightly over torqued by almost 3%.
Will be calling for ranger service in the morning, but will leave the car in the garage until this imperfection can be corrected by someone with the proper training and equipment.
Will make sure that his valve stem dust cap torque wrench has of course been recently calibrated to Tesla's most recent specifications. Might even demand that brand new caps be installed and properly torqued on the other three wheels (and the spare) as well. J/K

avesraggiana | 30 november 2017

@Uncle Paul. Hahahaha!!! Good one!

mooka | 6 december 2017

Picked up today and it was “nearly flawless”. Passenger door sticks sometimes at a few inches during auto open.

Passenger window seal at front is malformed.

Small hole at 12:00 on the steering wheel.

I had to discover all of them. Still an awesome car for sure!

mooka | 7 december 2017

Oh and the airbag malfunction light is on. I thought it was the passenger airbag warning until I looked it up in the manual. I swear it has been on since delivery. Back to the SC it goes.

Toto Edwin | 8 december 2017

Got my MX 75D in Sept 2016 and have 20K miles on it with only 1 visit to SC for 12.5K mandatory maintenance last Aug 2017, and am still enjoying it. Got 2 tire punctures but was fixed by local tire service center for $15 each.

Madatgascar | 8 december 2017

We are at 18 months and 20,000 miles, flawless so far.

Ohmster | 9 december 2017

My S was not flawless, but they've addressed virtually everything (and I'm a pain, really, I am). I doubt the X will be perfect/flawless, but no car I have ever bought has ever been (see previous parenthesized comment).

Impressed? Without a doubt.

We wouldn't have bought another Tesla only a few short months after the first if we didn't think these things weren't awesome. I thought my wife deserved to sport the same stupid grin that I do on a daily basis.

Grin on!

zxed | 13 december 2017

Pickup was yesterday, and now the cars currently sitting at Q-Car care getting the full front, seats (xpel), bumper top, seat back and then a ceramic coat - but before they do all this, they need to undo the coverup that was done by pre-deliver detail... bad buff jobs to get rid of some scratches and imperfections.. and a few more scratches here and there., nothing deep., nothing major...... so once the correction is done they will start with the other stuff.

The frunk was slightly raised on the left side (towards windshield)., they told me id need to make a service appointment for them to align it., inspecting the seats for the latches., the heater wire was exposed on a third row seat., pushed it back in., it was raining., I feel some vibration when accelerating hard (and going from 60 to 110)., not sure if its tire balance., or what., but nothing im running back to tesla for.,

I plan on waiting 6 months before I attempt to make a service appointment to address anything. IF something shows up; I dont know how people manage to spend 3-4 hours at delivery inspecting the vehicle ., or even 40 minutes., all the seals seemed fine., there was some finish issues on seals on the outside, but i dont know., maybe im not that picky or trust that whatever issues show up., they will be addressed professionally.

gvsuresh | 13 december 2017

Picked up my vehicle couple of days ago and so far I have to say its been flawless and hopefully will remain so. The car was prepared beautifully and the delivery process was smooth and quick. If they keep up this initial production quality the consumer report ratings should surely climb.

hgpayne | 13 december 2017

One week to go ... and counting. Like @zxed, My first drive is about 4 blocks long to the detailer to put on the XPEL clear bra and a full ceramic coat. I'm still praying for the "perfect" experience rather than the horror stories I've read here and elsewhere.

zxed | 13 december 2017

@hgpayne - it turned out that the soft paint had been buffed enough that even with all the correction they could do, it was obviously not going to hold over the year - so rather than have just the full front (clear bra) I'm doing a full wrap., and a full ceramic coat., ., really did not want to as I thought the $ were a waste., but I did see a AMG and a Ferrari that they had just finished working on and they looked flawless.... so., now illl get my car back., next Tuesday :)

AstonZagato | 15 december 2017

I think that the door opening only a few inches might be a "feature"rather than a "fault". I seem to remember that, on "auto-present", the door is supposed to only open a little until you walk past it, if you approach the car from the front. It should then swing wider once you have passed the door and are by the Falcon on the driver's side.

LTO2 | 15 december 2017

@AstonZagato: You are quite correct. That’s how the driver’s door auto-presents.