240V Cable, CAN, and Cover for Sale

240V Cable, CAN, and Cover for Sale

I just sold my 2010 Roadster Sport to make room for a Model X.

Now I'm looking for a new home for the following Roadster accessories.

1) Yellow Home Charging Cable modified with a spare Martin Eberhard controller circuit to support 240V 15A charging
Paid $900 for the cable, plus a few bucks for the parts to do the modification - offered for $450

2) Henry Sharp Black CAN - J1772 adaptor - Purchased in April 2013 - Used off an on until October 2014, since retired
Paid $695 - offered for $350

3) Custom Tesla Roadster Car Cover, by California Car Cover Company
Includes openings for charge port and cooling vents. A bit dusty, but otherwise in great shape.
Don't recall what I paid, offered for $75

I'm located in Saratoga, CA.
I'll be in Hawthorne Thursday evening for the Truck Unveiling Event, and will bring them with me.

PM me if interested,
-- Philip

waltkagan | 28 juni 2018

Still available?

danny | 5 juli 2018

Is the cover still available?

bmcnic523 | 30 juli 2018

I'm looking for a cover for my new 2010 roadster. Is it still available?