Ordering/Delivery Priority Clarification

Ordering/Delivery Priority Clarification

Tesla employees receive first priority, current Tesla owners receive second priority, and the rest of us are the remaining priority as it pertains to the delivery of a Model 3. Simple question: If I ordered my Model 3 at 9:45 a.m. on March 31, 2016 at the Buena Park, CA store, will a current Tesla owner who put her/his $1,000 deposit after me receive her/his Model 3 before me? I can understand some window of generosity for current Tesla owners; however, allowing a current Tesla owner who puts her/his deposit down in the last few months access to the Model 3 before the 'March 30/31 Campers' is unfair.

Captain_Zap | 20 november 2017

The 8 ball says, "Likely".
But it just might be noise and it probably wouldn't change your delivery date.

Yodrak. | 20 november 2017

"will a current Tesla owner who put her/his $1,000 deposit after me receive her/his Model 3 before me?"

How long after you? 2 years after you (as in your example) or 2 minutes after you?

I don't think anyone knows the algorithm Tesla might be using to establish ordering priority, only time will tell and it's not time yet.

Bluesday Afternoon | 20 november 2017


May I call you Steve, your reservation is in violation of T9261949 of the Reservation Authority. The store mistakenly processed your request before 10:00 am and has now moved you back 12 hours. If you complain the Authority will push it back another 12 hours. A whining penalty has also been incurred (24 hours) due to complaint made toward respected Tesla owners. Your "official" reservation is now April 1, 2016.

Lastly, my 11:10 am reservation on March 31, 2016, (also, my one year Tesla Model S anniversary date) will be filled prior to yours as I am a respected Tesla owner who stood in line listening to non-owners whine about the rules of engagement. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and continue to wait patiently. ;-)

stevenkeller44 | 20 november 2017

Steve works. Buena Park opened before the other So Cal stores. I appreciate the banter, but "likely" and "patience" don't answer the question. If it's not YES or NO, then is it NONE OF US KNOW FOR SURE?

Yodrak. | 20 november 2017



Bluesday Afternoon | 20 november 2017


I will get mine before you! I'm positive! Absolutely...I think. My Brea Mall reservation is alphabetically superior to your Buena Park one! So, does that settle the issue?

stevenkeller44 | 20 november 2017

Mr. Red: But, if you had ordered yours six months later at the lovely Brea Mall store, would your current Tesla ownership trump my first-time buyer-ship?

dsvick | 21 november 2017

@stevenkeller44, the real answer is that no one knows for sure. However, by looking at what people have reported from their delivery estimate page, it does seem that being a prior owner gets you priority regardless of when you reserved. In most cases the difference was only by a month though so it likely will not matter much when production gets going. This has been discussed quite a bit and many other people have said they think it is unfair as well, but it is no less fair than producing higher optioned cars first, or selling in CA first. It is simply how Tesla has decided to do it. And, as I said, in most cases the difference in the estimator was only a month.

PhillyGal | 21 november 2017

+1 - No one knows for sure. It'll be batched in ways that work for Tesla because after production comes both shipping and delivery. They can't, for example, fulfill all CA orders before all East Coast orders. Not enough delivery space/personnel to handle that I'd imagine.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 november 2017

"Simple question: If I ordered my Model 3 at 9:45 a.m. on March 31, 2016 at the Buena Park, CA store, will a current Tesla owner who put her/his $1,000 deposit after me receive her/his Model 3 before me?"

stevenkeller44: It is a simple, and incomplete, question. Do you mean 'after me' at the same site, the same day? Or, 'after me' at a site closer to Fremont that same day? Or perhaps, 'after me' on the following day or later at any site? Be specific, since you are demanding specifics. Geez.

JAD | 21 november 2017

Be specific so the wild guesses can be based on more specific unknown info. :)

All anyone knows is what it says on your reservation page, employees, owners, West coast, others. The closer to Fremont had never been mentioned by Tesla, nor any further details of how much priority each gets.

burdogg | 21 november 2017

Here is the exact wording from the email :

Model 3 reservations will open in Tesla stores on March 31 at 10am PST, as well as online immediately when the event (which will also be accessible via a live stream) begins. As a current owner who has supported Tesla and our mission, your reservation will take priority and be placed ahead of non-owners.

What I do know - when I called that day - I was told I didn't need to come into the store, that I could order online and would be bumped up - as I lived 180 miles one way from any store. So the real question becomes - when did they cut off priority? There were reports of people even after later choosing to buy a Model S, their reservation jumped then to the front of the line.

But as all have said - Tesla has not made any official statements on at what point did a new owner Reservation not jump above say first day reservation holders.

My guess - An owner at any point jumped the line, as Tesla continues to move forward because of those that have bought an S or X - and they are rewarding them by giving them a jump in the line. My own GUESS, and may be far from correct though.

NumberOne | 21 november 2017

In the end it will not matter. Once production ramps up 20k will be produced every month. It may cause you a bit of a delay but not much. It will likely work the same as with Models S and X. First a few people get the reservation. By the way, I waited 4 years for my X and was delayed a little because I did not want the Performance or Signature options. I actually waited 6 months from the time I finalized my order, and I could not change anything without incurring $500 penalty.

I would think that initially it will be open only to current owners, as stated, but current owners are not all going to want the longer range. Initially the invitations will go out at set intervals. A specific number each time. Owners who do not configure will eventually lose their place in line, because Tesla wants to sell as many of the cars as possible.

The short answer: Yes, any owner who made a reservation will have priority over non owners. - Stated fact.

As I said before, the invitations go out in batches. With my Model X I was annoyed because I reserved in 2012, and their were people who reserved years later that got their invites and cars before me, but I still got an early production 90D. In the end it does not matter, and if you are in CA you will likely get your car before many S and X owners on the east coast, even if they do configure before you.

Cjmaloney | 21 november 2017

I paid for mine in full. I've been asked to configure already. current owner. East coast.

NumberOne | 21 november 2017

That is great @Cjmaloney I see on another thread that @TESLA CA, who owns an S and X and stayed in in line from the night before the Burbank CA store opened, and was 7th in line when it did, still has not received a configuration notice. Like you, I am also also on the east coast, and stood in line long before the store opened, but I have yet to get a notice to configure.

NumberOne | 21 november 2017

also also....

acemandinga | 21 november 2017

Makes me wonder if fully prepaid also gets priority over deposit only.

acemandinga | 21 november 2017

wait... also makes me wonder HOW you pay in full up front before the configurator. hmmm...

andy.connor.e | 21 november 2017


You dont. Gotta think sometimes.

SpeedyEddy | 21 november 2017

Yo ace, paying can be done in a few minutes and config is open (read my halleluja..)

ossip | 21 november 2017

How do you arrange to pick car up in Fr
emont. If it can be done, does it change your priorities for delivery>

rgrant | 21 november 2017

My guess - there are two queues and they’ll pull from each alternately and then when the current owner queue is cleared they’ll just pull from the one. That is until a current owner places a new order and then they’ll get slotted in right at the head.

SCCRENDO | 21 november 2017

Be patient. Nobody here truly knows. I am Model S 85 owner since April 2013. I am in Socal. I reserved my first Model 3 on March 31 online just before the reveal and my second one on May 3 2016. I have not been invited to configure but my first car estimated delivery is fully loaded and is said to deliver Nov-Jan. If I want the base model it will be early 2018. My second one fully loaded would be March to May 2018 and the base model Mid 2018. Hope that helps the clairvoyants and speculators.AWD will be July to Sept 2018 and Nov 2018-jan 2019 respectively

rxlawdude | 21 november 2017

@SCCRENDO, you'll be my canary in the coal mine for testing the hypothesis that length of previous Tesla ownership is a factor.

Like you, I'm going for the fully loaded LR model, sans FSD option and live in SoCal. Only been a MS owner since 7/2015. In theory, you should get the invite prior to me. DiegoPasadena got the invite, and I believe he was also an early MS owner. You should be invited "soon."

Bluesday Afternoon | 21 november 2017

@SCCRENDO and @rxlawdude

My invite should be just before rxlawdude receives his (3/31/15 owner). But, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are in the same Southern Cal batch. Chances of us getting our LR Model 3’s this year is slowly slipping away unless we can configure before December 1, 2017.
One positive is the push to complete Model 3 deliveries by 12/31/17. I would gladly travel to Fremont for pickup.

acemandinga | 21 november 2017

@SpeedyEddy: that's nice that you can pay in full during order/configuration. I guess I misunderstood Cjmaloney's post. It sounded like he paid in full and then received his configurator email afterward. He's on the East coast, so I can't explain why he claims to have gotten his configurator already unless he somehow paid in full prior, which is the implication from his post. *shrug*

"I paid for mine in full. I've been asked to configure already. current owner. East coast."

paulholzapfel | 21 november 2017

I don't recall having the option to "pay in full" on March 31st or anytime after either.

stevenkeller44 | 21 november 2017

Uhhh, folks, how about a direct answer based on facts? Let me provide you an even more direct question: If a non-Tesla owner ordered his Model 3 on March 31, 2016 and a Tesla owner ordered her car on August 20, 2016, and let's assume they both live in Southern California, who gets their car first--non-Tesla owner or Tesla owner? And, don't tell me it really doesn't matter as the production ramp blah-blah-blah. Gracias.

SCCRENDO | 21 november 2017

@Steve Keller. I am an owner with 2 reservations. One made on March 31 online just before the reveal and the second one on May 3. I am an owner in Socal. I have not been invited to configure but I have given you the predicted dates from my account. I am one of the first with a fully loaded car with a predicted date of Nov -Jan. My second car would be 6 months later even though I reserved it 6 weeks later. The base model would be delayed a couple moths in both cases. That is the best you are going to get. You need to look at what east coast owners have been given and non owners on both coasts and then you will have a better idea. But in the meanwhile sit back and chill. Elon Musk will not answer you on this thread.

stevenkeller44 | 21 november 2017

SCCRENDO: Thank you. Makes sense.

dsvick | 22 november 2017

"Uhhh, folks, how about a direct answer based on facts?"

Almost every reply you received that addressed your original question has said that no one knows for sure, so all you are going to get is conjecture and speculation based on what has been observed. To answer your question though about two otherwise identical reservations placed months apart by an owner and a nonowner, from what people have reported on here about their estimated delivery dates, the owner would get an estimated delivery a month sooner than the non-owner.

SpeedyEddy | 22 november 2017

@Ace and @Paul. Configuration is required to have a "chance" to pay. So no config, no way to pay! (like us europeans for a long time to come snif snif) East-coast guy is going to Fremont or so to pick it up and drive back I guess. Surely stated a westcoast adress. (like Philly Gal?)
So No configuration possible, when you pick up (and have stated to live) in the east, that will happen from somewhere in 2018, surely.

Madatgascar | 22 november 2017

I stood in line in the morning 3/31/16 (somewhere after Diego in Pasadena) and have owned 3 Teslas dating back to 2012, have some TSLA, and ordered first production. Hope my invitation is coming soon. Will not be able to function well at work while checking email and refreshing My Tesla constantly.

terrypendo | 22 november 2017

I was asked to configure a Semi by mistake, and it was delivered hooked up to trailer full of frozen pork bellies. I just got an overnight parking ticket and don’t know what to do with it. Anyone want trade me for a Chevy Bolt so I can get something I can park in my garage?

Xerogas | 22 november 2017

My semi arrived with a trailer full of Model 3s, but because I haven’t been invited to configure yet, I cannot take delivery of any of them.

Steam613 | 22 november 2017

OP: "allowing a current Tesla owner who puts her/his deposit down in the last few months access to the Model 3 before the 'March 30/31 Campers' is unfair."

Unfair is perspective. If tables were turned one could argue they paid a lot of money for a vehicle and deserve recompense for that investment. But as many have alluded to; we just don't know the metrics of their prioritization. In the end; would knowing alter your decision to finalize your order or only alleviate or propagate your sense of injustice. If the former then I would say 'don't seek the treasure' and 'ignorance is bliss'.

Carl Thompson | 22 november 2017


I'll trade you the Semi for my i3 but you have to keep the trailer full of pork. I'm pretty sure my neighbors will be cool with it if I part the Semi on my front lawn so I should be good there.

Tesla2018 | 22 november 2017

The trailer of pork is Elons gift to those who waited in line. The dealers are having a holiday barbeque for them and is supplying the bacon for the burgers.

stevenkeller44 | 22 november 2017

Final question: When will the first non-employee and non-Tesla owner receive an invitation to configure her/his car. Throw out a date. (Please, avoid attempts at humor and wordplay.)

WantMY | 22 november 2017

There are a few threads here and one has a list of reported invites by active members. It started officially on 11/21 and still goes on on 11/22. By no means it includes everyone, just few folks hanging around the forum. I reported it a few days earlier, but no one believed, but I know it was a few days earlier as my local tesla store delivered first model 3 last week to the customer (not employee), but it does not matter really.

Yodrak. | 23 november 2017

"Throw out a date."

March 15, 2018.

rxlawdude | 23 november 2017

It's clear that the ones who have received invites were:

2. Tesla owning,
3. California/West Coast

I meet 2 and 3, but reserved when online reservations opened on 3/31. Hoping to get an invite soon.

Haggy | 25 november 2017

Tesla did say in a vague way that it wouldn't be fair for an owner who reserves today to get a priority over somebody who waited in line on day one and isn't an owner but they never gave hard and fast rules. When I got my Model S, the rule was that somebody ordering a P got to jump the line, but it didn't mean that every P order that came in during the three months while I was waiting went ahead of me. It might have meant that if they were told that they could get a car in two months, then if they reserved a month after I did, they might get it as soon as I did. But if mine was scheduled to go into production in a week, they would still get it faster than those placing new orders.

I have no idea how Tesla is handling it, but I don't expect owners to jump to the front at this point.

riverFox | 25 november 2017

For perspective... I'm a non-owner, reserved online pre-reveal, and hail from Colorado. My delivery window is Jan-Mar. I wait patiently for my invite :)

TranzNDance | 25 november 2017

I reserved in the late afternoon as a non owner and became an owner this summer. My timeline didn't change after I bought my car. It changed to a later time when everyone else's changed.

Steam613 | 26 november 2017

So this girl that works or worked at the Cincinnati dealership (last two emails I sent her were answered by Andrew) told me that each block of time (didn't say if day/week/etc.) was prioritized by the factors we all know. Location, current ownership, and chronology. Not that it's worth a dime what the sales people say because we've all seen examples of them being "not fully informed". That email was late August 2016. Just dug it up to make sure I had the facts right. Her title on the email is Delivery Orientation Specialist. Just sharing data with FULL DISCLOSURE that I don't give it much merit.

ST70 | 26 november 2017

I ordered at the Model 3 unveiling event in Hawthorne...shouldn't that get me even more priority???

Yodrak. | 26 november 2017

"I ordered at the Model 3 unveiling event in Hawthorne...shouldn't that get me even more priority???"

Yes, that should give you the ultimate priority. You should even be ahead of employees. If you haven't yet received your notice to order you've been screwed and should sue.

nathan.alhuwail | 26 november 2017

I am wondering if a non owner who waited in line (Seattle, 15th in line) will get priority over someone who is an owner and ordered say April 1st? I would like to think that in line would get the jump on people who ordered online. Currently careless waiting patiently for my Dec- Feb delivery. Based on my timeline it seems that tesla is giving me some priority.

benichols | 26 november 2017

Anyone that thinks "waiting in line" trumps "paid $100K for a car" is delusional.

I agree with Tesla that previous owners that ordered within 24 hours take maximal priority because they helped the company survive. People that waited in line did nothing for Tesla - they waited in line for themselves.

Disclosure: I am not an owner. Reserved online 3/31/16.