Vehicle maintenance in the countries where there are no Tesla service centers

Vehicle maintenance in the countries where there are no Tesla service centers

Hi smart people,

So, I'm planning to purchase the model 3, and the only thing I'm kind of nervous about is the absence of service center in my country (Armenia). If something goes wrong with the car, where should I take it or who should fix my vehicle? | 21 november 2017

You'll have to drive/tow it to a country that has a Tesla service center. As cool as Tesla is, I can't recommend you get one until Tesla has support in your country.

A few of the uber-rich can afford to have a Tesla in non-supported country, but for the rest of us, not so much. Tesla may (but probably not), offer ranger service, where you pay for the tech to come to you. If there are a group of Tesla owners in the area, you may be able to split the ranger's cost.

EVRider | 22 november 2017

Assuming you can even order a Tesla in Armenia, another consideration is the fact that there are currently no superchargers anywhere near you, so driving long distances would be difficult. I agree with TeslaTap, wait until there’s better support for Teslas in your area.

balkchyan | 2 december 2017

There are, in fact, supercharges in my location, and the number of them is increasing. The one and the only problem is the maintenance. So if I take the car to other services I'll lose the guarantee am I right? | 2 december 2017

Generally (at least in the USA) the warranty remains valid if service is done by you or others, so long as it doesn't damage something. Even then only the damaged item would not be covered. Of course to get free warranty repairs, you'll need Tesla to do the servicing.