Tesla Convertibles?

Tesla Convertibles?

Why don't we see that many convertible EVs on the market and will there ever be aTesla convertible?

markr7 | 28 november 2017

How about we just worry about manufacturing Model 3's before we even start thinking about convertibles?
To answer your question, I think weight is the biggest obstacle to making a convertible EV. Car makers are trying to reduce weight & drag; Convertibles need to add steel in the doors & side panels to increase rigidity. | 28 november 2017

Plus the market for convertibles is tiny. Still if you really want one, here is a company that does conversions on Tesla:

The upcoming Tesla Roadster, while not a convertable, does have a removable hard top, as did the original Roadster.

WantMY | 28 november 2017

Yeah, Roadster will fit the bill, time for you to make a deposit!

Xerogas | 28 november 2017

Aerodynamics would be pretty awful, too, which adds to range issues.

TranzNDance | 29 november 2017

Even in sunny California I see way fewer convertibles than I do $100k cars.

DTsea | 29 november 2017

Big safety impact too.

andy.connor.e | 29 november 2017

"safety" can sometimes otherwise be known as "driver negligence"