Admin Error for Model 3 refund? Now want to charge extra $1,000???

Admin Error for Model 3 refund? Now want to charge extra $1,000???

As a reminder, you recently received a refund for your Model 3 reservation: RN108378566

We apologize for the inconvenience however, due to an administrative error, your refund included an additional $1,000. To correct this duplicate refund, please accept a charge of $1,000 to your credit card on file: Visa 398

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I received this in my email this morning.... Obviously i did not accept the charge because i did not get refunded twice...

Just curios if anyone else has seen this?


Richard Paterson

Carl Thompson | 30 november 2017

Tesla really needs money, I guess.
Yes that was a joke.

rxlawdude | 30 november 2017

Any chance you were never charged for the reservation in the first place?

Frank99 | 30 november 2017

That sounds like it's going to take a phone call to straighten out...

jan.stubbs | 30 november 2017

May the force be with you they are very slow to get anything done including delivery of vehicles.

andy.connor.e | 30 november 2017

Any chance you're making stuff up to scare people who hold a reservation? Perhaps.

TabascoGuy | 30 november 2017

I like your suspicious mind andy, and only 24 to boot. Heh heh.

Mike83 | 30 november 2017

Did you order 3 or more cars? You could have a Model S instead.

Stop hitting the order button. LOL

ebiggs | 30 november 2017

Wonder if maybe the refunded you once on your card, and then once again with a check which you just haven't received yet? If so, the email should have been worded much more clearly.

eeb9 | 30 november 2017

...or it's a scam...

Tesla2018 | 30 november 2017

Here is a check for $2000. Please send me a Western Union transfer for the difference.
Thank you.

Prince Eloni of Muskteeria
1 Scambot Road

Mike83 | 30 november 2017

Or he has a bot in his computer. Better check your bank account balance or it could be the Russians are coming. Whoops, the Russians are already here.

Rutrow | 30 november 2017