What would sell more New Roadsters?

What would sell more New Roadsters?

After discussing this with friends, here's some of the suggestions:
1) After production of your new Roadster, Tesla should offer an opportunity to drive it on an approved straightaway at 200+mph--with appropriate safety gear and a Tesla instructor pilot--then when someone asks how fast you've driven it, you can truthfully say a third of the speed of sound. It may just prevent a horrible accident later when someone can no longer stand not knowing how it feels.
2) Limit top speed to something reasonable. Time-limit changes; require a long PIN or temporary code from Tesla to activate higher increments. Helps maintain Tesla's high safety ratings and probably lower insurance costs.
3) Offer a drag chute option for those wanting to race on an NHRA drag strip. A roll bar is also currently required. Maybe Tesla can certify the equivalent in the standard configuration.
4) Offer a 2-seat option that's cheaper than the 4-seat standard; more storage space is better. I had a too-tiny, fold-down rear seat in my '57 Karmann Ghia. It once held 2 of my fraternity brothers; I think one pulled a muscle getting out.
5) With no side mirrors, play up the safety features for changing lanes. Make it cool and reliable. My wife's Outback does a great job of blind-spot warning. My P85DL's acoustic sensors do not; one can too easily get scary close--for both drivers.
6) Have performance displays with G-forces (longitudinal and lateral), time vs distance vs speed, power/torque used, etc. The original Roadster's performance display was "under-powered."
7) Have at least dual screens like the Model S/X. There may be more displays to show what the side mirrors would have.
8) Do not glue and screw on front license plate holders, as done currently for Model S/X, to accommodate owners who live in a state that does not require a front tag--like Florida. A friend who took delivery of his P100D in Florida a few weeks ago begged Tesla not to put it on, but they refused. It's still a sore point for him. Angry drivers don't improve sales, unless they are in a Ferrari, Lambo, Jag, Porche, Bugatti, BMW, Audi, NSX, Vette, Viper (the car--not the F-16), GTR or Demon to name a few.
Over to you for additional ideas.

NKYTA | 4 december 2017

$150k two seater coupe with 80+kW pack based on the Model 3 skateboard.

Only reason Tesla has my 1000 in hand for a second M3 reservation.

I can’t, in any good conscience spend $250k for a car. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Nexxus | 5 december 2017


Only if we won the lottery, would we spend that much on a car. And it would have to be a sizeable lottery win at that!

eric.zucker | 5 december 2017

The only real reason people buy a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron is exclusivity. Attract attention. If you are a top league soccer player, and want to show off.

Performance? Will never be used, it’s totally overkill. Even on German highways, there is often so much traffic you can hardly move unless at night.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford the Roadster 2020, after owning a Signature Roadster Sport and a Signature Model X P90DL.

A convertible 2+2 with 1000km range, luggage space and Supercharger compatibility is a dream come true in itself.

I’m not going for the Founders though.

viper2c2 | 5 december 2017

9. Make the rear lights more prominent. The one thing a short car needs is to be seen. The curved slit shaped lights just don't seem to cut it, especially for twilight driving.
10. Creature comforts are important--like cup holders that work while under Gs. The old Roadster had a (i.e., one) flimsy plastic cup holder on the floor; it was an afterthought, semi-solution. Learn from the new NSX, whose sales are not great, partly because the only comforts are the seat and a/c; it barely holds an average brief case and no cups. It's not pleasant to commute under such conditions.

eric.zucker | 19 december 2017

@viper2c2: I certainly hope it can be driven off the racetrack too ;-).

We have plenty of mountain passes in the Alps which just seem built for the purpose.

I would like a HUD display. Hate to get my eyes off the road even for an instant, especially at high speed.

I agree visibility is important - perhaps introduce some new colors? It looks absolutely stunning in red, grey and black, but I would like to see also new exclusive choices like purple, yellow, orange, green...

I Wanna Go Fast | 22 december 2017

Breaking this into a few comments because "Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted. If you feel this is in error, please report that you are blocked."

Not really sure any of these would be deal-breakers for anyone :)

1. Not everyone will use the car like this, so maybe track delivery option? Not sure how comfortable the employee doing this training will be - I know I wouldn't be ok with the job...
2. I don't think anyone wants Tesla to be the gating factor for how someone uses their car. But would make sense to me to have 155mph the daily limit (outside Germany) and require mobile app authentication to remove the restriction for some time.

I Wanna Go Fast | 22 december 2017

3. Can't go into production with these.
4. Hoping for fold flat seats like an 86...
5. There needs to be something legally. Autopilot side cameras for mirrors would be nice. Most concepts without mirrors make it to production with normal size mirrors. Will have to see what can be done...

I Wanna Go Fast | 22 december 2017

6. With complete data acquisition (vehicle data and video from autopilot cameras) capabilities!

I Wanna Go Fast | 22 december 2017

7. I'd vote 1 central screen and 1 HUD.
8. Studio will always want a solution where the visible fascia is undamaged. The current production Model S/X screw in from below so you can't see. Model 3 is without screws.

I Wanna Go Fast | 22 december 2017

9. The released images may have lights that are too dim for production, so would expect improved performance here.
10. Agree.

11. Latch/ISOFIX so I can keep a 2-car garage - plus, kids love G's too!
12. Finally one that might make the biggest difference - DYNAMICS. 0-60mph in 1.9sec is a 1.44g average from basic physics. Braking needs to be better than acceleration. Cornering acceleration needs to greater at slow speed and much greater at high speed (I'm sure that diffuser can be made to do a lot of work in this respect). Finally, the balance needs to be there to maintain each aspect in steady state, plus transition controllably between each. Laguna Seca will be where I validate this to be true...

There are a few customer motivations Tesla has really excelled with in the past. Here are 3 of the 4 relevant to mention:
* Environment - there are other products (Tesla or not) that satisfy this need, so probably won't excel on this attribute alone.
* Technology - if it's shinny and new, these buyers have to have it. I suspect many are in a holding pattern to know more and what becomes available over the next 3 years.
* Performance - Roadster Gen2 needs to legitimately live in this space to generate the most demand, I suspect. I hope dynamic performance isn't compromised in favor of the specification sheet!

I Wanna Go Fast | 22 december 2017

Sorry for all of that, seems Hömólogation is a trigger word...

Tesla2018 | 31 december 2017

Kennedy Space Center will rent out the Space Shuttle Landing Strip that is 5 miles long for about 1600 a day per car but I think you need 4 or 5 cars to do it as a group.However they have a lot of rules as far as wearing helmuts and fire suits and you have to pass a security check and be a US citizen and it is only on specfic pre planned dates.
Palm Beach International Raceway has a driving club that lets you take your car out on the track for a few hours each week so other racetracks might also offer some similar programs.

viper2c2 | 7 januari 2018

I Wanna Go Fast, I appreciate your comments. Ref #3: I agree with you, but having drag chute attachment points and a route for the release cable would be nice, even without the chute being an option in production. It seems crazy to put so much performance in a car that can't use it on approved tracks, where safety features are mandated--for good reason. Ref #7: A HUD is a possibility, but for me it would have to have much more info than other cars have, but certainly less than the F-16s that I flew. With certain sun angles HUDs become useless, and with the highly sloped windscreen, a separate combining glass may be necessary. However, with key information on a sun-protected, driver display (not on the center console), it would overcome the HUD limitations at the cost of only slightly more eye movement. It could have Race vs Normal displays, where Race only includes key info with larger text/icons. Ref #12: If Tesla continues with Bremo as their choice for performance cars, I'll bet the Roadster will have great braking.

I Wanna Go Fast | 8 januari 2018

@viper2c2, curious about #3, what are the regulations you've got in mind?
For #7, looking at more unveil night videos, the forward display has speed and autopilot info (speed for passenger... which I hope can be disabled with my mother in the car!). Will have to wait and see if the final version has the right balance...
Turning (and balance during the transition) is the biggest improvement required from existing products. Looking forward to big red callipers ;)

viper2c2 | 24 januari 2018

Ref #3: For top speed the Texas Mile has these rules from last year ( Maybe for 2018 they will specifically address electric cars. Nevertheless, there are NHRA-like requirements for all cars based upon speed.

The NHRA requires a roll cage if one's 1/4 mile speed is >135mph and a drag chute if it's >150mph. My estimate of a 8.9 sec 1/4 mile is about 160mph. There are seat belt, clothes, helmet and glove requirements for those speeds as well.

brando | 5 februari 2018

As the tires are the "forcing function" I'd guess at some speed deceleration could exceed acceleration.
So if braking can match 1.4 Gs, at what speed does acceleration dip below 1.4 Gs ?

Tyre dynamics - accelerating grip = braking grip?

I don't know. However an internet search on above phrase yields a few good articles on this topic. off to read

brando | 5 februari 2018

note the charts of tread depth and road conditions (wet/dry) impact on performance
good basic overview of dynamics of auto tyres, especially with regards to braking


[2012] ... stock car can produce a cornering force of about 1.4 g in a flat corner, about 1.25 g under braking and somewhere around .50 g under acceleration on a short track with a very low final drive ratio. For a 3,000 pound car cornering at 1.4 g, the traction in pounds is 4,200 (3,000 x 1.4 = 4200). That is a lot of force from those four tire contact patches.

oragne lovre | 6 februari 2018

SpaceX has just successfully launched Elon's Roadster into the orbit as I'm typing. Would it help sell more new Roadsters?

Lith I M | 6 februari 2018

Car in space program. Better than any Superbowl ad.

steven | 7 februari 2018

@orange lovre: Elon just turned a SpaceX event into a commercial for Tesla. Gotta love the man! :-D
But he was actually anti-selling the Next Gen Roadster, as now the First Gen Roadster is way faster than the next gen will ever be :-D

razkamikaz | 17 februari 2018

Wanted to make a request of the development team: can the car potentially have suicide/scissor doors? Also, very importantly: can the 2nd gen roadster have a hard top convertible option?

Please take this into consideration. Thank you!

Tesla Devotee,

Raza Kazmi

razkamikaz | 17 februari 2018

Wanted to make a request of the development team: can the car potentially have suicide/scissor doors? Also, very importantly: can the 2nd gen roadster have a hard top convertible option?

Please take this into consideration. Thank you!

Tesla Devotee,

Raza Kazmi

eric.zucker | 18 februari 2018

Raza, have you seen the videos and photos of the reveal ?

LukasM | 20 februari 2018

The new Roadster should establish a new record for a lap on the Nürburgring shortly before production starts. This would be the ultimate slap on gasoline!

Orthopod | 3 mars 2018

I can afford one but it won't make me happier
So I will stick to my Model 3 reservations

eric.zucker | 6 mars 2018

@LukasM: Matt Crowley took his Model 3 to Laguna Seca and ran 8 laps without hitting any performance limitations. His best time was 1:57.50.

Brake pads wore out in 4 laps, he went on with regen
braking only.

Interesting that the battery seems to have much improved over Model S’ performance.

lolachampcar | 10 mars 2018

Apparently I have lost my ability to initiate a new thread so I'll post here.

The New Roadster's acceleration specs are amazing. What I have a hard time coming to grips with is the idea of a 4,000 lb + (my guess) supercar. Granted, the price point is more in line with higher end sports car than a supercar but fact remains that it is difficult to manage 4,000 lbs in a sportcar when compared with the competition. How many cars will those acceleration figures sell? How many does Tesla want/need to sell? Just curious to hear other's opinions. It would be helpful if you added your personal reference points (it will not be boasting too much :) ).

For my part, I come from a 20 year plus history of higher end sports cars. I did have a Maranello once and never could get over the car's weight in comparison to the 360-488 family. It felt more like an M5 when it came to managing mass. I'm also considering replacing my P85DL with a S10xD when the time comes. I find that my wife's S90D handles 98% of what I do with a daily driver. Sure, the launch is nowhere near the same between the two cars but I rarely launch my P85 (or the Maclaren for that matter). Extending that same thought process to the sports car world and I'm hard pressed to understand why I should by a New Roadster even though the kid part of me really wants one.

carlk | 10 mars 2018

Pretty much the same thought here. To be truthful I want it because it is the coolest EV, if not the coolest car, out there. There is just that tremendous toy value there for what it costs. That said I still want a great daily driver instead of a "supercar" per se. I care more about to be able to enjoy comfortably driving it for 60 miles or 600 miles (can't imagine how great that could be) than what the Ring time it will have. I actually don't want Tesla to compromise too much to chase the record and sacrifice too much of the driving quality. At least it should provide some driver selectable settings that current Tesla do not yet have. An all out track car is only when I DON'T want to own the car.

flight505 | 16 april 2018

What would sell more Roadsters?

Get them out sooner than two years and beat Ferrari to market.

flight505 | 4 maj 2018

What would sell more Roadsters?

See more photos and videos of the new Roadster.

israel_melendez | 9 maj 2018

Fake tail pipes and a passenger playing a trumpet making car sounds... but that is just temporary as people phase out ICE cars. Just yesterday I was looking at a sport car with dual tail pipes and wonder about the time when that will be looked at as primitive or even prehistoric.... fossil? Kind of like the same way you would look now at a steam engine creating steam by burning coal.

The answer is US, as in you and me. We will sell more by being early adopters and showing others the path.

oragne lovre | 6 juni 2018

How about adding some "SpaceX" flavors? Something invoking the imagination of "rockets."

steven | 7 juni 2018

The now announced "SpaceX option package" will do :-D

viper2c2 | 6 juli 2018

Flight505, good points. I agree.

eric.zucker | 6 september 2018

Talking with a fellow Tesla friend, the Roadster is fitted with Michelin Sport Cup 2s. These won’t last very long..
Finding proper rubber is going to be a costly issue.

An idea to sell more Roadsters could be to have a street version - with a reduced top speed to accommodate a wider choice of tires.

Jinnymobile | 6 september 2018

I agree with Eric, spending 10k a year on tires (and two trips to swap out) a year for just driving around town would be discouraging.

okasimo0 | 2 oktober 2018

During Tesla's semi truck event tonight, CEO Elon Musk had a surprise up his sleeve: a new version of the Tesla Roadster. And now we know how much it will cost. The base model will start at $200,000, with a $50,000 deposit required upfront.

brando | 9 oktober 2018

As we all should know by now, demand is not the problem.
Sell more? Available sooner is simple answer.

One of Tesla strengths, they have options/ways to offer lower cost models.

battery pack size
lower paint charges
Both of these variations for ALL S/X/3/Roadster models

brando | 9 oktober 2018

As we all should know by now, demand is not the problem.
Sell more? Available sooner is simple answer.

One of Tesla strengths, they have options/ways to offer lower cost models.

battery pack size
lower paint charges
Both of these variations for ALL S/X/3/Roadster models