Model 3 Configuration Email Phishing Scam

Model 3 Configuration Email Phishing Scam

Tesla: I am copying what I assume is a scam phishing email exploiting Model 3 reservation holders awaiting their configuration invitations. Maybe consider alternate means of notifying reservation holders so we aren't victims of a wave of phishing emails.

It came with several attachments that look like Tesla brochures and spec sheets but the poor copywriting and regional focus gives it away.

I'm just taking it day-by-day while everyone tells me to buy a Bolt. Plunked deposit down on day 2 and I'm 15 miles from Fremont plant. Clinging to hope of a Q1 miracle. I'm in the EV Charging industry and I need this car for work now! :-]
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to me


Dear Madam , dear Sir

hier our final Tesla List PDF (last attachment here in mail )

sample vin attached eligible China


Please select desired vehicles and give us the serial number of wished vehicles please

The corresponding net vehicle prices can be found also in PDF right column

Way of payment:

deposit to secure and block cars in Tesla System : € 15.000 per car Tesla Headquarter

After order confirmation, the contract will be concluded directly with Tesla Headquarter

Please note:

This is a complete list of vehicles. These are available at different locations in Europe

It will be determined after selection in headquarter, at which location your desired vehicles are,

or when will arrive at short notice.

Not all vehicles are already on site. Some may arrive in two or three weeks some are ready to go.

Of course you will see vehicles in store and you will be picked up from airport with a Tesla to sign final contract.

New cars will be shipped from Amsterdam port to China

Prices are net without shipping cost

We are waiting for your positiv response.

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Yoroshiku onegai shimasu /此 致 / Saludos

Cordiali saluti / наилучшими пожеланиями

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