"The cars are coming faster than people think"

"The cars are coming faster than people think"

"And more are on the way." That's what the delivery specialist said at the Decatur, GA store, when someone was surprised to see 9 Model 3s in the lot awaiting delivery.

If east coast owners were invited to configure on the 4th, and on the 13th there are cars awaiting delivery in GA, unless they changed the way they get them across the country (by rail) they must have sent them before the invites were sent. We knew they were matching built cars to configurations - so maybe that makes sense.

Anyway, 9 cars already on the lot, awaiting delivery on the East coast....that's good news.

Just some Saturday speculation for ya. :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 januari 2018

They are coming far too soon for $#0r+s, ANALysts, and NEVERSayers to explain themselves, for sure.

daverileyak | 13 januari 2018

News flash: Model 3s on the way to showrooms; two on display already.

Palo Alto and Century City Mall each have a Model 3 on display. Gawk. Sit in it. Admire the white interior.

The story is also on Teslerati.

Just kidding about the white interior.

I tried to start a thread, but the save button did nothing. Feel free to start a thread with this news.

Shock | 13 januari 2018

Answer must be yes: who has graphed these data points of people on forums:

- asked to configure
- taken delivery
- date reserved
- prior owner yes/no

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 januari 2018

daverileyak: I think I came across similar stories in threads from yesterday.

noleaf4me | 13 januari 2018

Anyone know if the Decatur store will let reservation holders check out the Model 3's there that are ready for delivery?!? Dying to sit in one (even if I can't take it for a spin....)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 januari 2018

noleaf4me: Not likely. Cars that are awaiting delivery probably have already been purchased by someone else. You probably wouldn't want Tesla Staff to allow anyone to explore the car you ordered before you took possession of it, would you? It isn't the same situation as the homeless cars sitting on the lot at a Chevolet or Ford dealership, hoping that someone will someday happen by to adopt them like a puppy at the local animal shelter.

noleaf4me | 13 januari 2018

@Red - I know and agree - was just being hopeful!

But frankly -- if they are just shipping already made cars THEN trying to match an owner to it -- then it really was not custom made for that (as the famous quote in Dumb and Dumber....."So you’re telling me there’s a chance… YEAH!")

KP in NPT | 13 januari 2018

@noleaf - they won't let you sit in them, but nothing is stopping you from popping in to take a look from the outside. :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 januari 2018

noleaf4me: Sure. There is a very remote outside chance that Tesla will at some point start randomly distributing more-or-less popular or desirable 'common' configurations of Model 3 for immediate purchase to their various Stores/Galleries throughout the U.S. It is rather inefficient, and would raise the ire of 'independent franchised dealerships' that would declare' It just ain't fair' and would [PEEVE] a lot of folks that were waiting their place in line as Reservation Holders, and would become ammunition for NaySayers who swore Tesla couldn't possibly scale their internet ordering to mass market sales... But, sure... it 'could' happen. Right after pigs sprout wings and fly like cherubim. Yeah.

noleaf4me | 13 januari 2018

It's about an hour drive for me to not sure it's worth the trip to "maybe" see another one. I did see a few while in CA just before the holidays -- so I NEED MORE!!!

Bri | 13 januari 2018

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the only currently available option that couldn’t be easily changed at the destination is the paint color.

burdogg | 13 januari 2018

And wheels :)

noleaf4me | 13 januari 2018

@burdogg - if they can't change wheels at the destination location then there are some real issues....

burdogg | 13 januari 2018

true - sorry, reading comprehension at an all time low there for me :)

Although - not sure that destination locations have surplus of tire options to be using :) Don't think Tesla is shipping all kinds of tires to these places along with the cars. so yes, they could swap out if they have enough to swap between cars there.

lolachampcar | 13 januari 2018

Just saw a bunch at the WPB FL service center/store. Interesting looking love child of an S and X :)

johnmann | 13 januari 2018

I’d like to see a map with all the locations of Model 3 deliveries.

cornellio | 13 januari 2018

I went to see it at Palo Alto today. Huge line. The rep there said deliveries for non-owners have begun.

Bluesday Afternoon | 13 januari 2018

Not according to our "unofficial" records.

burdogg | 13 januari 2018

Yeah, I don't think the reps no what they are talking about :)

Bluesday Afternoon | 13 januari 2018

No...they don't know. ;-)

cascadiadesign | 13 januari 2018

The Model 3 debut at selected Tesla stores appears to be creating a new wave of interest. With this, the existing reservations, & the MT + R&T reviews, I'd hate to have a short position on TSLA right now. Don't those folks know what's coming?

sbeggs | 13 januari 2018

Ja, but wow, they are lookers! As in good looking!

burdogg | 13 januari 2018

sbeggs - :) pale in comparison to my wife...

carlgo2 | 13 januari 2018

There are enough out and about for me to have seen two now in the wild, far from Fremont. A silver one on the 101 south of Thousand Oaks (about two left now I think), and a grey one near Monterey on Carmel Valley Road.

Formidable and special looking cars. Wide and the paint glowing nicely in the low sun angle. The nose...Tesla seemed determined to keep that design and they did.

burdogg | 13 januari 2018

KP - I see this title thread and keep hearing in my head:

"the red capes are coming...the red capes are coming" Lex

stevea137 | 13 januari 2018

If they are shipping so many M3's or if they are actually nearing 1k production a week, I would expect them to be registering another batch of VINs very soon.

The last batch they registered was 3,568 on Dec 28, 2017. Assuming a full 1k/week production that would give them about a week and a half production left before they run low again. Now taking bets on the next VIN registration date ;)

burdogg | 13 januari 2018

They hit a snafu - because PhillyGal and I have not received our invites yet :)

JustSaying | 13 januari 2018

Yesterday I Saw a dark grey Model 3 on the back lot of the Cathedral City CA service center.. Probably an employee's.

Frank99 | 13 januari 2018

"The cars are coming faster than people think"

No, they really aren't.

sharpkan | 13 januari 2018


The people on here actually paying attention to delivery rates are the minority. Most people I know who do not have a reservation think Tesla hasn't even been delivering them yet.

phil | 13 januari 2018

sharpkan | January 13, 2018 "Most people I know who do not have a reservation think Tesla hasn't even been delivering them yet."

Unfortunately, those people are correct, give or take 2,000 cars.

KP in NPT | 13 januari 2018

Anyway, VIN 41XX was just reported on the spreadsheet.

Frank99 | 13 januari 2018

Don't get me wrong; the Model 3's are coming fer shur. Just not faster than I think, very unfortunately.

stevea137 | 13 januari 2018

I was starting to wonder if the VIN trackers had lost their tracking. It would appear they have :/

Frank99 | 13 januari 2018

Nothings been lost; we're watching them closely.

cbentinck | 13 januari 2018

I received invite on 4th, ordered on 5th, Call about VIN and delivery on 12th and delivery scheduled for 19th on San Diego. Owner since 2013

nwfan | 13 januari 2018

@burdogg nor have I, I want my M3, Actually I hope those without one can join the community,
I'm trying not to be selfish after all I'm on my 2nd Model S,

But cleaning the garage to make room, Just saying,

I visited Dallas SC today, No M3's, Looks like all the trains are zooming through TX without setting
out a rail car or 10, For those that don't know, Rail tri-level autoracks can transport 40 cars,

ST70 | 13 januari 2018

Faster than I thought...ordered Dec 22..picking up Tuesday

bp | 14 januari 2018

Owner of two Model S - in Texas - still showing Nov 17 - Jan 18 delivery estimate and no invite to configure yet...

Dsmtesla | 14 januari 2018

Im in the same boat BP, plus I know im being punished for not living close to a store. 3+ hours in any direction to a service center or store :(

SamO | 14 januari 2018

So a little birdie told me that the factory was minimal staff after New Year's and that the main delivery team in Vegas has just started work again after "not much to do".

As of 1/9/2017

rgrant | 14 januari 2018

@SamO - a brief post production-hell morale boosting break and then it’s back to massive production? Seems like a good way to do it.

bernard.holbrook | 14 januari 2018

@SamO--- That doesn't made sense unless there was a major slowdown at the gigafactory... I hope all is well and your info is wrong. Tesla needs production to keep ramping up to keep the shorts and the bad press down.

Not to mention that I'd like my Tesla sooner then later :)

KP in NPT | 14 januari 2018

they've done that in the past - post holiday break for the employees. I'd like to think they wouldn't do it unless they felt good about where things were.

johnmann | 14 januari 2018

I think the quality of the cars we receive will be improved by giving the employees a little breather now and then.

Coastal Cruiser. | 14 januari 2018

"I hope all is well and your info is wrong"

He's not likely to be worng. Machines can work around the clock. The Human machine need to get out of hell for a while to recuperate. It's better for us all. :> :>

stevea137 | 14 januari 2018

There is also a good chance they are letting the supply chain of shipped parts catch up so they can stop flying in parts at greatly increased cost. It makes fiscal or morale sense to give employees a break during this time. What's another week after waiting 1.5 years already?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 14 januari 2018

johnmann is correct.

carlk | 14 januari 2018

It's the same as in past years. Employees needed to work to help push year end deliveries out and were given days off after the new year.