Is anyone hearing excessive wind noise at speeds of 70-75?

DRFLGD | 15 januari 2018

Yes. Sounds like it’s coming from/through the windshield.

DTsea | 15 januari 2018

define excessive.

cosmicdust | 15 januari 2018

Yes, it is significantly louder in cold conditions. It almost feels like I have left one of the window down a little bit but when I check all the windows are shut completely. I do not know where the noise is coming from, but the noise certainly feels like the wind is gushing inside the cabin (not exterior noise). Mine is a 4 month old Model S. | 15 januari 2018

Haven't noticed it on two MS cars I have had, but sounds like a seal leak. One trick is to put a paper, perhaps 3-4" wide in between the door and the seal and see if it pulls out easily. Go around and see if there is some area where it pulls out easily (indicating a weak seal). I think one owner long ago had an air leak at a portion of the windshield, but that sounds very hard to identify (and rare).

You can always ask service, but the better you can locate the issue, the more likely Tesla can fix it for you. | 15 januari 2018

I should add I rarely get in temps below 40F. If it only happens in cold weather, perhaps you can feel the cold coming in at some area, but this can be hard check while driving.

Bighorn | 15 januari 2018

Make sure the windows are all the way up. Sometimes the parking spot needs to be recalibrated. | 15 januari 2018

This weekend in CT we had heavy rain and then significant freezing temps. My windows wouldn't roll down so I opened all the doors and closed them to "pop" the freeze (I did this after the car was at 66 F.) Upon closing especially the passenger doors, the "closing" sound was different and when driving there was a LOT of wind noise. I couldn't see a gap between the window and the door gasket, but, when I opened and closed the doors again, the seal reestablished and there wasn't any wind noise. I can only think that there were bits of ice from the frozen rain that got in the way of a seal.

Haggy | 15 januari 2018

I did have a wind noise problem once, but I can't recall what it was. Tesla fixed it.

Bighorn | 15 januari 2018

Sometimes the delta window needs extra attention to get the seal right. Service is accustomed to this. The leading edge of the pano roof can also be a culprit--mine had a newer raised leading edge installed.

Jesperj | 16 januari 2018

Lots of wind noise, at all speeds. Mine is coming from the upper rear corners of the front doors. The weather sealing on those doors is really poor and lets lots of noise in. If you push the rubber toward the window a bit you can hear the noise level drop significantly. It's disappointing that they couldn't provide a better weather stripping on a car this price that kind of is supposed to be silent anyway.

joel | 16 januari 2018

I am having the same issue. Took it to the service center and they did a ride with me. They could hear the exact noise at about 70-75. They said that there is a known issue where the glass roof is set back just slightly from the front windshield. They supposedly have ordered a new windshield to re-install and set without this problem. Still waiting for service center to call me. It has been about a month since I went in with this issue.

Haggy | 16 januari 2018

If you can demonstrate on a test drive that you can stop the noise problem by touching the weather strip, Tesla should be able to fix it.

stevens229 | 16 januari 2018

Yes, I have exactly the same problem at the same speed. Sounds like it's coming from the seal by the front of the passenger door or the pano roof. I tried to get the service center to fix it but they couldn't do much.

johnson.todd.r | 17 januari 2018

My S75D was delivered with a front passenger window that did not meet the seal at upper rear corner. It was enough to let both wind and a tiny amount water (only if the rain hit just right) into the car. You can see that the window in that area sticks out away from the seal. Tesla worked on it about a month after I got the car. It helped, but the window was still noticeably sticking out. Over the next few months it got worse again and last week when I went in for 12,500 mile service they worked on it again. It is better, but still not identical to the other windows and I suspect it will need more work. I'm not sure what exactly is wrong, but something is clearly off with that door or window. This is the only known problem we have had with the car, though I also suspect the car was delivered with alignment problems because at 13,500 miles the tires are almost ready for replacement and last week Tesla aligned the car twice in one day. 13,500 miles is not good for a car that is not driven hard.

cosmicdust | 17 januari 2018

Mine starts to sound prominent around 45-50mph and yet to find the exact spot where the leak is coming from. Haven't seen any water seeping in but it certainly sounds like it's somewhere right in above the steering column, near the window, glass ceiling, windshield intersection.

DRFLGD | 17 januari 2018

I bought one of those temperature "guns" that can detect leaks. I'll have to take it with me one day and use it on a lonely stretch of road when in AP.

avesraggiana | 17 januari 2018

@DRFLGD. Do please report back with results, if any. I’m curious to know if those temperature guns actually work.

DRFLGD | 17 januari 2018

Will do.

Bighorn | 17 januari 2018

IR temp guns which run all of $10 are a great tool or gift for inquisitive kids. | 18 januari 2018

I figured out what caused the wind noise in my car. I don't know how much this applies to other vehicles, but here in the NE it may happen. After a rain, water seeps into the mechanism that lowers the windows and then freezes as temps drop below 32F. The window can't retract when the door opens, and when the door is shut the window hits the side of the rubber door gasket instead of pushing into the gasket. The window thus isn't sealed with the rubber, and lots of wind noise is created especially at higher speeds. | 18 januari 2018

BTW I have a '15 S85D with a hard top.

cosmicdust | 19 januari 2018

I drove it on Autopilot for a while and figured the noise is originating from the small triangular glass window next to right mirror. There seems to be a leak, there is not much wind rushing inside, but the noise definitely gets prominent above 45mph. when I press and hold the rubber seal of the small triangle which meets the window glass, then the noise suddenly goes down. I will call SC and get it fixed. Although, I'm not sure if that's the only spot or some place else too.

Bighorn | 19 januari 2018

That’s the delta window I referred to upstream.

ferdd4 | 19 januari 2018

I have a 75D and have wind news on the driver side. I noticed it since day one. Thanks for the comments in the forum. Next service visit I'll have them take a look at it. Been in for service a number of times but always for more pressing problems.

venkatbitla1 | 19 januari 2018

I went through similar experience about an year ago when I bought my model S refresh.Its a design flaw and I had to push the Dallas service centre couple of times to get the wind rush issue fixed as they were reluctant to accept on the noise levels .
Show them the below link and there is YouTube video too

venkatbitla1 | 19 januari 2018

They did put a layer of foam underneath the front fascia which resolved the wind rush issue

damon | 19 januari 2018

I had the same problem on my less then 1 month old model s 75d and they fixed it yesterday. Took 1 full day. It was drivers side as well.
No more whistling.

adamkennelly | 21 augusti 2018

I picked up my Model S today and experienced ridiculous air leakage from the driver's side - starts at 30 mph and gets worse from there...I can practically feel the air coming in....pretty annoying to have to deal with this - especially since a little bit of research tells me this is a known issue....

Silver2K | 21 augusti 2018

Did you have them adjust the window (usually corner piece)? It doesn't take long.

Matt.celestina | 26 augusti 2018


You and me seem to have the same issues.
Both front door windows stick out at the top corner of the B-pillar, and unusual tire ware at 12500 miles.
I've had tesla trying to fix it three times now to no unveil, they even replaced the driver side mirror and the seals. still the same issue. Ill address it again durring my yearly service

Anyone else having door seal issues

txakoli | 26 augusti 2018

My rear right side main window needed adjustment to alleviate a wind noise issue. The SvC simply adjusted two set screws inside the door just below the lower edge of the window seal. Those screws sets the lateral position of the window wrt the door frame. Issue solved.

Kknguyen_98 | 3 juli 2019

i had the same problem with the wind noise on my passenger side. I brought it in 5 months after I got the care and they put some glues on the delta glass. Now it's happening again and since my car is 1 year and 3 months, I would have to pay $100 for diagnose and additional fees for any fixing that they'll do. I feel that they are in a rush to meet delivery and they don't do a good job of assembling the cars and we're, customers who spent 50K - 100K have to deal with all these issues. Not a very happy customer at the moment.

rxlawdude | 3 juli 2019

Since they did a repair within a year, you should be able to make a case that the same symptom from the window they fixed five months ago deserves a goodwill waiving of the charges.