Recommendations for air compressor pump for tire inflation?

Recommendations for air compressor pump for tire inflation?

They're easy to find on Amazon for around $30-$40... any specific recommendation from the Tesla community? Looking for one with a digital display that automatically shuts off when the target pressure is reached, and can be powered by the 12V outlet in the car, and can be easily stored in the car.

The Model S 12V outlet has a max draw of 15A, right? So I'd want to find a compressor that draws no more than 10-12A or so?

Teslaguy | 12 februari 2018

Best deal is the one offered by Tesla in their store. It combines a pump with sealant.

jake.petroules | 13 februari 2018

That one seems more targeted at emergency repairs rather than periodic tire pressure maintenance (which is what I'm looking for). Also, not sure if it has the ability to automatically inflate to a target pressure?

murphyS90D | 13 februari 2018

The Tesla compressor can not be set to inflate to a specific pressure.

barrykmd | 13 februari 2018

I use the one from the Slime kit. There's a gauge on it which is surprisingly accurate, compared with my racing gauge.

sner66 | 13 februari 2018

I absolutely love this one from Ryobi. It uses rechargeable li-ion battery but that will last a year between charges with moderate usage You can set it for a specific pressure and the gauge is very accurate. Also attaches/detaches from valve stem easily.

I think price is $47 but the battery/charger will be another $90 so price may be an issue.

Bighorn | 13 februari 2018
jordanrichard | 13 februari 2018

Just how often do you need to add air? I have had my car for 4 years and never once had to add any air. I have the Tesla compressor kit and have used it to help others, but not on my own car.

jerrykham | 13 februari 2018

I ordered the one that @Bighorn recommended - he was kind enough to recommend it in another thread several weeks ago. I haven't used it personally yet, but one of my son's friends was over just last week and needed some air. They were planning to haul our 10 gallon compressor out to the street - but I had them try out the recommended one and they were very happy with it. Said it worked well.

@Jordan - I took delivery of my car in CA in September 2017. In December - got a bit colder - it wanted air in all four tires. So, had to add air within 3 months. And this was the Bay Area of California - not like it gets COLD cold here. I imagine at delivery it was marginal. But it didn't complain until the weather got a bit colder and then the screen said all four needed air.

Should_I | 13 februari 2018

Pressure at the pump is not accurate.
Should use something with a tank so as not to pump on water when humid outdoors.
12volt pumps are for emergency use.

DRFLGD | 13 februari 2018

I bought a combination vacuum and air compressor Off of Amazon. Works great so far.

DRFLGD | 13 februari 2018

But no digital readout or automatic shut off at desired level.

DRFLGD | 13 februari 2018

But no digital readout or automatic shut off at desired level.

Warkovision | 13 februari 2018

I bought the Tesla portable one for mine back in 2013 and it had a gauge and seemingly worked well for me over 4 years. The one they sell now looks different but it does have a pressure gauge. Not sure of its accuracy but I chose to believe the one I bought. :>)

crazy canaler | 13 februari 2018

I absolutely love the Ryobi that sner66 mentions.

Twice, I've had inflators that you plug into the cigarette lighter. The first one blew a fuse. The second one blew a fuse. The second one blew two fuses and left me limping along a rural road for miles on a spare tire with 15PSI.

I think I paid $40 for mine. A charger and 2 batteries is $90 at Home Depot. There are tons of other attachements for the batteries. I already had a fan and a drill, so it was just $40 for me

EVRider | 13 februari 2018

@jake: If you're looking for a compressor for maintenance rather than emergency use, I suggest getting an electric one rather than 12V or battery powered; they work faster than the others. I've been using a Black & Decker model for years. I don't the use gauge on the inflator, I use a separate tire gauge. If you need one, you can get a second 12V or battery powered inflator for emergency use.

Should_I | 13 februari 2018

I keep an accurate gauge on hand, large dial 60psi Max. Lot easier to read accurately than the typical stick or a small dial.
Pressure at a running pump is higher than the tire because it has to be to get flow to occur. In my experience digital set and forget pumps kick out and then you find the tire is 2psi lower than set due to the pressure backup in the hose triggering the shut off.

Far as the comment on using a tank, water will condensate out of compressed air, tank gives it someplace to accumulate before it goes into your tire.

Tâm | 13 februari 2018

My favorite:

Slime Rugged Digital Inflator - 40047 with automatic shutoff at your desired inflation setting, $39.88.

PhillyGal | 13 februari 2018

I have a Ryobi that fits the bill but it looks like it's discontinued now because I can't find it anywhere.

The funny part is we bought it for the Tesla since it didn't come with a spare tire but only ever used it on my Hyundai. (2-3 times a year for 3 years.)

TaoJones | 13 februari 2018

Been very happy with this:

It works well from the console 12V, is fast, and durable. It's also quite small.

For bonus points, use Summon to rotate the wheel so the valve is more accessible. First world problems.

I also carry and would recommend, as long as you're getting an air compressor, a good plug kit. I've had 2 slow leaks in 3-ish years, one of which was near civilization and cell phone range only by luck.

jake.petroules | 20 februari 2018

I ended up ordering this one: amazon dot com slash gp slash product slash B0719925K5 (the forums seem to hate URLs and actually give you no error message whatsoever if you've entered one that it doesn't like for whatever reason it doesn't like it).

The interface is a little unintuitive at first and the instructions are somewhat in broken English. You have to press the + and - buttons *simultaneously* to set the target pressure. It then blinks the value, then jumps back to the reading of the current pressure. Rest assured that after switching it on, it will auto shut off when the target is reached. Could have done with separate LCDs for the current/target as it took me a couple tries to get the hang of how it worked.

Anyways, it does the job.

madkim23 | 21 februari 2018

@TaoJones +1 on the VIAIR pump. Excellent!

alfred143 | 8 augusti 2019

Looking at the VIAIR pump. Should I be concern that the amp rating is 15 amps and the Tesla 12v is rated at 12 amps?

alfred143 | 8 augusti 2019

Opps sorry was referring to the Model3. wrong forum...

garyjhons1212 | 2 januari 2020

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