Window Seal failure

Window Seal failure

Rain leaks inside all doors. Leak occurs between seal and glass. Very noticeable when driving at hwy speed.
Anyone else? Service center is 200 miles.

jordanrichard | 17 februari 2018

Then take it in to your service center......

aj | 17 februari 2018

Or roll up the windows! Are you asking a question, looking for advice, or just looking to vent? I can see a leak in one door, but all doors? As jordanrichard said, call you service center and I am sure they will address your problem. Them come back and tell us what you learned.

kerryglittle | 18 februari 2018

If you are getting that many leaks are you positive the car has never been in a serious collision ? That does sound bizarre.

Bighorn | 18 februari 2018

Or the windows aren’t properly programmed. There is a DIY adjustment I believe.

inconel | 18 februari 2018

As to your question, this is the first time I hear about this issue so I assume it is a rare occurrence. And for it to happen to all doors for you makes it an extremely rare (rare^4) event. Manually raise all windows up to the max, if leaks are fixed do the reset Bighorn mentioned, if not fixed call Tesla for advice.

jackreneo | 18 februari 2018

i've been driving my S since 2015, everyday. No issues.....rain or shine. Take it in to a service station.

It looks like a software issue with windows that are supposed to roll up slightly when the door is closed. The tell tale sign here is that its affecting all 4 windows at once. If right..the fix is an easy one.

garyjtate | 20 februari 2018

Was advised by SC this is normal. Any rain that gets inside door body will drain out via weep holes at bottom of door.

Anthony J. Parisio | 21 februari 2018

garyjtate ,
This is true for all cars! As long as no water is coming into cabin where you are things are fine.