Referral Program in VA

Referral Program in VA

Owners in VA. Beware!

I have two referrals that ended up in two MS sales last November (Nov-2017). When I inquired about the reward for these referrals today, below is the response I received from Tesla sales. I think Tesla is purposely misleading owners since the referral program does not mention any omissions in any specific states on its website.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 1:20 PM, Wissam Saeed wrote:
Apologies on the late reply- I had to do a bit of digging for you.
Due to the way salesperson’s laws are set up in Virginia, Tesla is unable to reward Virginia residents with prizes for referrals. Fortunately, this does not affect the list of benefits that the owners you have referred will be able to take advantage of. Regardless, we greatly appreciate all you do to help with the transition to sustainable energy!
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TabascoGuy | 22 februari 2018

@GoGreen1 - Using the link you provided, Please reread the last line of the second paragraph under Limits.

"Program and awards are conditional on and subject to local laws and regulations. Unfortunately, Ohio and Virginia residents are not eligible for awards."

Nothing misleading there.

reed_lewis | 23 februari 2018

...And this text has been on the referral program website since it was started. @GoGreen1 - You did not read the whole text of the terms and conditions.

GoGreen1 | 23 februari 2018

yeap; looked for VA :-) my bad; may help some like me

EVRider | 23 februari 2018

When I ordered my S in October 2015, the referral program in effect then gave both the owner and the buyer $1,000. If the owner was in VA, the owner’s bonus went to the buyer instead. That’s how I got $2,000 off the price of my S. :-) | 23 februari 2018

Yup, been that way in Virginia since day two of the referral program. | 12 juli 2019

Anybody know the specific reason why owners in Virginia, Ohio, and apparently Canada can not receive the referral supercharging miles? I assume some dumb state law that the ICE auto dealers encouraged the state legislature to pass. If they can give rebates, why can’t we receive some free charging? Thanks

reed_lewis | 15 juli 2019

In Virginia, you have to be licensed to sell cars, and they consider referring a customer to be selling. Although I have seen people who have gotten the physical rewards, just not the money.

RenEnergy | 15 juli 2019

Perhaps that's why I was comped a couple years of maintenance agreement in lieu of the reward program. Virginia

RenEnergy | 15 juli 2019

Should have wrote, annual service, not/ maintenance agreement.

snypeking | 8 augusti 2019