2018 Model X 75D - Wall Connector AMP Setting

2018 Model X 75D - Wall Connector AMP Setting

Good Afternoon!!

I have a Model X 75D being delivered on Wednesday. I installed the wall connector in my garage last week with a 90a circuit. Originally I thought the car could use the 90a circuit to get the most miles per hour (using 72a) but after reading further it looks like the 75D can only utilize 48a. With that being said I am confused as to what I should set the internal wall connector switch to. Should it be to 90a since that is the circuit or lower since that is all the car can take? Will the car just utilize what it can? I do not want to damage it.

Thank you!

Model_D | 10 mars 2018

Whatever Tesla you plug in will communicate with the wall connector. Nothing to worry about.

wang5150 | 10 mars 2018

Strange, my X75D from Aug 2016 has 72 amp onboard charger. As Model_D said, your HWPC can be set to 80 amp setting and still set your car to charge at 48 amp setting.

I have 2 HWPCs (daisy-chained from an 100 amp circuit) set to 80 amp setting so I can charge both Model X and Model 3 at the same time. It will auto adjust between priority on the car needing more charge with higher amps and taper off both at they near their charge setting.

Hope this helps!

dortor | 12 mars 2018

You'll be fine - the car will use what it can take - and the wall connect won't matter. As long as the setting matches the breaker/wirining there is nothing wrong with the car pulling less AMP's that the wall connector offers - future EV's you purchase may use more than 48 amps so you're all set.

jglovitch | 12 mars 2018

Thank you very much!!