Refund on deposit

Refund on deposit

Unfortunately I had to cancel my deposit as life has, as usual, not gone as I directed it to and I am purchasing a new family car sooner than expected. And well, I expected the Model 3 earlier as well, so both circumstances are not favorable to keep waiting. I cancelled, didn't receive anything else from Tesla other than the flash on the web page that my cancellation was being processed, now my account shows that I do not have a deposit on file, yet I have heard nothing about receiving my deposit refund. What's the deal, what's the status and where is my refund?

jz2 | 26 mars 2018

You're most likely going to receive a check in the mail after a few weeks.

cheryl | 24 april 2018

I tried to cancel my reservation about a month ago and they claim to have sent payment to my PayPal account which I do not recall providing to them. Needless to say, the funds are not in my PayPal.

sowvas | 20 maj 2018

I have the same experience. I cancelled my reservation around March 2018. I did not get any email nor my credit card has been issued a refund for the deposit.

jpsaccts69 | 24 maj 2018

Have they removed the cancelation link? How did you let them know you wanted to cancel?

mos6507 | 24 maj 2018

I got a deposit back to a debit card and what looked like a one-off manually composed email from a Tesla rep. Took about a week to happen. It really made me feel like I was being serviced by a small company.

gillian_chung | 26 maj 2018

Same thing happened to me. I made the reservation back in April 2016. Over a month ago I cancelled my reservation and since then I have not heard from Tesla nor have I gotten my deposit back. I don't know how much longer I am supposed to wait. I contacted Tesla and they are not responding to my requests. Now all I can say is I'm so glad I cancelled my reservation. Can you imagine spending so much money on an electric vehicle but in return you get poor customer service?!

durenk | 3 juni 2018

Has anyone else received a refund? If so, in what format? Paypal? Check?

I'm still waiting. It is June 3rd and I cancelled sometime in February. No refund. Paypal shows no money returned. I understand that Tesla...
a) Needed the revenue to work towards the Model 3 production timelines
b) Doesn't have the infrastructure setup for financial effidiencies

However, I need the money to pay for the tags of my new CPO model S that I purchased instead.

Xerogas | 3 juni 2018

@durenk: “However, I need the money to pay for the tags of my new CPO model S that I purchased instead."
To anyone else considering cancelling Model 3 reservation for the purpose of buying a Model S/X instead, Tesla allows you to apply your Model 3 deposit towards a purchase of their other cars. No need to cancel; just shift the money towards the new one.

Kj11856 | 3 juni 2018

Canceled mine on March 28th, same day I ordered a new S. Going to take delivery of my S next week and still no refund of the 1000 3 deposit. I emailed the rep and told them that I was going to have to escalate my claim on my end with legal council. She replied it would be refunded in 7 business days. I don’t know what Tesla is doing with these refunds but they are opening themselves up for a suit on something that is really simple. Issue timely refunds. I asked them to apply that 1000 to my S but they have not done it and all my paperwork is finished. They can’t aply it now. That was Friday the 1st of June. I’m gonna give them 7 business days and then call them back if I don’t have it by then. There are lawyers out there ready to pounce on this given the opportunity.

dmm1240 | 3 juni 2018


Yes, a $1,000 credit applied to my credit card three weeks after cancellation. I cancelled in early May 2017. I decided to buy a MX instead. It arrived a week sooner than the delivery window I was given.

Kj11856 | 3 juni 2018

Just got refund today finally.

Kj11856 | 3 juni 2018

Just got refund today finally.

sison_joy | 7 juni 2018

What number do I call to follow up on my deposit refund? It's been 3 weeks and I have not received any communique from Tesla on this - not even a courtesy email.

usveteran | 11 juni 2018

I canceled my reservation yesterday, Sunday 06/10/2018. On the same page, I gave the info that was asked for to have the refund deposited to a bank account within 1-3 days. WoW, the refund is in my account today Monday 06/11/2018. NO PROBLEMS WITH REFUND HERE...!!!

JimiJames | 14 juni 2018

You were lucky, I requested a refund over 2 months ago to deposit to my bank account. Still nothing.

httran26 | 14 juni 2018

I see two different transaction here: a reservation and a deposit. From what I understand, a reservation is refundable but a deposit is not.

This is the text that is displayed right before your place a deposit on your credit card:
"A $2,500 payment is required to place your order. Your total deposit will be non-refundable."

I have read some cases where the deposit was refunded though.

alias4me | 14 juni 2018

Guess I am lucky. I canceled my $1K deposit (made online during the reveal) around noon on 6/12/2018, got the money put on my debit card sometime today, 6/14/2018.
Hope all of you get things sorted out.

EVGuy2018 | 15 juni 2018

I just requested a refund today. I understand others have encountered delays and hassles. If anyone knows how to expedite this process, please let me know! I would like to receive my $1,000 by 7/1. TD

sidneyjackson3rd | 25 juni 2018

I cancelled mine back in March and now it's the end of June and still nothing for me.

gballant4570 | 25 juni 2018

I did not cancel a M3 reservation, but did cancel a Powerwall reservation. Prompt refund to the same account reserved from was the result.

Shock | 25 juni 2018

I also cancelled and two days later happened to check my same credit card and it was there. I think they had refunded just a day later.

biddleusa | 25 juni 2018

I want to cancel my order , please let me know if you need more information thx

Xerogas | 25 juni 2018

@biddleusa: "I want to cancel my order , please let me know if you need more information thx"
Sure, no problem. I’ll just need your first child’s middle name, and your favorite color.

Just kidding; nobody here can help you. This is an enthusiast forum where regular people come to talk about Tesla. You will have to contact Tesla if you want a refund.

ruthbagge | 24 juli 2018

I need to cancel my Tesla order.

maki808 | 25 juli 2018

Their website doesn't work when requesting for a refund. I had to call them and waited 2 freaking hours until someone picked up. Then you'll receive an email from them asking to respond back telling them you want a refund. You'll need to provide them with your reservation number (mine was something like RN10....6), your full name, mailing address and a reason why you want a refund (multiple choice provided on email). After that, you'll need to wait 60-90 days for the check. Tesla customer service is getting worst!

wailengchan | 27 juli 2018


I am no longer interested in buying Tesla Model 3. Please refund my $1000 deposit. My reservation number is
RN108418015. Thanks.


SCCRENDO | 27 juli 2018

@walengchang. Give me your bank account number, your social security number, your full name on the account and a sample of your signature and we will have your money back in no time.

Marklee2000 | 30 juli 2018

still waiting for refund.... it's been weeks

gdborge | 2 augusti 2018

Still waiting for my refund too. It's been two weeks since I cancelled it online. It should just post back to my PayPal account within one day. At least an email communicating how the refund would be processed would be helpful. thanks.

tbananas | 2 augusti 2018

I had 2 reservations and I canceled one of them. 2 ways to get money Debt card, Check or deposit to your checking account. I picked Debt and received mine in 3 days. No Pay pal at all.. Fake News

jasonwu38 | 7 augusti 2018

It's been about 10 days since I submitted the refund request to be sent into my debit card. Supposedly 1-3 business days, but nothing. wth.

U1120 | 20 augusti 2018

I cancelled my model 3 order on April 2 2018 and still have not gotten refund, what’s up musk, I paid you on time, but it looks like your refund methods & procedures are lacking ? Really!

judy | 20 augusti 2018

Does anyone know if I could work with my credit card company to request the refund. It has been 3 weeks and based on what I am reading, I am getting concerned I may not get the refund. Many of you have waited very long

slater.f | 21 augusti 2018

Asked for my refund last night. The web form was very simple, gave you three choices: debit card, bank account and check to be mailed. I wish I could have put it back on the original credit card, I went with Debit Card instead. No ticket number or anything, just: "Next Steps
We have begun processing your refund. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for completion." Crossing my fingers...

minervo.florida | 21 augusti 2018

Just call Tesla in California, get the account guys and refund will be in 3 days, stop waiting and call, come on, it is that easy.

letsdoyoganow | 21 augusti 2018

just got off the phone with the tesla accounting dept. Cancelled 3 weeks ago and still no money. Now they are giving the run around about having to send checks out which will take 45 days. They've had my money for 2 1/2 years. Anyone know how to take legal action?

sroh | 21 augusti 2018

I can't speak to getting a live check cut and sent or return to original credit card.

But I requested an ACH transfer to my bank account and the funds were received in 3-4 business days. Give that a shot.

sroh | 21 augusti 2018

@letsdoyoganow, I would think you would want to contact an attorney if you want to take legal action.

RIP ICE | 21 augusti 2018

I cancelled my second reservation last Thursday and the $1000 credit hit my credit card on Friday. Awesome service!

minervo.florida | 22 augusti 2018

They took care of my friend in ONE day, perfect.

slater.f | 22 augusti 2018

Reporting back. I got my refund on my account yesterday, so done in one business day. Count me satisfied.

chaudhariashok | 23 augusti 2018

I am still waiting for my refund.

sisters2ca | 10 september 2018

I cancelled my Telsa in the spring and received confirmation that I would receive a refund within 4-6 weeks. I received no refund. I again requested a refund and received two emails on August 23 and 24th. One wanting me to verify that I had indeed ordered and cancelled and the other telling me that the money was deposited, which I never received and to what account I have no idea. Just a total gong show dealing with this company.

stevenmaifert | 11 september 2018

I helped a friend cancel his reservation last Wednesday, September 5. He chose the debit card option. His $1000 deposit refund was showing in his Wells Fargo account at close of business Friday September 7.

jchan | 12 september 2018

i called on 9/12/2018 (877-798-3752)
i was told that the refund will take 3-4 months.
i requested the refund on July 2nd, 2018.
still getting no where at this point. Customer support wont even look into my account and provide any status.


steve | 17 september 2018

STILL waiting on my deposit refund check that I requested over 5 months ago back in April, its now mid September....

Was told at first the payment was made via paypal, but NO! (yet another lie)

Then after no less than SIX phone calls in, was told today that "the check is coming" in 15 days.... wtf.


vmulla | 17 september 2018

I'm in the same boat, my account page now says 'Request for cancellation received', and it's been weeks since I saw that new message.

vmulla | 23 september 2018

Ok, I'm getting peeved beyond words.

$2500 being locked up with Tesla for months for a simple mistake while browsing the site is not cool.

There was no confirmation page, no opportunity to enter a credit card. Not cool!!

gary.colbert | 10 oktober 2018

I applied for a refund of my $1,000 deposit in August and am STILL waiting to receive it. It's been nearly two months, and I've received nothing - no cash, no confirmation. All that has happened is that my Model 3 reservation is no longer attached to my account and I stopped receiving emails about configuring my Model 3. I want my money back.

ODWms | 10 oktober 2018

I received my refund for one car after I had put down $2500 on another, upgraded vehicle. I selected a P3D+ as an inventory vehicle to be eligible for the free supercharging for life promotion they had announced. I picked up the car the same day, and agreed to wait for my refund. Tesla stated I’d have it within 3-4 weeks by check. I actually received it within 3 days.