Texas Toll tag placement

Texas Toll tag placement

Where is the best place to put the Texas toll tag? Someone mentioned that I could get a "black cover" to mount it on the outside of the windshield as the windshield blocks the emissions from the inside. Who sells that black cover?

bp | 30 mars 2018

In Houston, the EZ Tag stores sell a license plate toll tag "black bar" that mounts on the top of the front license plate.

This works much better than the windshield sticker we've been using with our 2012 S P85, which has more difficulty being recognized by some of the readers.

Ixta | 30 mars 2018

Standard windshield-mounted RF sticker just off to the right (passenger) side of the rear-view mirror works for me. This was the location suggested during delivery. 100% accurate reads so far.

agreen002 | 30 mars 2018

I’m in Houston. You can use the EZ Tag Express App if you don’t want to fool with the tags.

MitchP85D | 30 mars 2018

I have the same bar mounted on the front license plate that bp referred to. The Tesla Service Center mounted it for me. Works like a charm!

bp | 31 mars 2018

Our neighborhood has an entry gate that reads the EZTag for entry.

Our S 100D with the toll tag bar on the front license plate triggers the gate when we turn the corner and the tag sensor is in line of sight of our car.

For our S P85 with the tag sticker on the inside windshield, you have to drive directly under the sensor before it will trigger the gate.

When I've reviewed the EZ tag toll statements, I'll periodically see the toll sensors miss the EZ tag on the P85 and fallback to using the license plate number to get the toll back to our account.

We didn't put a front license tag on our S P85 (with the original black nosecone). For our S 100D, decided to go ahead and have the front license plate installed with the toll tag bar, and will do the same we get our Model 3, because the toll tag bar has worked much better.