What do Greenlanders think about climate change????

What do Greenlanders think about climate change????

Tesla-David | 10 april 2018

Thanks for the link @SCCRENDO. I have been following the Greenland ice melt issue for some time now, especially Dr. Jason Box (Glaciologist, Climatologist) who has been studying the retreat of Greenland glaciers/ice for 20 years. Vey scary to see how fast the ice is retreating and makes it clear we have little time to act. The ice on Greenland alone is enough to raise sea levels by 20 feet World wide. | 10 april 2018

The Greenlanders couldn't be reached. They were at the beach.😉

RedShift | 10 april 2018

CO2 makes Greenland greener! *chuckle*

Mike83 | 10 april 2018

If methane is released we have acceleration of Global Warming. Having the opportunity to change course will the government do it?

SCCRENDO | 17 april 2018

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Manjushr | 17 april 2018

sea level rise is one of your last worries. The greenland melt's impact on the AMOC is what keeps me awake.