Traffic disappeared from map/nav screen

Traffic disappeared from map/nav screen

In the last couple of days, my maps have stopped showing traffic backups on the map. I used to see red where there was congestion but that has faded, and two reboots, including one while driving that I did NOT initiate has not restored this.

Anyone else seeing similar? Or not seeing as the case may be...

EVRider | 15 april 2018

Any chance you accidentally turned off the traffic option? When you touch the map, there's an icon in the lower right corner you can use to toggle traffic on or off.

GHammer | 15 april 2018

Do you have the traffic turned on? Toggle's with "traffic light" button on the map

p.c.mcavoy | 16 april 2018

@Sefar - What version of software in your MS and do you have the new Tesla maps?

I've not seen anyone post yet specifically your question, but I have seen some owners comment about not with the initial new map download, but when they receive 2018.14 there was a second release note item that popped up regarding their consent to have their vehicles provide user non-identifying information that was used to generate traffic updates. I'm wondering if you have the first round of maps update, but not the second one which then adds in the traffic information.

aj | 16 april 2018

If you had a recent software update, it is very possible that the traffic option got turned off. That happened to me recently, without getting the new nav. Touch the map and you should see an icon on the lower right that looks like two cars. Touch it and see if the traffic comes back. If you find the map is not updating or moving smoothly, you may have a slow cell connection that is preventing the traffic from updating.

Sefar | 16 april 2018

that setting was indeed turned off! It was on and no new updates. My console seems to routinely change settings, revert to FM radio from the internet version and so on. I think my car is haunted.

thanks for the help. | 16 april 2018

@Sefar - Any chance you're in a very dry area and/or get a lot of static electricity? The touch screen (actually any touch screen) can get a bit wonky with static electricity - and options can be changed without you actually touching options. You might try to wipe down the display (in cleaning mode) with a slightly soapy solution. It tends to knock out static electricity.

WardT | 5 oktober 2018

This is old thread, but we had this issue at the most inopportune time. Headed across LA Basin to San Diego and going south, the traffic info stops working, sending us the shortest route distance wise but not shortest time wise. We chose a different route based on experience of avoiding traffic. After cancelling destination and reselecting the destination it started working again. Then again when headed home, the traffic updates stop. This time resetting the destination several times did not help. Both times we are in very populated areas with excellent cell phone service. The cell signal strength bars on the Tesla screen had a crossed out line indicating no cell service, yet we had fine navigation, just no traffic updates or red lines along freeways indicating traffic.

We have had the M3 for 6 months and never noticed this before. No problems like this when we went up to Lake Tahoe last summer. We are on software version 36.2. Everything else performed flawlessly. We even loaded up with some FREE electrons at the San Diego Qualcomm supercharger. We had to wait about 10 minutes to get a stall. There was an attendant directing Teslas when a stall opened up. Another SC cost was at $0.20/kWh. Our original departure charge was right to 310 miles, so no noticeable battery decline. Our M3 is an amazing vehicle and Tesla has changed the the auto industry forever.

loyeh168 | 17 december 2019

My icon in the lower right corner of the map is missing where you can use to toggle traffic on or off.
also missing is the different view of the map toggle between street map and satellite map
i tried soft reboot and it the same

loyeh168 | 17 december 2019

BTW I just bought it the new Model X 2020

EVRider | 17 december 2019

@loyeh168: You're supposed to get Premium Connectivity free for one year with a new X or S, but it sounds like you didn't. Other owners have reported the same issue. Contact your service center, or use the Request Help link on your Model X vehicle account page.

loyeh168 | 18 december 2019

I believed i have the premium connectivity as all the internet radios are working

EVRider | 18 december 2019

You have to touch the map to see the icons. Try that.