1 year today since white house petition... no response.

1 year today since white house petition... no response.

Why no response? Almost 140,000 signatures to date, Its says they are required to respond within a reasonable amount of time... like maybe before the administration ends? | 2014年7月5日

Care to remind us what the White House petition was about, or provide a relevant link?

Mike83 | 2014年7月6日

Thus far the FTC agrees and probably most people. Politics is like making sausage.

DaphneGreen | 2014年7月6日

The president doesn't make the laws congress does. Write Speaker Boehner and ask him to consider adding this to all the other stuff he plans to do this year. ;-)

6Barclays | 2014年7月6日

The President doesn't make the laws? I wish someone would tell the President that!

Mel. | 2014年7月6日

The Supreme Court has voted 12 times, 9 - 0 against this President. That is our government telling Obama that the president does not make the laws..

Does anyone think that Harry Reid can comprehend how the government works?

blue adept | 2014年7月6日

Does anyone have an example of the Government telling businesses how they can/are to operate?

Dramsey | 2014年7月6日

@just: You're kidding, right? There are literally thousands of Federal regulations telling businesses how they can/are to operate. As one recent example, this little thing called "The Affordable Care Act" passed last year. You might have heard about it.

That said, all the petition site says is that they will "respond"; it doesn't say anything about
"proposing a bill" or anything like that. At best it's a way for the gummint to see what the issues of the day that energize people are; at worst it's a sop to give the impression they care what the electorate thinks.

Although the various state dealer franchise laws are infuriating, I don't think it's an issue that warrants Federal attention.

blue adept | 2014年7月6日

I was being facetious....

I've signed the petition myself already and am also waiting, though I've a bit more patience than most I suppose, likely because I'm aware that our government has a lot on its plate right now, what with all of the hoopla involving international relations and Congresses obstructionism and what have you.

Bubba2000 | 2014年7月6日

States are slowly changing their laws and allowing Tesla stores. Texas is playing hard ball, but it has not prevented the independent minded Texans from getting MS by 1,000+. Tesla needs to ramp up production above 100,000, achieve economies of scale, and yes, cut prices. Need 500 SCs in the US alone, and HPWCs in hotels, city arming lots with pay per use.

The groundswell of demand will sweep away the auto dealers into history like video rents biz.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年7月7日

I thought such petitions were typically closed within days of not reaching a certain number of signatures within a certain number of weeks...? Usually, a reply is made within two weeks or so, if the initial number of signatures warrants it. I've never heard of one remaining open.

roseland67 | 2014年7月7日

And a grand total of how many of us are surprised?

Captain_Zap | 2014年7月7日

Even though there may not be a formal response, I doubt the petition has gone unnoticed. The FTC has published a statement and pressured New Jersey to take a second look at what they did.

If the states do not straighten up and fly right I wouldn't be surprised if the FTC applies more pressure.

Timo | 2014年7月7日

That petition was closed a year ago. If you can still sign it, then that number of signs is incorrect indication where or not they will actually respond to it.

Tredwell | 2014年7月7日

It's too bad the site doesn't make it more clear that a response is pending. There is no way to search for petitions that met the signature threshold and are pending response, for instance. There are less than 200 responses which doesn't seem many for two terms in office. Good concept though, I think.

holidayday | 2014年7月8日

I was hoping for SOME response to the petition to have the Federal Government update restrictions that states have for companies that sell cars on their own, not through dealers.

The response I expected was "hey, work with the states, it's their job", but was definitely hoping for "You're right, there should not be these limitations to sell cars."

But no response is even more disappointing since it seems that the whole point of the website "tell us, we care!" is wrong.

Homebrook | 2014年7月9日

Did you really expect a response?!

Brian H | 2014年7月10日

Be careful what you ask for. WH "help" may leave things FUBAR. It's what they do.

CalDreamin | 2014年7月10日

I think the White House has responded in the most effective way they can. The FTC, which is part of the Administration, issued a strong defense of Tesla's direct sales business model. States were put on notice that the Feds are watching their dealer franchise laws for anti-consumer dealer protection measures.

I think this FTC action helped Tesla in state legislatures that could have buckled under pressure from NADA.

While the White House could post a response to the petition referencing the FTC statement, that would be all but guaranteed to turn this into a partisan issue. Many conservatives will reflexively oppose anything the White House supports. The way it was handled is better.