2014 Toronto Auto Show

2014 Toronto Auto Show

Hello People,

I was very excited to go to the Auto show today just to see one car and show it off to my friends who can afford it, as i can't afford it at this moment, but will get there in a year or so, but to my suprise I did'nt see a TESLA booth. Why where you not there my friends at TESLA?

I could have sold one of your cars for cetrtain today. Insted he ended up buying a BMW. X(

DTsea | 2014年2月22日

they dont go to most of them.

David N | 2014年2月22日

I thought for sure they would be at Car Shows

jordanrichard | 2014年2月23日

At least here in the states, most car shows are put on/sponsored by the local dealer's association and they are not about to let Tesla set up a display.

Elite | 2014年2月23日

They were at the show..... kinda. Last Monday (17th) they had a display at the Steamwhistle brewrey just outside the show. It was pretty cool.