3G Internet

3G Internet

Am I the only person having connectivity problems with the internet radio. I am wondering if it is a system issue or just my local area. Any comments.

Haeze | 2013年10月17日

In the US, the 3G used by the model S is provided by AT&T. If your signal strength is low, or the internet speed is significantly too slow, contact AT&T and have them check out the nearby towers.

Newampster | 2013年10月18日

The 5.0 upgrade allows iPhone Internet sharing. Problem solved.

Captain_Zap | 2013年10月18日

I had an antenna problem that made it so that I only got a signal when I was right by a tower and the signal was weak. It started when the car was about a month old. Tesla replaced the antenna. This was about 10 months ago. They may have identified the problem by now because I haven't heard of any issues for ages.

If you know anyone with another T-Mobile device you might compare signal strengths.

thatbob | 2013年10月24日

I just started (in the last week) having no internet connection even with full bars showing. Very frustrating. I am loggeed in and can do a search but it does not connect. Even at home on WiFi the connection it does not play. Any suggestions?