6 Seat Option - Armrest OR Center Console OR Nothing?

6 Seat Option - Armrest OR Center Console OR Nothing?

Does anyone know if the six seat option is chosen, does the middle row get armrests or a 2nd center console or nothing? If anyone could ask that of their delivery specialist I would be greatly appreciative! Also if center console is removable if applicable.

thevangoghs | 2015年12月3日

I think with the SIG's it is nothing
But I will likely add a aftermaket console..

Iowa92x | 2015年12月3日

If there was a center console they would tell you. So nothing.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月3日

I would love to contact my delivery specialist (DS), but I have no idea who that is or how to contact one...

Please educate me...

adamgreen | 2015年12月3日

IF you have an order in process, you can email ... I've not received a reply in the last 5 business days, so I imagine they're completely overwhelmed by their internal problems.
As for the second row, I was told the 2 seat arrangement is not really "captains chairs" and the seats are the same as the 3 seat, just the middle position is omitted. No arm rests or recline or air ventilation or other advantages.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月3日

Will do just that, Thx.

What is the purpose of the 2-seat second row (6-seat) configuration, other than allowing a child or small adult to enter the 3rd row by walking in the gap?

I don't imagine that will be all that popular, but I am often wrong.

Perhaps it allows for an after-market storage console being available, no doubt with arm rests, drink holders and other goodies.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年12月4日

Some will use it as a flat space for their dog to ride. Others will use the space to aid in hauling long, thin items. Most just don't want all seat positions because of personal preference.

MrBuffer | 2015年12月4日

@WaitN4myX ~. For me the gap in the middle row seats is for skis, and the ability to easily grab at stuff in the cargo area.

Tâm | 2015年12月4日


Here's a picture from @ThortsMD showing that you have a straight through space in the center.

If you place a long log there, make sure it doesn't touch your 17" MCU and make sure you brake gently:

ian | 2015年12月4日

@Tam - Except that picture shows the "one off" second row center console that is not (yet?) an option for anybody other than the founder that owns that vehicle.

oragne lovre | 2015年12月4日

I like 6-seat-with-nothing option since it allows for skis, paddleboards, and facilitation of conversation among passengers of 2nd and 3rd rows.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月5日

I do see all of those possibilities, indeed a personal choice. I suspect a 7 seater config for me.

Thanks for the images.

How did that founder get that center console? Tesla designed and installed?

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年12月5日

Probably a prototype.

carlk | 2015年12月5日

I'd get 7 seat if 6 seat configuration is just taken the center one out. It's worth it even if there is only very occasional situations that I might want to take one extra passenger.

paradis | 2015年12月5日

The center on the 6 seat configuration is for my 9' fly rods.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月6日

For Skis, Rods, etc the 6 seat config does make sense.

My preference for the 7-seat relates to the lack of folding 2nd row seats. When I load my 3 hounds for cruising, I will use a hammock device to keep them safe while protecting the material.

But the 5-seat option may also work, until my grandkids start to populate, then I might wish for the 3rd row.

Anybody think the 3rd row can be added later?

Remnant | 2015年12月6日

@ adamgreen (December 3, 2015)

<< ... [the 2nd row 2] seats are the same as the 3 seat, just the middle position is omitted. No arm rests or recline or air ventilation or other advantages. >>

In my HiHy, the back of the middle 2nd row seat folds down and becomes a wide common armrest for the lateral seats. Under a latched lid it also has two cup holders.

It seems possible to secure a latched lid in the lower/rear portion of this middle seat back, in order to create an optional mini-console. This flex option would offer the best of 2 and 3 seat options (except for the floor space), as the owner could switch between the variants according to usage.

aesculus | 2015年12月6日

@Remnant: Reading your post it reminds me when EM stated he was making the finest seats and they were really hard to do. This is before we saw the sculptured beauties we have today.

I was expecting something like you described. Seats that could transform magically into just about any configuration. Folding, console, 1/2/3 seats ...

In my mind Tesla really let me down here. Not just because they don't fold. Mostly because of that but also because they are not really special at all. They are just regular front seats that are in the second row. All they do is tilt a bit and move forward/aft. Boring and not really special at all.

Where is all the innovation we see in the rest of the car applied to the seats?

MyXinTx | 2015年12月7日

@aesculus "They are just regular front seats that are in the second row."

I would love if the 2rd row were just like front seats with the ability to adjust the flex, pitch, seat height, lumbar support, etc. My fear is that they are just fixed on one position when a passenger is seated and we hope they are Sculptured for comfort and safety.

I love it when I get in some SUVs' 2nd row and I can recline to some degree, and drop a middle console for arm support.

I concur with your disappointment on that respect.

aesculus | 2015年12月7日

Yeah. Sorry I misspoke. They are not the front seats. I two would love them to be. They are shaped like the front seats but in a fixed position as far as seat to back angle.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年12月8日

I am 6'-1" tall, but I have had the armspan of someone who was 6'-3" or taller since high school, when I was only about 5'-10"... As a result, I absolutely despise armrests. I have long legs, but not a very long torso. So armrests get in the way when I sit down in a chair of any sort. They get on my nerves, because they are designed for people who have alligator arms... First thing I do upon sitting in someone's minivan is fold the armrests out of the way.

MrBuffer | 2015年12月8日

I would prefer an easily removable center console option over built in armrests. I'm going to send an email and ask, but I doubt there will be an answer worth reporting on.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月9日

I sent an email to with specific questions, including about the possibility of folding 2nd row seats in the future.

I received a phone call a few days later which is more than I expected, but it went to voicemail and the person went on for 3.5 minutes without really answering my questions, just commenting on my expected delivery at late 2016 for reservation made in April 2015 (no mention of depending on which model I select) and never addressed the seats.

But he did leave a name and number, so I will call and hopefully get solid answers, without expectations that I hear what I want to hear.

eric.zucker | 2015年12月9日

6 seat config for me too. Either my dog:

or my Engel fridge/freezer:

will ride in the empty space between the 2nd row seats. Just perfect. Drinks, Ice cream anyone?

No armrests or console please.

MrBuffer | 2015年12月9日

@eriz.zucker ~ Your dog would make a comfy armrest/center console. Yet I find the storage a bit lacking.

aesculus | 2015年12月9日

The trouble with the storage is what you put in generally does not come out looking the same, nor from the same access point. :-)

eric.zucker | 2015年12月10日

You guys don't know what's in that cask... our neighbor gave us some homemade old plum liqueur, fortunately we'll have the autopilot to get home safely :-)

MrBuffer | 2015年12月11日

I spoke with a nice Model X salesman who confirmed that their is no center console option the one's pictured were requested by the founders. However their will be center armrests for the middle row, which I think is actually a better option for those of us who want to put crap in the middle of the car: skis, snowboards, and very large dogs.

GHurley | 2015年12月12日

Surfers / SUPs, can this hold a longboard ( 9 foot x 24" wide). Will the undercarriage clearance ( 9 inches ?) get me over the SanO potholes ? Thanks

Ross1 | 2015年12月13日

I am thinking that there might be some on this forum who would prefer to remove all the seats bar one.

ian | 2015年12月13日

@MrBuffer - Are you saying there will be center armrests in the 6 seat, or the 7 seat configuration?

I ask because Tesla reps have said there would be no such thing for the 6 seat. For the 7 seat we some fold down from the center seat back in Elon's at the reveal but nothing written about that feature in the specs or pictures of it in other Founders so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a one off like the console in the 6 seater.


ian | 2015年12月13日

...we *saw* some...

oragne lovre | 2015年12月13日


I hope a 6-seat configuration will accommodate a longboard. I, however, plan to measure the true length when X models arrive at showrooms, just to be sure.

sp_tesla | 2015年12月13日

6 SEAT OPTION w/folded 3rd row is the only one I will accept since I want to see what is going on way behind me before changing lanes, example: staying out of the way of fast approaching car or motorcycle, some are wavering between lanes.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月14日

@sp_tesla Hmmm, are you suggesting that the lack of a 2nd row middle seat will enhance rear viewing? Is this based on a fact that the view would be impaired by the 7 seat?

I can see that potential but this is the first I have heard of that.

What about using the rear camera while driving?

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*

sp_tesla | 2015年12月14日

I'll test drive as soon as they become available & update results using mirror & rear camera.

MyXinTx | 2015年12月14日

I have read several recent posts that claim that the headrests of the middle seat do significantly impair rear view mirror visualization.

For some of my prior SUVs, removing the headrest has solved that problem without creating a problem for the middle passenger, usually a small adult or child.

So the real question is "are the headrests removable?".

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*... and make sure the headrests are removable, at least the middle one in the 7 seat config

ian | 2015年12月14日

But, but, but the second row seats are works of sculptural beauty!


Hey Elon, fold them seats!

MyXinTx | 2015年12月15日

@ian Good Point, I am flattered and welcome to the team, there are so many of many of us

MrBuffer | 2015年12月21日

@ian ~ Yes for armrests on the 6 seat configuration. I did record my conversation so I had a record of what was promised before my order confirmed. I am a little concerned that no one else has reported the armrests. I did ask to see a picture of the Model X with the armrests but they didn't have one available :(

paradis | 2015年12月21日

@MrBuffer - The interior picture of my X in the confirmation of my order (6 seat) clearly shows that there are NO armrests. Granted this is an illustration, not a photo, but it wouldn't be the first time that a DS gave out incorrect info.

carlk | 2015年12月21日

@paradis I think you're right but there will still be possibility for add on center console/arm rest either from Tesla or aftermarket. 6 seat seems to be the better option and that's probably what I'm going to go for. That will open up more space for carrying odd shaped stuff too. BTW I have folded my second row seats zero times for the two years I owned the S. To me the sculptural piece of art seat is way better than that folding slab seat. Thank you Elon for doing this for me.

MrBuffer | 2015年12月21日

@Paradis ~ I was not speaking with a DS. I was speaking with Model X Inside Sales rep regarding a list of questions I had submitted. You are correct the design studio rendering does not have the armrests in the center, I was a little surprised when I heard that they would include armrests in the 6 seat configuration, but no center console. I asked if a center console was available to purchase and the answer was "No, not at this time". I guess I'll know when I pickup the car.

Redmiata98 | 2015年12月21日

Wow, my inside sales rep said there were no arm rests so I went with the 7.

MrBuffer | 2015年12月21日

I love this car and the innovation of this company, yet I hate truly hate their lack of communication through this entire process. If I were retired, I would volunteer my services to help them acquire the basic fundamentals of a good customer service experience. It should not be this difficult to find out whether a vehicle has armrests.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年12月21日

Everything Tesla Motors does is really, truly, very hard. Because of that focus, doing the simple, ordinary, basic things can sometimes lack priority.

p.waenke | 2016年5月23日

Let's make this thread active again:

With so many complaints about the limited space in the 7-seat-configuration and the 6-seat-config being the much more useful 'loading-version', the need for a 2nd row center console gets more and more urgent.

It would make the seats in the 2nd row much more comfortable providing an 'armrest-counterpart' to the door and would prevent passengers from the feeling of 'falling into the gap' of the missing seat (with not even an middle-armrest-option available).

The console could be made 'foldable' (or its upper part might be detachable) providing easy access to its interior and making probably a same-level space with the folded 3rd-row seats.

While we might wait forever for an original part made by tesla, a strong user-initiative would maybe lure some accessory producer (like EVANNEX) into making a prototype and test the market response (which easily should reach a couple of thousands within the year). With today´s opportunities with 3d-printing the initial investment should be quite reasonable ... and even a crowdfunding approach seems not too far-fetched

Anyone with me on this ?

Triggerplz | 2016年5月23日

I'm taking mine to a custom upholstery shop and having an armrest/console made and installed on the second row

p.waenke | 2016年5月23日

great ... pls provide fotos as soon as you have it. any ideas about the cost yet ?

Triggerplz | 2016年5月23日

I have to take it there once I get it so they can measure then they will give me a price.. It just got off the train to the east coast and is on a truck to the Tesla Store.. I should have it shortly at which time I can provide the price

Triggerplz | 2016年5月23日

I have to take it there once I get it so they can measure then they will give me a price.. It just got off the train to the east coast and is on a truck to the Tesla Store.. I should have it shortly at which time I can provide the price