About to pull the trigger...

About to pull the trigger...

For those of you who have the Model X, I've been reading on the FB group page that people are having issues with the FWD opening properly. Something to do with the proximity sensors not working correctly. I'm thinking I want to wait a month or two for them to get some of the initial bugs out. I also read something about water dripping down into the cabin when the FWD are open after a down pour. I bought the Model S about a year into the production so I didn't have any of the big gaps and misaligned panels that the initial cars had.

Also anyone know if they fixed this yet on the USB port? This video for the Model S shows that the USB port is a standard 2.0 and only outputs 3W of power. Hardly enough to charge and use your phone at the same time:

Been forced to buy a car charger like this one to charge my iPhone at the full rate:

But from the above video, I've put in a order for the one he has which is suppose to be the smallest and most powerful car charger:

Looks like you can use a simple USB test meter like this one from Amazon: