Ok, I know that Tesla probably already has people working on some sort of advertising campaign, but I would like to see what us nutty forumites can come up with.

Simple rules:
1) Nothing major or huge, simple ideas and slogans that can applied to Tesla Motors itself, or to the cars, either Roadster or Model S.
2) what do YOU look for in a comercial? Then makeup something to match. For example, I like a short, funny ad, so I'd make up something like that.

Have at it, and let's see where we go with this.

Dan5 | 2011年5月19日

Here's what I would do:
1. Pay the drivers of the cars to go to auto shows or various other car affairs to show of their vehicles (It shows pride in ownership & helps build the Tesla name), probably alot cheaper than TV advertising too. (look at Ferrari, their reputation is spread by their owners)

2. A Dyson like commercial- We believe in simplicity, An average car has 600 moving parts to us that's just more parts that could break costing , our car has X number of moving parts, which means less parts to break.

3. Oil company profits spoken in "deep movie preview" voice over fashion, and then say reliance to oil companies is over, the follow with unveiling of Tesla while playing MLK "free at last" or maybe have the last few lines of Jewels' Life Uncommon song playing

searcher | 2011年5月20日

Personally, I think most people are intrigued with other human beings. Just show various satisfied owners in short spots just talking a bit about their Tesla cars. Some outstanding examples on these forums.

As far as the "jingles" and "humor" I think of all the forum folks we all know who will be the funniest here. IN fact he might be someone Tesla might want to contract as I think he is an actual professional in this broad area.

Vawlkus | 2011年5月20日

I'm thinking more along the lines of slogans and so forth.

For example: "Other car companies are planning for the future. At Tesla, we're BUILDING the future".

searcher | 2011年5月21日

Vawlkus, Can you guess who I was referrig to in my last post here?

trc4949 | 2011年5月22日

I think an electric car like the Tesla S is the type of product that could maybe survive on viral or word of mouth marketing on its own. Certainly they would need brand image as well, but this is the type of product that can create a lot of spin and selling by word of mouth, maybe sort of like the iphone... heck Tesla could just release a viral ebook or a youtube video to fill their demand cycle for the first few years.

trc4949 | 2011年5月23日

just as a follow up, I hardly ever see Porsche advertising anywhere and yet they continue to make record sales from their brand identity and prestige. Same situation here in my opinion.

Tom A | 2011年5月24日

Yeah, Tesla is doing well by word-of-mouth and high-profile interviews, press releases, coverage on auto websites and auto show appearances.

TV costs significant amounts of money, as does most of the effective advertising venues. Since money is an issue, I don't see Tesla pulling off an actual add campaign.

Maybe when they get to the Model T - maybe then the expenditure will justify itself by bringing in more customers. At the ~$30k price point, there's plenty of households that can afford it nationwide to the point that word-of-mouth/reputation may not be sufficient.

Of course, as others mentioned above, the WWW provides an extremely cost-effective avenue to reach most demographics globally.

Vawlkus | 2011年5月24日

Not looking for TV commercials Tom, just ideas. How would you talk about your Model S (if you had one :P). How would you hype it up for your friends (other than test drives, those are cheating :D).

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 2011年5月24日

Tesla has wisely kept their marketing and communications along the lines of social activation and loyalty rewards (e.g. schwag pack to S reservation holders).

Surely there will be a comms blitz once they are up and running with the S, but for now it would make no sense. Give them time, I'm sure they will amaze, amuse and entice.

All that said, I would love to see what kinds of product placement they can swing. How cool (unrealistic maybe, but cool) would it be if James Bond's next car was a Tesla? Or, sticking with all the Iron Man press, have the car in an Iron Man sequel? Realistic? Probably not. Fun fantasy? Yep.

David70 | 2011年5月24日

Why not?

Tony Stark can certainly afford his own rapid charge station(s).

Timo | 2011年5月24日

With performance figures and looks Bond next car could well be Model S. Traditionally they have been Aston Martins and things like that, but there is no reason why it couldn't be Model S. Especially since last Bond movie was quite technological without going totally overboard with gizmos.

VolkerP | 2011年5月25日

My personal advertising campaign will feature

paint a big TESLA on my garage door
install some charging infrastructure in my front yard
put up a sign saying "EV parking only" for the car port in my front yard

Will put up pictures when it's done.

Trnsl8r | 2011年5月29日

"(e.g. schwag pack to S reservation holders)"

I know this is off-topic but... I never got anything other than email? Made my reservation about five weeks ago... Ehm?

David70 | 2011年5月29日

Schwag packs came out sometime in the middle of 2010 and about Christmas of 2010. The Christmas gift (I guess, as I wasn't home when it arrived) was a radio controlled model Roadster. Reservation holders since the first of the year probably haven't received anything (presumably yet).

rita03 | 2013年10月4日

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