An app for Tesla Windows 10 ?

An app for Tesla Windows 10 ?

I am reluctant to use a third party Tesla app for my Windows 10 computers. Using the official app Tesla on my Iphone & Ipad. But I am often using my Win-10 computers.

Should I ? And wich app ?

sule | 2015年10月25日

Nothing official as far as I know. I only know of official apps for mobile devices (phones, tablets) and that only for iOS and Android (and those that can run Android, such as BlackBerry 10). Everything else depended on third party software.

ray | 2015年10月25日

If Windows 10 is the answer,
I shudder to think what the question was.

SomeJoe7777 | 2015年10月25日

Visible Tesla (latest version, v0.50.07) will run properly on Windows 10.

Haggy | 2015年10月25日

VT will run on Windows 10, and the app for Windows is a third party one that no longer works. Maybe if enough people contact the author and point out that VT had the same problem and fixed it, as he could see in their open source code, then he will.

Or maybe if enough people contact Tesla and point out that the app is no longer of use only to people with Windows Phone, but to anybody with Windows, Tesla will do something.

Or maybe if we tell them that MOST people use Android and we'd like to see it work at least as well as the iOS app, then they will fix that one.

5thumbs | 2015年10月25日

I want to try VT and someone of the forum brought up security. I'm hesitant to use my Tesla login and password because on the MyTesla site, I still have my insurance, license information and invoice. Anyone know how this can be deleted?

Haggy | 2015年10月26日

VT passes your credentials to Tesla. It comes down to keeping your credentials safe. To put it another way, anybody can install VT on any computer and use it with your credentials if they have them, just as I can use any web browser to get into your account if I have the credentials. VT doesn't change the risk.

Tesla should really deal with this, as well as the Tesla app itself, by allowing for separate credentials for the app and for the website. It's simply not the way the industry handles security for financial or home security apps. It makes no sense for me to use the same password for "starting" my car as I use on the web, where somebody can hack at it for months on end.

EVRider | 2019年4月28日

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