Apple music

Apple music

Is there a way to get music from apple music streaming other than from bluetooth?

SbMD | 2015年8月30日

Yes. Pair it with the car. Works great. Using an iPhone 6+
Select your phone under the media section of the dashboard.

david | 2015年8月30日

I know that I can use the bluetooth to pair my phone with the car, but I would like to replace the internet radio "slaker" by the "apple music" app from the car's display if possible for better sound quality and convinience...

Chunky Jr. | 2015年8月30日

Unfortunately, you can't do what you want. You have the set of music player choices currently available and there is no way to add a new one. You'll have to wait for a software update that could possibly add the functionality you're looking for.

Hopefully Tesla will make a third party SDK so that others can write apps that can run int the center console. Then you'd have a bunch of choices, and I'm sure Apple Music would be one of them.

SbMD | 2015年8月30日

@chunkyjr is correct. Hoping that they will integrate with CarPlay in the future.

Chunky Jr. | 2015年8月30日

> Hoping that they will integrate with CarPlay in the future

I could see something like that happening if Apple wrote Tesla a really big check. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple buys 10% of Tesla and they collaborate on various software initiatives. Tesla gets a ton of money and software help, while Apple gets a great investment and a great partner in the automotive space. Win-win.

SbMD | 2015年8月30日

@chunkyjr - agree. Rumor has it they have had conversations, and who knows how the rumored Apple Car (project Spartan) fits in with things including Tesla and their tech.
Sorry @david -- I went off topic :)

AmpedRealtor | 2015年8月31日

Project Titan

mathwhiz | 2015年8月31日

Good one... ;) That'll be "soon".

California85D | 2015年8月31日


I would also love Apple Music integration... right up there with Waze for me as the top two partnership I need Tesla to make happen.... but for now bluetooth will have to do. At least we can hit next song from the steering wheel.

staze | 2015年8月31日


...but not holding my breath. Before Apple Music is was Pandora/Spotify/Tidal/AnotherStreamingVendor requests on the forums. It would be great if the streaming community adopted some interface standards like RSS where one could simply point to a URL, or select a site and plug in their credentials.

If you think about it, they all have "stations", favorites, playlists and direction (repeat, skip, etc) - would it really be so hard? Well, technically no but politically..."soon".

SbMD | 2015年8月31日

@AmpedRealtor -- thanks for the correction.
I wanted to say "Spartacus" for comic effect. Missed it...

brad | 2016年1月19日

I want Apple Music in integrated Waze now!

Naysayers post in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

brad | 2016年1月19日


I want Apple Music AND integrated Waze now!

Naysayers post in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

staze | 2016年1月19日

Has it been 5 seconds yet? +1 @brad. Would love Apple Music in the Model S. Unsure if that is an Apple thing or Tesla thing.

Marc C. Collet | 2016年9月13日

@staze Apple will only offer Apple Music via Apple CarPlay. Yet, Apple CarPlay is a pretty dominant system which acts as the usb host and wants the center console to be the usb device (or slave). That is something that is not working out all to well with all the other features I guess. Maybe a hand-off feature would be a good addition. That way when you play a spotify list or song on your phone (iphone or android phone or any other os phone) should hand-off to the tesla as soon as you step into the car or activate the car by using the break pedal.

As a audiophile I'd also love Apple Music as part of the system. Short studies to the Apple CarPlay SDK's is not bringing a great deal of hope for the near future but who knows maybe Tesla Version 8.1? :P

I would love to have the whole apple carplay available as an app. A appstore for the tesla would make things better but that is something with low priority as Tesla first has to get to a positive cashflow and some profit. So my best guess is that it will take about 2+ years for Tesla to get there. If they would give me the job to masterplan a vision on the center console and collaboration with mobile devices and apps then I would move over to the US immediately :D

pastor2pbc | 2016年9月15日

Can anyone tell me if when I get my model S
1. I'll be able to use my "ipod to play music
2. What is the best kind(if there is any difference) of USB to buy to use for music
3. Will my old iphone work,....I've been using it as a hard drive of music


codymail | 2016年9月15日

Pastor: play whatever music you want on your iPhone however you normally would. Whatever is playing is sent to the cars speakers.

Works fine now IMO

carlk | 2016年9月15日

Ultra compact USB stick like this works perfectly. However the car system only recognize FAT32 format. You need to use special program instead of Window formatting to format anything larger than 32GB.

carlk | 2016年9月15日

Guys Spotify will soon come to Tesla, The music quality and quantity is as good as if not better than Apple Music and the integration should be much better than what CarPlay could do.

kevin | 2016年9月16日

I still want Amazon Music. It has a million tracks, and I already have it through Amazon Prime.

carlk | 2016年9月16日

I don't know about that. I have Amazon prime but I have never watched movies there. Netfilx is much better. BTW Spotify has 30 million music tracks that beats the hell out of Amazon music too.

roygabba | 2018年7月1日

There are some free and paid services help you to do so, transfer your apple music playlist to some other music streaming sites. Try tool

booshtukka | 2018年7月2日

Eye rolling.

I have Spotify in my Tesla (we have it in the UK). Quantity is not as good as Apple Music, at least for my tastes. The implementation sucks too.

Using a USB stick solves a lot of the issues, but I don't have time or inclination to sit there copying files onto a stick like it's 1995.

CarPlay/iPod mode isn't coming. Stick with Bluetooth, or get a Mission E when they come out.

Silver2K | 2018年7月2日

Carplay/iPod mode coming? | 2018年7月2日

iPod mode - does anyone buy or use iPods anymore? Seems like 2000 tech!

Using USB in the Tesla has a lot of advantages:
- Offers the ability for lossless music - why put up with low-quality lossy music?
- Works when you're out of cell range
- Works when you forget your phone or phone battery is dead
- Ability to have the music you like every time
- No DRM (although less of an issue today)
- Offers better UI experience/featuires over streaming/bluetooth

- Does require a few minutes to copy files to USB
- No auto-sync to new music
- Unable to find new music
- No playlists

booshtukka | 2018年7月3日

iPod mode doesn’t just mean iPods. I plugged my phone into my mum’s 3 year old Renault Megane, I instantly got album art and decent control over my phone just as a USB device.

And it charges my phone at the same time. If you have the songs downloaded in your phone all your other points are invalid.

The Tesla is great, but stop with the endless confirmation bias. It is missing basic features all the other cars have. It’s okay to want things and to be a critical consumer.

odi | 2018年8月3日

"Using a USB stick solves a lot of the issues, but I don't have time or inclination to sit there copying files onto a stick like it's 1995."

Loved that comment.

Silver2K | 2018年8月3日

They had USB in 1995?????

Karl-Heinz | 2018年9月2日

Having a Apple Music App from Tesla / Apple or via a free SDK tp provide Apps in the upcoming Software version 9 would in fact be great for the user experience of a otherwise great car. Music experience should be seamless, and that means whatever (major) music streaming service is used from the owner should ideally be supported, spotify and Apple Music definitely belong to the first candidates, Amazon Music voluntarily, too.

EVRider | 2018年9月5日

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California85D | 2018年10月2日

Goodness why all this crazy spam in this thread?

techvickyz | 2018年10月8日

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Tldickerson | 2018年11月16日

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jjb1701 | 2019年1月9日

Here's a workaround - Now that they've added the Web browser you can go to this website to play Apple music - You can use it from any web browser supposedly. I haven't actually tried it since I don't own a Tesla yet, but plan on getting one this year. If anyone tries it please let me know if it works.

mrbarnes | 2019年1月9日

@jjb1701 - Thank you for the link! I did not know that it existed as its own web page and you could log into your account. Anyone try this in your vehicles yet??? Curious!