Best Tesla owner's social media forum for blogging

Best Tesla owner's social media forum for blogging

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to ask which forum is best for posting road trip experiences with my Tesla. There's this forum, Teslarati, Tesla Motors Club, etc. I'm planning a long distance across-the-nation road trip and want to blog about it with pictures with Facebook share option. I think pics and social media sharing eliminates this particular forum. Thoughts anyone for this newbie owner of a black Tesla Models S 70D?

JayInJapan | 2015年7月23日

Personally, I think blogging is the way to go. Once you have your content up, or even started, you can add links to the sites you frequent.

vivavida8 | 2015年7月23日

Thanks JayInJapan for sharing an idea,

So instead of posting mostly on the Tesla blog sites, you recommend going to another third-party blogging site and sharing from there?

JayInJapan | 2015年7月23日

That's what I would (and do) do. That way you can set up the layout and photos the way you want, and people from different sites can enjoy your work. You can also control the comments and discussion if they're on you own blog. Again, what I wrote is just my opinion. You can examples of mine at (but it's not up to date):

vivavida8 | 2015年7月23日

Thanks for sharing Jay. I checked your blog website. Looks really nice. You must be a real trailblazer as a model S owner/driver in Japan! Thanks for the inspiration. If you have a free blog website service please share. Looks really nice! I use weebly.

AEdennis | 2015年7月23日


I use a mix of announcing posts on the forums (this one and TMC) and write the content on my own Wordpress blog.

For example, here's the blog of our trip this May

Here's the link on this forum about the trip

Or on TMC


PS: Looking forward. Reading about your trip. Enjoy and have fun.. For some hints and lessons learned from our trip...

vivavida8 | 2015年7月24日

Thanks for the tips Dennis! Will check them out.

sbeggs | 2015年7月25日

Useful tips, Dennis, I will include them in How to Go Cross Country thread.


AEdennis | 2015年7月25日

Thanks @sbeggs,which thread is that? (I.e. Link?)


teslaliving | 2015年7月25日

Use wordpress, its free then you can get your own custom domain if you want and then promote as desired.


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