Charging on the road

Charging on the road

I will need to drive my model S from Seattle to Phoenix and finding charging stations could be a challenge. Here is a possible solution: RV parks. Most have a 110V 50A plug that is compatible with Tesla's Universal Mobile Connector. The trick will be to talk the park owner let you plug in for several hours for a nominal fee. I wonder if the seats in the S will recline so I could spend the night?

clea | 2011年3月31日

and if so can you get HBO on the infotainment console?

but seriously, several roadster owners have done similar trips and rv parks seem to be a viable solution. There might even be lists somewhere which denote the ones which are more amenable to short term charge ups without having to pay the full fee for a one night stay to get access to the plug.

msiano17 | 2011年3月31日

What about just finding a hotel on your route which allows you to charge up for a small fee. I dont see the issue with that.

William9 | 2011年4月1日

Going to be interesting. I'm going to be driving from Bay Area to Tucson in November, 2012, and have figured it to be a 3 day effort to go the 850 miles. The only charging station I know of is at Harris Ranch in Coalinga on I-5 which is 222 miles from Napa. I could then make it to Palm Springs in another 225 miles. Then 270 miles to Phoenix. Could probably extend it to Tucson if I can find some 2 hour charging points along the way. Can't wait!