Competitor intelligence: latest demo of Volvo's autopilot system

Competitor intelligence: latest demo of Volvo's autopilot system

Volvo Intellisafe Auto Pilot

Volvo also claims that it's way ahead of Google and Audi.

St. Eligius | 2015年10月5日

Looks like a well designed system. There's no doubt this "autopilot" thing is what's next. I've even been told that my P85D has all the hardware already installed to do the same thing. Lol!

So far it just reminds me of that famous scene in "Scarface"....."You got the stuff?" "It's close by" "You got the money?" "It's close by."

Me: "You got the autopilot?"
Tesla: "lt's close by...."

compchat | 2015年10月6日

The video doesn't explain how the volvo does autopilot other then saying it uses sensors. As we know the Tesla uses radar, cameras and ultrasound sensors/systems. It still doesn't claim autunomous driving abilities. Right now we are still awaiting the long promised auto steering. Seems to be late to the party :(

prp | 2015年10月6日

The volvo system is undergoing road testing in my city in australia in november with government support. Hoping to gate crash with my V7.0.

JAD | 2015年10月6日

It really isn't a demo of their system, it is a prototype of a system due out in 2017. Even Tesla soon should be faster than that...

GHammer | 2015年10月6日

100 cars on very limited routes, Yawn.

garygid | 2015年10月6日

The 2-handed activation pictured in the video would not
work well for a person with only one-arm available.

rxlawdude | 2015年10月6日

@StE - I assume you were a fan of St. Elsewhere?

Ruizmeza | 2015年10月6日

Hoping that the auto pilot is an improvement on their version of auto brake.

rxlawdude | 2015年10月6日


That video just struck me as wrong. :-)

Grinnin'.VA | 2015年10月6日

Please note that Volvo and Tesla use the term "autopilot" to mean different things:

Tesla is delivering a series of "autopilot" features to assist drivers.
Volvo is using the word "autopilot" as a synonym for "autonomous-driving car".

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the meanings of some posts on the Tesla forums, but I get the impression that many people are expecting Tesla's "autopilot" to match the functionality autonomous-driving features projected for Volvo's "autopilot".

BTW, IMO nothing in the Volvo "autopilot" video demonstrates that they are ahead of Tesla in developing autonomous-driving cars. Indeed, I think that they are NOT ahead of Tesla.

Time will tell.

Tâm | 2015年10月6日

It is certainly not ahead of Google.

That video shows what it will do, not what it is doing now.

The driver who was reading the magazine was not on the road. It was a green screen special effects.

Google has been on the road and is able to remove the pedals as well a steering wheel off their cars with no need for human driver.

St. Eligius | 2015年10月6日

@rxlawdude: Saint Eligius (c. 588 – 1 December 660) is the Patron Saint of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

rxlawdude | 2015年10月6日

@St.E - There was a television show in the 1980s about a beleaguered hospital, St. Eligius, which was nicknamed "St. Elsewhere" (as was the title of the program).

Never knew there was a real St. Eligius. :-) Thanks for the clarification. In an international forum like this, it was probably parochial of me to assume the reference to a fun medical show.

(But, there's a tenuous tie in to Tesla: Ed Begley, Jr. played a resident physician on that show. He has become a great voice in advancing electric vehicles and improving the environment.)

St. Eligius | 2015年10月6日

@rxlawdude: I heard of that show but never saw it. Didn't know that was the name of the hospital. From your username you must be a lawyer? I'm a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas. "Visiting on vacation? Don't leave on probation."

P.Dolby | 2015年10月6日

No one is ahead of anyone until they release it for general use. That.. is when one company is ahead and then only.

rocky | 2015年10月7日

I test drove the Volvo XC90 last week (my wife can't wait a year for a Model X), and I was a bit surprised that the tech is so advanced. While I couldn't try it out personally, I was told (and volvo website says) that the car has active 'pilot assist' which keeps it inside the lane, emergency self-braking, 'park assist' self-parking (parallel and standard), full 360deg camera view in reverse (I saw this, it's very cool), camera reading speed signs - and a few more things. Needless to say it made me that much more excited for autopilot and similar features on my S85D. Soon ... soon

St. Eligius | 2015年10月7日

I understand the two systems are different, but this is an interesting question which Volvo just answered.

Bettyfretz | 2015年10月7日

Mobileye is partnering with many automakers including Volvo. They are providing the camera/visual processing technology and each carmaker will implement it as they see fit.