I am about to go to Dublin, CA, for a "Disaster Resilient Bay Area Event: Workshop on Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy." I think there will be a lot of interesting information imparted.

However, I'm conflicted because it is being held in a facility on Broder Boulevard. I'm not sure anything I learn will be even close to correct! I hope they don't Broderize the information.

Vawlkus | 2013年3月6日


TeslaRocks | 2013年3月6日

Yeah, poor little Johnny Broder will go down in the history books as someone less than able to follow simple instructions and with a looming suspicion of bad intentions. At least it will down as techie jargon.

Brian H | 2013年3月6日

The only lesson from Sandy is don't procrastinate and put off defenses. Hope is not a plan.