Decoding Southern California Edison's Rates

Decoding Southern California Edison's Rates

Anyone figure out if going with Southern California Edison's EV rates is a good thing? Thanks!

gary.greene | 2013年1月30日

It requires you to put in a separate meter and I determined it was not cost effective.

astraussmd | 2013年1月30日

Yes - you have to put in a separate meter (no charge to you), in addition to the installation of the Tesla charger vs 240 plug connection ($800 to an electrician for installation/shut-off switch). If you use timed-charging after midnight (like the Roadster currently - coming for the Model S) > you're switched to the top tier the rest of the day! My electricity bill went up by over $100 a month until I had solar panels installed and started selling electricity back to the solar company. My SCE bill for the year was $1950 (I have a pool). SCE is potentially being sued for overcharges since the San Onofre plant was shut down - ratepayers are paying for non-production by at least 30%.

djm12 | 2013年1月30日

The no-brainer (if you charge off-peak) is the Time-of-Use rate TOU-D-TEV. No additional meter required. Activation is fast.

I use this rate for my BMW Active E and save at least 50% on my EV charging expense. On the AE, we can program a timer to start the charging after midnight. With the Tesla, charging from fully depleted to fully full will take a bit longer, so most people might just plug it in before retiring for the night.

garyrudolph | 2013年1月31日

@astraussmd If you switched to TOU-EV-1 with a second meter, the first meter would stay on your original plan and the second meter, as long as you charge at night, should be pretty economical (except for the install). Is that not what happened?

Mark Z | 2013年1月31日

Had a second 200 amp meter panel installed for the Volt two years ago knowing the Model S was on order. Now with just the Tesla, I am pleased with the 9 PM to 12 noon TOU-EV-1 rate since I need some air conditioning during the summer days. The second meter for the EV plus using LED lamps and HVAC zoning in the house helps keep the Edison bill from rising above the third tier.

If no one is at home weekdays between 10 and 6 and you can turn off the air conditioning during those hours, then the single meter plan should be considered. Install a High Power Wall Connector to charge the Model S fully between midnight and 6 AM for maximum savings.

Jon Wray | 2013年1月31日

@astraussmd - may the second meter is free but installation is not. I'm considering getting it, but would like to see a setting on the Model S where I could plug it in when I get home at 6pm but defer charging until after 9pm. I don't want to have to walk out to the garage again for this.

I also looked at time-of-day charging with one meter, but it was not cost-effective for me, even factoring in charging the Model S.

bellwilliam | 2013年1月31日

is there no timed charger in the S ? plug in at 7pm, but charge starts at 12am ?

nickjhowe | 2013年1月31日

Android app just became available with timed charging..

iOS not out yet...

SD Supercharger | 2013年1月31日

For SDG&E, they have EV-TOU 2. Single meter (house and car), peak rates (noon-6pm). Off peak all other hours except midnite-5 am which is super off peak. The drawback is you do not get a defined readout on how many KwH you are using for the MS. The cost for installing a second meter for EV-TOU 1 is prohibitive, so it looks like we will be converting all of our electric onto TOU-2.
EV-TOU-2 Rates: Off peak ($.16), super off-peak ($.14), peak ($.26). TOU-EV-1 has the same rates, but you can keep the house on standard rates and use the second meter for MS on TOU (plus pay for the meter)

Chuck Lusin | 2013年1月31日

I also added a second 200A panel, and I'm going to use the TOU-EV-1 rate plan for the second meter. Just think both meters start at tier one! I also added 12,568 CEC AC watts, that is 40 modules / inverters for the house, and 20 module . inverters for the cars. I'm pushing the limit, and the SCE NEM (net metering group) is not aware of the EV group, even having the second meter option.

My wife is a respiratory therapist and works nights, so we need to keep the house on the rate plan D, so that we canrun the AC while she sleeps during the day.

Chuck Lusin | 2013年1月31日

Let see if this works. Here is a picture of my ground mount array, a total of 60 modules. It is about 13 by 81 feet long.

Chuck Lusin | 2013年1月31日

Try Two. Here is a picture of my ground mount array, a total of 60 modules. It is about 13 by 81 feet long.

Brian H | 2013年2月1日

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djm12 | 2013年2月1日

Of course, before installing a second meter, consider the solar option, provided that your home can support it. Solar will toss all those SCE rate tables in the trash. I'll be getting bids in March and it seems likely that I can install a 4-5 KWhr system and roughly break even on my electric bill.

Jon Wray | 2013年2月1日

I looked into solar, first 3 years ago, and again last summer. It would take me 8-10 years to break even (assuming all goes as planned). I decided against it. Part of the problem is that my house has a spanish tile roof, and Solar City won't install on it. The roof of my detached two-car garage is flat, but due to rules about how far the panels must be from the edge of the roof, only about 50% of the area of the roof could be used for panels. That is not enough to offset my electric bill, although it would bring me down to a lower tier. My lowest tier is 13 cents/kWh, highest tier 33 cents/kWh.