Delivery date estimate question

Delivery date estimate question

So, I reconfigured my car and the new MVPA says that the delivery date is "TBD." Is there anywhere I can look/watch to see if an estimate ever crops up, or do I have to call or email?

Amped | 2013年2月9日

Just finalized 2/8 and is Mar-Apr

nickjhowe | 2013年2月9日

@riceuguy - strange. The MPVA should have a date range on it. I'd give ownership a call or email. If you are not in US, want 40kwh, regular suspension, or red then you are looking April or beyond. If none of those things, could be next week! Batching seems to make the build sequence appear almost random.

riceuguy | 2013年2月9日

Thanks Amped; Nick, the change was to ditch standard suspension for air, so no more holdups...

Brian H | 2013年2月10日

Keep an eye out for a looong tractor-trailer cruising your neighborhood ....

spraisoody | 2013年2月10日

@riceuguy; you ordered the 60 right? I think they just got done building a batch of 60s including mine #8311. I should hopefully get it later this week. I would think your would be done in a month, unless the put you to the bottom of the list since you changed but I would imagine not.

riceuguy | 2013年2月10日

@spraisody, yeah, 60kwh #10,917, but I do suspect I go to the back of the line of those that have already finalized based on some previous comments Tesla folks have made about sequencing. But then again, who really knows! Anything less than 2 1/2 months and I am happy...

bostoncde | 2013年2月11日

I ordered a 60kwh (dec 2012) with standard suspension and I have been told April-May because they don't even have standard suspension in.

riceuguy | 2013年2月11日

My change was to ditch standard suspension, but ownership experience said TBD is "accurate" but I should know more when delivery is a month out. Bizarre.

riceuguy | 2013年2月11日

Ok, talked to a better source at Tesla and have been told March/April, with no further info till 30 days out. But the configuration change also means I no longer have a pre-assigned delivery specialist. Weird.

Brian H | 2013年2月12日

Their 3D printers are making new DSes as fast as they can. But this new bio-printing stuff is tricky.