Detroit Electric returns with 100% electric sports car teaser

Detroit Electric returns with 100% electric sports car teaser

Hogfighter | 2013年3月19日

There will be competition in the future for Tesla...but we should view that as a good thing. The stranglehold that the ICE industry has had on the market is waning.

In the long run, competition has always produced better products. I wish Detroit Electric well, in a spot just behind Tesla Motors!

bigez1 | 2013年3月19日


Brian H | 2013年3月19日

TM is begging the majors to compete/participate. It wants to inspire them, not defeat them.

Captain_Zap | 2013年3月20日

Are they working on making Roadsters or using their history and some vague imagery as a decoy or smokescreen to throw people off track?


DanD | 2013年3月20日

I remember the ZAP announcement. So what's the deal with ZAP?

Is that Alias car ever coming to market?

rnwalker | 2013年3月21日

A $125,000 electric sports car based off a Lotus? Sounds familiar, and there's already a used car market for those sorts of things.

c.bussert67 | 2013年3月21日

I gotta do this...
Brian I must correct you. I think what you meant to say was,
Tesla wants to inspire them, THEN defeat them!
You're good kid, real good. But as long as Tesla is around you'll always be second best, see? :-P

Brian H | 2013年3月21日

I think you misunderstand Elon. He is not trying to replace the auto industry, just reform it.

wbrown01 | 2013年3月21日

I was so surprised to read all the negative comments saying things like why a another expensive toy for the well to do. Why not a family car. But they mirror very much what Tesla did. Their game plans sound so like Tesla. I hope their designs does also; lots of cargo space, battery in the floor. It already looks like a good looking car. I don't want Ford and Chevy to fail, I do want this new company to do well. This is great news. One last thing when folks in the media says folks don't want electric cars. What they don't want is a Leaf, a Volt a Fisker. Poeple want a great car, so lines will form behind this new car just like Tesla, if its a great car.

Cattledog | 2013年3月22日

wbrown +1