Does Arizona allow Delivery Specialists when you get your car?

Does Arizona allow Delivery Specialists when you get your car?

I should be getting my P85 in early February. Does Arizona allow for Delivery Specialists without Tesla having a sales license yet? It seems that getting that license is turning out to be a much bigger issue than Tesla originally anticipated. They still cannot offer test drives in AZ and the service center is being pushed back as well.

Carefree | 2013年1月4日

Answered my own question. Just like Texas and some other states, AZ does indeed not allow a Delivery specialist to be present when my car gets here. Tesla is working hard to get their license but the state is dragging their feet. It will be a phone walk through when the car gets here.

rickemishler | 2013年1月4日

Hello Carefree.

I'm significantly behind you in the wait for a car (#154xx)Since we can't get to see a live car here in AZ, it would be great to meet some Tesla owners who have theirs. Is there a Tesla club here in Phoenix on near by?

Carefree | 2013年1月4日

I am not aware of a Tesla Owner's Club in Phoenix or even Arizona. If you want to give me your email, I'd be happy to inform you when my car is being delivered and take you for a test drive. I never had the chance to drive the car.

cerjor | 2013年1月4日

Carefree, and others in the Phoenix area: I just took delivery in Washington state with a delivery specialist. Drove the car for 5 days then flew here to Sun Lakes. The car is being brought down on a transport and due on Monday, 1/7. I would be willing to give you a ride and maybe even let you drive it. Maybe we could plan some Sat or Sun for those that are interested to all get together. I have to think a bit about the details. Any suggestions? If you are interested, email me at Put Tesla in the subject line as you will come into my junk mail.

rickemishler | 2013年1月4日

Thanks for the offer Carefree. I expect to go to Denver in the next few weeks and take a test drive at the store there. I would be very interested in talking to you and getting your feedback on early ownership after the car arrives.

I am a little surprised that TM has not at least informally encouraged current owners in states (such as AZ hint, hint, TM are you watching?) were they can't yet sell cars to get in touch with prospective owners and those with a reservation number to at least get more familiar with the car in person and as a passenger. I suspect that not all owners would want to do that but I also suspect that many would.

rickemishler | 2013年1月4日

Thanks Cerjor. You read my mind as I was writing my response to Carefree. According to the folks at the store in Scottsdale perhaps 20 MS have been delivered in AZ.Sounds like a Tesla owners club needs to be started here in the valley of the sun. I'll be in touch.

Sudre_ | 2013年1月5日

Start a group and get a Tesla owners test drive campaign going. At a minimum a group of willing Model S owners could drive through the state with designated stops that people could just happen to hear about. If the attendance was large enough maybe these states would start to wake up when everyone at the event started calling their state reps.

With any unluck the state might make the mistake of arresting owners for some trumped up charge and these foolish laws would get headline news.

"They still cannot offer test drives in AZ"

So if a Tesla employee takes a weeks vacation and drives to AZ in his own Model S and offers a test drive to someone who asks, the state is going to arrest them or fine Tesla? This is why these laws are a joke. When Tesla gets the capital I bet Elon is REALLY going to push this law.

kishdude | 2013年1月5日

OK, so I've had my Model S since December 23 and here are some specifics for Arizona deliveries.

1) No delivery specialist with vehicle. The car was dropped off at my house by a carrier. I did have a delivery specialist go over the vehicle with me a couple of days later, but I'm not sure this is the norm. Prior to the DS showing up, I was told they would go over the car over the phone.

2) Registration - I had a temporary California registration with the car when it arrived which meant I attached a small piece of paper to the back window with no plate. I drove around like this for a couple of weeks (kind of nervous about getting pulled over but never happened). I got my paperwork to take to the DMV about 2 weeks after delivery and registered the car. Had to pay the sales tax at the DMV which for me amounted to about 6.5% but as a bonus because it is an electric car, I got the alt-fuel plates which allows you to ride in the HOV lanes and 5 years of registration was only $150!

3) Club - there is an informal AZ Club with a thread on the tesla motors club website. The URL is

Carefree | 2013年1月5日

kishdude, thanks for all the information. Very helpful!

rickemishler | 2013年1月5日

The link that kishdude posted above is very active and helpful and more Arizonacentric. Would encourage AZ "Tesloons" (as someone else put it) to check it out and join. I did.


cerjor | 2013年1月5日

How do you go about starting up an AZ club?

Alex K | 2013年1月5日

@kishdude | JANUARY 5, 2013: Registration - I had a temporary California registration with the car when it arrived which meant I attached a small piece of paper to the back window with no plate.

I got my car today (Saturday) in Tucson. No temporary registration came with the car. I called them and the person answering the phone told me that no one was there that handled registration, but that they should have FedExed the paperwork and I would get it by Monday. So I can't drive the car legally until then.