Downgrade Cost Savings?

Downgrade Cost Savings?

Howdy. Can any of the "configure your Model S now" crowd confirm or deny if we save money if we downgrade from any of the standards? I'm not interested in "my Tesla contact said..." or "this Tesla representative said...", I want to hear from the guys actually paying/taking money.

Example: I'm have a Sig reservation, and am not a fan of the expensive wheels/tires. I'd like to save $3500 and go with the 19" tires. Do I get to keep that money?

Jason S | 2012年4月11日

I've seen no indications that tires are an 'a la carte' option for Sig holders.

Rod and Barbara | 2012年4月11日

Slindell, We're Signature Special #4 and have configured our Model S and signed our Pre-Delivery Purchase Agreement. We selected the 19" Aerodynamic wheels and there was no money saved by taking this option. - Rod and Barbara

Slindell | 2012年4月11日

@Rod and Barbara: thanks, that's exactly the information I was looking for. And unfortunately, exactly what will cause me to give up my Sig for a base Model S.


DeDe | 2012年4月11日

@Rod and Barbara...did you by chance also opt for the pano roof? We are planning to configure our signature with 19" wheels, and I had inquired of at least getting comped for the value of the wheels for the pano roof and possibly the high-power wall connector. At the time, the rep said they would look into it...It irks me a little that with the signature the pano roof is extra...

stevenmaifert | 2012年4月11日

@Rod and Barbara...did you get to test drive an S before committing/converting your Sig reservation $$$ to the Pre-Delivery Purchase Agreement non-refundable deposit?

davidcjones | 2012年4月11日

We just got our email SIg #64 to configure, and we don't want to prior to a test drive. Like Slindell above, I do expect we will likely downgrade to a Production S and then load it up with the options we want. Having to drive dirt roads in VT makes the 21" wheels a negative, and while the red paint is nice, the premium for the Signature just to have perforated leather and the option of white leather doesn't really support the premium for the badging (not for us anyway). Do we know if the perforated leather means the seats themselves are air-conditioned?

William13 | 2012年4月11日

I have been told no air conditioned seats.

I will suck up the extra cost unless taxes greatly exceed my expectation this year. Signature Performance Red Pano (white) leather and a second set of wheels. This is once in a lifetime for me. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Rod and Barbara | 2012年4月12日

DeDe, We did get the pano roof and the rear facing seats. The cost of those options was $1,500 each per the Model S Options and Pricing info that has been published.

Steven, We did not get to test drive an S, nor did we inquire about it. We have a three year old Roadster with 25K miles on it and it has been a superb car and Tesla has been a great company to work with. We got to ride in the Model S alpha model at the factory tour last October. We have high confidence in Tesla and their ability to understand and produce a quality product. A test drive would be fun, but it is not a requirement for us.

- Rod and Barbara

DavidG | 2012年4月13日

I for one am glad the pano roof was optional. I have heard men tend to get skin cancer on the left side of the face, while women on the right side. Glass does not stop UV -- it only attenuates it. However, when one accumulates thousands of hours behind the wheel, that is a lot of unprotected solar exposure. And with no hair on top, I need all the protection I can get. ;)

stephen.kamichik | 2012年4月13日

My skin cancer is on the left side of my face. I am a male. No pano roof for me.

petero | 2012年4月13日

I have had 3 skin cancer surgeries (left side, right side, nose).

Guess what, I use sun screen and yes I am getting the pano sunroof. Why? I feel the pano roof is a defining and distinctive element of the "S" and I guess I like meeting new surgeons.

ddruz | 2012年4月13日

This is getting a little off topic but since it's already there and I don't see another similar thread: I too would much prefer the standard roof for UV reasons noted above, aesthetics and cost. But reports indicate rear headroom is very cramped even with the pano roof which folks who sat in both at the Santana Row event say gives 1 to 2 inches more than the standard roof. I feel completely forced to buy the pano roof if I want a functional rear seat for any moderately normally tall adult who may even so need to slouch.

andrewmfallon | 2012年4月14日

Before you do anything, I'm sure you will have an opportunity to try it out yfor ourself! I have seen so many different comments on the rear headroom issue I wouldn't trust any of them. Just my two cents!

Volker.Berlin | 2012年4月16日

johns258 +1

dborn | 2012年4月16日

Was there not the comment from George after Santana row that the rear seats were still a work in progress?