Elon needs to shutup

Elon needs to shutup

I'm starting to think Elons immaturity is hurting the company. His response to the NYT article just brought more negative attention than it would have otherwise. If that wasn't bad enough he then goes to Detroit and sticks his foot in his mouth and the stock tanks. Why won't omebody put a muzzle on this clown before he sinks the company.

KyleGoss | 2015年1月14日

Seems like you should sell your TSLA shares immediately.

yanmeng9 | 2015年1月14日

Tesla is chasing long term profitability along with integrity and credibility. If you are a short term investor, you need to sell your shares. Obviously, Elon doesn't have much clue on how to improve Tesla's sale in China. He gave out his question/puzzle to the general public, and maybe he is looking for clues/solutions from the general public.

DTsea | 2015年1月14日

Elon should keep building long term credibility by talking openly.

Benz | 2015年1月14日

@ progressco

What you have said is proof that you still have a lot to learn.

It's actually very good for Tesla Motors that Elon Musk speaks in public so often.

You seriously need to think hard before you say something. Oh wait, you had better say nothing at all. That would be best.

THRΞΞ | 2015年1月14日

I wouldn't call it 'immaturity'. Elon is just being open and honest, and China is such a pain in the @ss to deal with.

This is a good opportunity. If you have cash to invest, be prepared to buy.

Mike83 | 2015年1月14日

It is old news that the short position is huge. No matter what he says the news will be spun so I like to take advantage and buy at these prices esp. with a down stock market. He is smarter than many realize.

Going for a drive in my MS;-)

David N | 2015年1月14日

Honesty has been and will continue to be the best policy.
Try to get THAT out of current auto manufacturers CEO's.
Elton is focused changing transportation for the betterment of humanity, other manufacturers are focused on one thing and one thing only, making money for their shareholders ( otherwise they lose their jobs).
Big difference between the two.
I'll stay with Elon.

AtlantaCourier | 2015年1月14日

I was following a live-blog during last night's Q&A and the way she relayed the event, you'd have thought that Elon had lost his mind. The impression I got was that Elon was stumbling, bumbling, and desperately defensive while offering nothing but weak excuses on every front.

But there was also venom and hatred to her tone and I suspected that the reality of the event was different than the way she was relaying it.

When I watched the event later on YouTube, Elon was - as I suspected - simply brilliant.

To her credit, the blogger did say that Elon looked sharp in his suit, but that was the only bit she got right.

Elon could have done a better job explaining that Tesla counts deliveries as sales rather that orders as sales - the guy interrupted Elon midway through his explanation and Elon didn't get the chance to finish. The rest of the time, Elon was sincere and came off very well I thought.

I am long on TSLA long-term. I wasn't even close to wanting to sell when the stock hit $290, nor would I sell it at twice that price. I welcome these dips in the stock price as an opportunity to buy more shares.

The stock market suffers from a permanent case of insane psychosis and the stock is going to tank occasionally whether Elon speaks or not.

If Elon hastens an inevitable short-term correction as we are seeing now, it doesn't matter to me because I'll still have my shares long after it bounces back.

SamO | 2015年1月14日
Emobile | 2015年1月14日

Elon is like the Joe Biden of the business world.

Brian H | 2015年1月14日

Thanks, SamO.

Emobile, that's nonsense. He sticks to coherent definitions, and resists "Don't you think" misrepresentations.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年1月14日

SamO, thanks for the YouTube link!

I watched the video earlier through a link to Bloomberg that Captain_Zap provided. Elon Musk said absolutely nothing wrong during the entire session. The people who 'tanked' the stock would have done the same no matter what he said, or didn't say about anything or anyone. A lot of what he said set the record firmly straight on contested subjects, and has not been covered widely at all.

SamO | 2015年1月14日

I appreciate the effort Elon puts into explaining complex subjects to press trolls. Even when they bait him with loaded questions about how Tesla is such a welfare queen, Elon takes the time to explain that TM took the smallest loan.

And paid it off.

And the credit revenue they make is based upon air quality levels NOT carbon credits.

And that it's open equally to all automakers who CHOOSE whether to make clean cars or buy credits.

I'd have pulled out my hair answering the same STUPID questions over and over.

Here's a link to the Q&A:

Red Sage ca us | 2015年1月14日

Oops! I think it was actually cmcnestt that gave the link I followed before.

SamO, yes! Those are the points that too many bloggers and 'reporters' either ignored outright or skipped over in attempt to make it seem there was nothing but bad news. Methinks this may be a job for... NEWS from the FRUNK!. Or, at least, the guys from Young Turks on YouTube.

Captain_Zap | 2015年1月14日

It is truly amazing what the press put out regarding what was said and expressed by Elon. The China thing was such a minor thing compared to the rest of the context surrounding it.

It is almost as if they were at a different conference. The interviewer was actually pretty funny to watch and listen to. The zingers were transparent and didn't fly.

It all sounded like good news to me. But, if it is good maybe it isn't news? Maybe they thought that they had to come up with something "off" since Tesla doesn't pay for media advertising yet.

Al1 | 2015年1月14日

I am glad I have this opportunity to buy some more of Tesla stock.

ian | 2015年1月14日

+1 Al1.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年1月14日

The interviewer seemed to be a good guy... who was auditioning to take over from Bill O'Rielly on FAUX News. He was being fed questions from press in the auxience for the most part. Seems he was told to steer the conversation in favor of dealers and/or Detroit whenever possible. His Masters may feel he fell short in that regard -- possibly because he genuinely liked Elon Musk. Oh, well. He'll just have to settle for CNN or MSNBC.

bigd | 2015年1月14日

"He'll just have to settle for CNN or MSNBC." Lets hope he don't sink that low, no one watches those channels lol

blue adept | 2015年1月15日

I believe I've explained before that you should avoid all of those scammers out there looking to manipulate the market by artificially shorting the stock just to be able to buy more of it, or artificially inflating it just to increase their profit margin over that of their buy-in cost, but it's all artificial either way.

Seriously people, just stick to what we know to be the facts, i.e., the Model S is the most technologically advanced vehicle on the road today, employing avant-garde mechanical engineering techniques that are second to none and demand is still far exceeding supply with whole as-of-yet manufactured model years being pre-sold out, all of which should more than adequately serve to quell all of the BS hoopla.

Let them run their mouths all they want, it'll give 'em good practice when it comes time to fit their feet in them.

SamO | 2018年5月5日


Al1 | 2018年5月5日

At first I thought this was a new comment in the wake of recent conference call. But then realized the comment was made in 2015!

Yeah, totally! Elons immaturity is hurting the company, since 2015. No since inception!

Have you paid attention at Elon's comments in the beginning where he said they would answer questions as long as they find them interesting.

That cold water on two analysts and going to Youtube was totally planned. Elon is disrupting Wall Street analysts the same way he disrupts cars, space utilities and what not!

SamO | 2018年5月5日

Right, @Al1 . . . people don't understand the madness

Remnant | 2018年5月6日

@Al1 (May 5, 2018)

<< Elon is disrupting Wall Street analysts the same way he disrupts cars, space utilities and what not! >>

Interesting resemblance to our sitting POTUS, isn't it ... !?

Disruptors get maligned. Unfortunately ... !!!

Tesla-David | 2018年5月6日

Elon should never shutup. He is a visionary, and I for one believe in the path he is launching Tesla-Energy. We are part of a movement, and Tesla is way more than a car company. OP can take a hike, IMHO.

He is nothing like our sitting POTUS, infinitely better, while our POTUS is the head of a crime family and is a traitor IMHO.

dmm1240 | 2018年5月13日


dmm1240 | 2018年5月13日